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  1. Thanks Eloise. I couldn't find a Rotel model "RA1550". By any chance is it RX? plus i don't really understand the difference between pre amp, amp, stereo amp, receiver etc. I am really considering purchasing your recommended setting. Should i be thinking about anything else? different DAC? different Amp? I like the B&W. Why go with the amp and passive? i don't mind no remote and stuff. Thanks again. Sorry im asking so much its just important that i purchase the right stuff, and understand what i'm buying.
  2. anyone have an idea for a DAC and Hifi Speakers or Monitors that together cost less than 2k? to connect to a Mac. They have to fill up a medium-big living room. Thanks
  3. Simple question. For listening to music, with a good DAC connected to a music server. Studio Speakers or HiFi Speakers? Thanks.
  4. What about the Yamaha HS80M Monitors? Does anyone know bout them?
  5. Ok. Thanks for the answers in the 500$ question. This is really hard. now lets try 700$... willing to spend more to get something good. again, what is the best sounding 700$? i hear stuff about yamaha? B&W? ? Thanks.
  6. Thanks anyways. Its very hard to find the price of monitors on the net!
  7. Yes, the question is simple. which speakers do you recommend in the range of 500$ per pair? Audiophile quality of course. Active Monitors. Thanks
  8. Hi. I am about to purchase a Cambridge Audio DAC to connect to my iMac. 1. What is the best way to connect? USB? MiniToslink? converters? most of my music is AIFF 44.1 16 bit but i probably will experience with 24 as well in the future. 2. Where should i buy the cable? (USB or Toslink)? which company makes the good cables and is the difference audible? and which company makes good XLR cables? (to connect the DAC to the speakers) Thanks
  9. the prob is i am currently not in the us and in my area there is nowhere to do this. so i have to "blindly" order them. ?
  10. Hi. I am about to purchase the KRK Rokit G2 8'' speakers and connect them to a Cambridge Audio DACmagic connected to and iMac with iTunes 8.2 with AIFF audio. Are these speakers good? would you recommend any other speakers at the same price range? (500$ for pair)
  11. Thanks. That was a clear and detailed explanation which answered my question.
  12. Hi. Ok, a couple of days ago i converted a new CD to Apple Lossless with iTunes 8.2. I was reading about how a lot of audiophiles think AIFF is superior to ALAC. Well i went through the forum a bit and saw that someone asked the question about reripping CDs to AIFF or converting ALAC to AIFF, answer by Chris, that you can just convert them in itunes. Now first when i ripped the CD to ALAC, it showed each track having different bit rates, varying through 400-500 kbps. Some others CD i ripped in ALAC where 800-1000 kbps. Anyways, i re-encoded the CD that had 400-500 kbps originally in ALAC
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