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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the tutorial. Seems only a hardware renderer is needed in between NAS and DAC. Per my reading from minimserver web: About UPnP AV I understand a complete UPnP system needs to have 3 components a) Server (i.e. minimserver on my NAS), b) Renderer c) Control Point. The wiki link in the minimserver i.e. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UPnP_AV_media_servers_and_clients It mentioned Android's BubbleUPNP is a UPNP/DLNA Server, Controller and Renderer. I "guess" the BubbleUPnP app can act as the software renderer function. That's how I tried....but not work. I am sure a hardware renderer e.g. mac mini, raspberry pi, cubox...etc must work. I just want to know what's wrong in my concept/setup....
  2. Hi, I just installed minimserver in my Synology NAS 216play. My config is minimserver in NAS -> USB -> DAC. No additional hardware streamer like computer to DAC. I downloaded the control point BubbleUPnP in my android. I can see the albums. However, I cannot play them. What else I need to setup? I am OK to listen music using synology DS audio, but the quality is not good. I don't know how to config minimserver so that I can output music (whatever formats, wav, flac, dsf) thru USB to DAC. Don't know which uPnP apps I can use in my android phone too. I tried BubbleDS Next, BubbleUPnP, Kinsky.....all can only browse minimserver's album list, but cannot select the DAC as the output device. As in the app, my DAC is not in the list.....just my AV amp/my phone are in the list for song output. Can anymore share the experience on using minimserver on NAS->USB->DAC setup?