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  1. Look forward to your findings with the i9!
  2. Hi Miska, I downloaded the latest 2nd September release of hqplayer and this seems to run any bitrate to dsd256 using asdm7ec and closed form without a hitch. However 512 remains out of reach with dropouts at any EC filter. The same holds true for playback directly via hqplayer's built in player. I even tried playing a few files from the c drive (Msata) with similar results. Yes Roon is on the same machine and is not networked, as are the hdd's. All local so to speak. Since things improved @256 with the latest build can we attribute the problem to hqplayer or is there something else afoot? Am I right to assume that my intel i7 gen 8 8700 processor is upto the task of doing [email protected] EC filters or would I need cuda offloading? Thanks
  3. Thanks Miska. Understood. So if storage media is the culprit, would shifting to ssd drives alleviate the problem? I don't use tidal or any other OTA streaming medium, btw. Also I do want to thank you for the EC modulators, brilliant stuff.
  4. Hi Miska, is it possible to 'tell' hqplayer to treat 24 /44 and 24/48 files as nx and not 1x? I get stuttering with these bit rates but not with 16/44 and 16/48 files when using asdm7ec @dsd256 and closed form filter (1x). I'd like to use closed form in the 1x drop down menu and a less intensive filter for the nx menu. The problems occur with roon radio mixing different source sampling rates. Maybe something to keep in mind for future builds? The ability to choose different filters for different formats and source sampling rates would be great. Thanks!
  5. Power supply is the culprit in my experience. I have the chord hugo 2 and currently use its internal battery. Even when connected to an ifi imicro usb 3's power output which in turn is fed by a botw 9v linear power supply, the sound does not reach the level of relaxed ness as with the hugo 2 just on it's own juice. Also the lower freqs seem to be missing something when plugged into the wall.
  6. I have the phantoms and they do 192 over toslink IF you connect the speaker's toslink input directly to the toslink output of the source/ rederer. The dialog cant handle more than 24/96. I tried it by connecting one of the phantoms to the optical output of my windows server running roon and hqplayer. No problem in sending out poly sinc ext 2 @ 192 to the phantoms. Blew me away. Ofcourse upnp would make things far easier but for a workaround I have the raspberry pi with hifiberry+ hat on order. The Hat has an optical output so let's see how that goes as an naa end(mid)point.
  7. Hi, I would like to update hqplayer embedded in the sonictransporter i5 but cant find any 'update' buttons. (Total noob here). Do I have to delete and re download the latest version? Will that affect the hqplayer license in any way? ( change the " fingerprint" for example) Thanks.
  8. Many thanks for your input. The ADI-2 was on my list but I went with the chord as I was getting it at a hefty discount. I regret that purchase decision now as I always found the chord to be a bit clinical. I wanted to like it but now I know that it's that pcm I have been hearing. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks!! That bit of info about the chord dac converting everything to pcm is news to me. I thought I bought a native dsd dac. Now it seems it is only dsd capable and not a true dsd dac. I'm not too sure I'm happy with the folks over at chord for this misinformation. Could you recommend a true dsd dac that would accept dsd512 streams from hqplayer + roon over the usbridge? Something under the 1000$ range would be what I could afford right now.
  10. Need help please! I'm running sonictransporter i5 ( soon to upgrade to an i7 machine) running roon and hqplayer embedded. On the other end of the network an allo usbridge to chord hugo 2. I cant figure out how to get native dsd to the chord hugo 2. I can only get dop upto 256 dsd. I would like to get 512 rates as the hugo 2 is capable of it. If I uncheck dop in hqplayer settings I get pcm output. What am I missing here?
  11. The best isolation that worked for me with the aries mini and now the sonictransporter is the intona galvanic isolator. This is one magic box that is a must between any usb dac and the usb output of the source device. Optical connections never delivered for me, I find the sound always a bit thin. The next upgrade should be cables. I am now using hidiamond usb cables on either side of the intona, upgraded from pangaea audio silver cables. These cables were a huge improvement for the mids and highs. I've had mixed results with a wireless bridge, the allo usbridge. I found that it actually added a veil to the sound of the sonictransporter. I haven't had a chance to try it with the aries mini tho. My understanding is that usb bridges like the allo ( and yes, it has a galvanically isolated usb output) are more prone to artifacts because of the router/ switch being in the direct path to the dac. Ofcourse the allo is a cheapo bridge and you can spend up to a 1000$ or more on something like sotm sms ultra.My advice is to keep it simple. So to recap, my upgrade suggestions are: 1) intona galvanic usb isolator.( around 300 euros, and you can always send it back if it doesn't work for you). 2) 2 good usb cables on either side of the intona. ( hidiamonds are 90 euros each) 3) isolated power supplies and power cords. Keep your music system on a power point which is not shared by switching dc adapters. Best of all, enjoy the musical journey!
  12. Hi, not in anyway wanting to dissappoint you but the accuracy you are hearing is probably just a very etched sound. This can be the result of lo_ fi mp3 recordings. Try playing back a hi res or lossless well recorded file to see if the quality of files is the culprit. Also do keep in mind that the aries mini is an entry level product, their mid level streamers are way more musical and analog sounding. If you can get your hands on a discounted ( and now discontinued) aries femto you will understand what I mean. Your chord dac is a pretty good one so I don't think that is the culprit. You may want to experiment with an intona galvanic isolator and/or better cables between the aries and dac. Hope this helps.
  13. @Austinpop and HaHauser, thanks for your helpful inputs. A new Aries ? A mini? That' s exciting news...I couldn't find a mention of it on their website. Well worth the wait.
  14. Hello all, posted this on the aries mini thread but no takers so far. My question is, would an aries mini benefit with the the tx usb ultra? Anyone here tried it? Would love some input.
  15. Hi all, does anyone have experience with adding a sotm tx usb ultra to the aries mini? I would appreciate any input on the matter. I hear a lot of raves regarding the sms 200 ultra with the tx usb ultra. Thought I'd try the usb tx ultra first with the aries mini and see if there is any improvement. Any suggestions are very welcome.
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