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  1. +1. He was quick to reply to my few emails.
  2. Originally Posted by vortecjr Please elaborate; are you indicating that the ideal drive is one internal to a device so there is no external connectivity, no external connections to "muck up" the sound? Thanks.
  3. I don't wish to derail this fine thread, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any pc/mini computer (ala Intel NUC) which could be powered by an LPS-1. Thanks.
  4. Would you please specify which linear power supplies you have tried with the SMS-200? And, please provide the exact model AGM battery you prefer. I'm not challenging anything, rather I just wish to understand as I'm looking at power alternatives. Thank you.
  5. Thank you, Austin. I appreciate the comment. And, I understand. I MAY still go with the 2 bay unit for two reasons (and I welcome feedback). 1) I plan to do backups as needed to an external hard drive, so I'm not going to use RAID. This way, I also have a backup NOT located within the NAS itself. So, I'll have 8 tb (2 x 4 tb) to start. 2) I'm considering an external power supply, such as an LPS, and from the limited feedback I received (including from Sbooster), some LPS are not powerful enough to feed a 4 bay unit. This is my paramount consideration in 2 bay vs 4 bay. That said, IF I
  6. Thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge. I'm aiming at a 2 bay Synology and thus far the 216j looks promising. The ixsystems units are a great concept and likely could run ROON and a Space Station, but they are outside my current budget. I appreciate the suggestion and will follow ixsystems down the road.
  7. Wow! So, are you saying IF you DAC requires ONLY requires the handshake, THEN leaving the 5v leg operational makes no difference versus "disconnecting" the 5v leg?I think this is what Alex suggested to me in a PM, but I've never read about anyone comparing w/w/o 5v and finding no difference. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Just bumping my previous question. Thanks.
  9. Great points. Thank you. I'm considering using the NAS as a fileserver, so perhaps Minimserver, PLEX, etc. is the upper limit of resource intensive tasks. I haven't decided on ROON, but from what I've read, it's resource intensive and that task MIGHT be best left to a "real" computer with a minimum of an Intel i5. So, let's assume that I'm just seeking a 2 bay (or 4 bay) Synology NAS. And, if someone has a good reason to go with another brand, please suggest it. I'm not a computer geek, so I've read Synology is the way to go--simpler; good software. Thank you.
  10. I'm seeking to purchase my first NAS; likely a 2 bay Synology. I'd appreciate any specific model recommendations. And, are there any specific features to consider? For instance, the ability to upgrade RAM OR the existence of 2 ethernet ports? What's the advantage of the second port? THANK YOU.
  11. I thank all those helping others out here. Why does there seem to be a near obsession by some people to upgrade to Sierra and then find workarounds for various issues? I think almost anyone here is using a mac dedicated to playing music, so Sierra is not needed. Damien has stated repeatedly that everything works fine in the pre-Sierra OS X variants. Let Damien work out the 2.6 beta with pre-Sierra OS X. I don't write this as someone versed in any of this technology--I'm NOT! It just seems worthwhile to stop fighting an uphill battle to get Audirvana 2.6 to work with Sierra, AT THIS TIME
  12. +1 That's a valuable question. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks.
  13. A few questions, please. Is anyone using this with Audirvana 1.5 or Audirvana Plus 2.XX ? Is it beneficial if using Audirvana? Has anyone tried this script with ElCapitan? Does it work? If you try to script and it is NOT compatible with the OS X, how simple is it to remove it and put your mac back "the way it was?" Thank you.
  14. Does anyone know when Sotm will be releasing the new sPS-500, how much it will cost and how much power it will output? Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a U.S. dealer? Or, should we order from Canada? Thank you. Thanks to everyone sharing updates and insights.
  15. 6moons review of the sMS-200 (in conjunction with the battery PSUSOtM mBPS-d2s) 6moons audioreviews: SOtM sMS-200 Another +1 I rarely go out of my way to disparage a review, but that review was largely a waste of words. It was one of the worst reviews I've read in many months.
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