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  1. Available space becomes 1/3, and the technically confirmed advantages are better life and reliability. Even though we get the full support of the memory factory, we can no longer obtain large-capacity real SLC products. The sound quality is just our test experience, this test is performed under the same standard product (PCB, external power jack, crystal oscillator, capacitors, etc. have not been modified) TLC mode: It sounds like background music, no features and powerless, everything is flattened, lacks extension and density. pSLC mode: There is a special natural
  2. When the jumper is switched to DC in, all components will no longer be powered by the motherboard. We currently send out all samples (including Optane users), will notify you in the next wave of testing, thanks.
  3. 1. yes it will fit fine. it will come with copper heatsink in future production. however the current test samples does not come with heatsinks and does not affect performance or operation. 2. yes, i believe so, we have not tried with any sort adaptors but general rules are adaptors will reduce performance. 3. its 1tb 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode means SSD in SLC operation mode so real capacity would be 333GB and life span will increase 300% vs standard 3D flash. This SSD is designed to used as system drive which has the most affect on music play back performance. Recommend to sto
  4. Sorry for the typo, the size specification should be 1TB 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode = 333GB
  5. Almost a year in the making, the world's only NVMe M2 SSD designed for audiophiles and music lovers. Designed from ground up, co-develop with controller manufacturer using 3D NAND flash with pseudo SLC mode, external clock oscillator, 200% more PCB copper isolation, milspec PCB stiffness, 300% grounding surface, 5u gold plated connectors, plus external power input, additional capacitor filteration. These results to real 3 demensional souding, sense of vinyl and dynamic sound no other SSD currently can offer or even close to. We are currently offering 2 test samples for experienced
  6. my experience, with HDPlex H5 Gen2, recommend choice V4, you can use one of cooler hole at H5 bottom to screw external clock, you can install V3 easily, but some day when you want install external display card (e.g for use CUDA with HQPlayer), V3 will block external slot.
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