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  1. I forgot to write my previous post, that I want to apologize if I, accidentally insulted anybody on this forum, which was never my aim. But sometimes when you write in a foreign language things can come across the wrong way. And thank you Lee for your reply. Over and Out.
  2. Yes, you are right Chris, there is a language barrier. So hence forth I shall only be reading on this very interesting forum and refrain from replying in threads. I hope this makes sense to you. Respectfully Werner
  3. "But we can certainly hear the benefits from Amarra on a well configured system." Are you saying, if one can't hear a big difference between Itunes and Amarra, it is due to a not so well configured system? Perhaps you have seen my previous post, where I said, that I can only hear very small differences on my setup when playing music through Itunes/Amarra. I don't want to go into what my setup consist of, because it changes now and then and even the same setups sound very different in various rooms. But what I can tell is, that in all my different setup I was always able to hear dif
  4. Going through the comments regarding my question about Amarra, leads me to the conclusion, that there is nothing wrong with the way that Amarra sounds in my setup, it is a question of the "diminishing return" in High-end. It is such a pity, because I had such high hopes for Amarra, after reading all the glowing comments/reviews about it. Perhaps my expectations were too high.
  5. Hi Barry, thank you for your reply. Regards Werner
  6. I have had two ULN-2 in the past years, first the regular ULN-2, and later the ULN-2 2D Expanded. I intended to digitalize my vinyl, however I never got around to it. So this is one of the reasons I sold the ULN-2. Another reason for selling it was, that I didn't use the software which came with it Sonically I preferred the Cosecant v3 to the ULN-2. However the ULN-2 is a superb dac and I am sure in a other setup the ULN-2 may sound better than the Cosecant v3. Right now I am trying to decide if I should order a Crimson, although I probably have to wait for a while, since I heard, that a C
  7. Has anybody compared the MH ULN-8 against Amarra Model Four Converter, I assume the Model Four has been released yet.
  8. Hi, thank you for your reply. 1. I am using version 3145 2. No, I didn't try it with the MH ULN-2 and I can't try it anymore, because I just sold it.
  9. Everybody seems to be raving about Amarra, so I decided to give it a try. I use a macmini 4gb ram, no monitor, no mouse and no keyboard attached to it. Listening was via a Wavelength Cosecant. After extensive listening I have to report, that I don't hear a big difference between Itunes and Amarra. Certainly Amarra has a better stereo image, sounds warmer and rounder, but all this differences are minuscule. I have tried the Macmini/Cosecant/Amarra on my two stereo setups and also on a friend's setup, same results all around. On my systems I can clearly hear a difference between my MH ULN-2 and
  10. That's good news. I am really curious what impact this upgrade will have on the audio quality of apple products.
  11. Thank you for your elaborate reply Mercman.
  12. Has somebody heard the Cosecant and the Crimson and would care to tell what they have in common and what they do differently sound-wise. Thank you.
  13. Hello Pyewacket, thank you for your reply. I have heard the DL-III before, hence I have now an idea what the Cosecant sounds like. Regarding your English, I know what you mean, since English is not my native Language either. And I have to admit, that sometimes I want to ask a question or reply to one and hesitate, because I don't know how to formulate my thoughts in prober English. Anyway, I think we understand each other. Thanks again.
  14. Can I ask what differences you exactly heard? Did you compare the two via USB only, or the DLIII via any its digital in also?
  15. What I heard is, that they will release a separate box with usb. I don't know how accurate this piece of information is and we probably have to wait until they release their interface to be sure.
  16. Thank you. I probably have to order the V3 and Amarra, because at the end of the day, you can only judge gear in your own setup.
  17. Thank you for your reply. May I ask what did you compare it to? Do you not miss the low/high extensions? And does Amarra really make such a huge difference? Thanks.
  18. I would have loved to read a review by Rick. I am considering buying a Cosecant V3, however when you read reviews there a mixed opinions regarding V3. Especially that it doesn't have great low/high extensions. I wonder if this can be improved upon by using Amarra? I am also wondering how the Cosecant V3 fares against the Berkely dac? I have read great things about the Berkely, however as long as you need an Lynx card and a MacPro as an interface I am not interested, however I heard that Berkley will release a computer interface soon. But despite that, I am more interested in the Cosecant V3 f
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