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  1. I don't think I have ever come across anything as confusing,talk about making things difficult.
  2. I don’t think you will be able to use the stand alone pc/Mac software without a valid liscence , don’t think mini dsp one will work with pc/ mac
  3. Yes, I already had a login and had received emails when to update, but that stopped and my original login stopped working
  4. Hi Flack, when I follow your link it goes to a login page, no way for me to leave a message at all. ThanksGary
  5. Hi Flak, I have still not been able to log in and give my feedback on the latest beta, won’t accept txt calibration file, can’t see filter in vat plugin but the audio bars are operating and various other problems.
  6. Hi i am having trouble signing in to dirac help desk,when i ask for new password it says it has been sent to my email adress ,but nothing arrives. Anyone else having trouble ? thanks Gary
  7. https://live.dirac.com/download/ i have not been able to use the software yet ,as i can not get it to recognise my audio interface.
  8. My Mac mini is 2011 and Dirac says it is not compatible with Dirac 2 , when trying to update operating system your told it’s not compatible with my mac mini
  9. Thanks for the information, might be a bit complicated for me .My son in law is going to load windows 10 as a dual boot. Dont think I will ever buy apple again, thanks Gary
  10. I too bought a mac mini to play music,i updated the operating system when prompted,there was no warning from Dirac that there software would no longer work,i have not used dirac now for over a year was looking forward to version 2, downloaded it and was then told needed a later version of high sierra. so basically my mac as a music player with room correction is now bricked, wont work with version 1 or 2. not happy
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