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  1. Hello everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading the stock fuse in Schiit Yggy with Orange Fuse from Synergistic Research. Have anyone upgraded the fuse and may I know your impressions? What specs of the fuse should I choose for the Yggy? Thank you. Huy
  2. Hello everyone, I just got an LG TV, which has optical output. I would like to get the sound from TV to my DAC (Schiit Yggy), which also has optical input. My question is what is the best way to get the sound signal from TV to feed the DAC? If there is no better and more efficient way than using optical cable. Which optical cable should I go for? Thank you. Huy
  3. If I get you correctly, you mean if I choose Baltic 3, I won't need JL Sounds USB board?
  4. I read some reviews and learned that Amber 3's sound signature is full of texture, warm and non-fatiguing. Is it true? If it is then it's a perfect match for my system which is very detailed and tiring at some high notes. Also, I was looking for a used Amber 3 and found that there are a few people sold Amber 3 just after a few months. I wonder what's wrong they found with Amber 3?
  5. Hi Thang, Much appreciate to your sharing experience. It looks for the same level of sound quality, digital gears are more expensive than LP. However, we won't have to invest in LP, just need to subscribe to Tidal. There are many songs and albums the I like but couldn't find in LP. If I understand you correctly, DCS Bartók DAC is digital and not as natural as r2r DAC technology? Thank you.
  6. May I know if you are using Digioone Signature as source?
  7. I tested the iFi today with both Shanti and battery pack: -with battery pack: The background is super dark. Bass is very tight. Female vocal is a little bit sharp. Every note is played carefully. I can feel tiny nuances easily. Musical instrument are better separated. -with Shanti: the background is less dark. Bass it not as tight but more richer and has more body. Soundstage is bigger. Image is less precise than with battery pack. However, I would say iFi with Shanti is more musical in my system. Personally, I prefer Shanti with Ifi. I will enjoy it for a while and wh
  8. Silly me! I made a basic mistake. I found the reason why when I switched to battery pack, everything is faster but the bass decrease, the soundstage and ambiance collapsed. The reason is I used thin power cable for amp (power consumption rated at 500w), which doesn't provide a big enough current. Yesterday, I switched to a bigger one (this power cord is used for Cisco switches and routers). Now I get the best of 2 worlds: dynamics, low noise, tight and punchy bass, dark background. Silly me!
  9. I bought one from Amazon. It will arrive this Saturday. If it works for my system, I will buy another one. I will you posted. Thank you.
  10. I am going to order the iFi for DC power supplies. If I understand you correctly, you use 2 iFi consecuitvely like this? Thank you! Shanti --> iFi DC iPurifier2 Active Audio Noise Filter/Conditioner for DC Power Supplies --> iFi DC iPurifier2 Active Audio Noise Filter/Conditioner for DC Power Supplies --> Allo's clean side.
  11. Do you think this can have any improvement? Shanti --> iFi DC iPurifier2 Active Audio Noise Filter/Conditioner for DC Power Supplies --> Allo's clean side.
  12. If I am going to build a PC as music streamer to feed my DAC, do you think this is a good option to follow? Thank you.
  13. I read in the back of the adapter: 19.5V 11.8A It's a gaming laptop so maybe that's why it demands more power than a regular one. I tried 2 other laptops on battery mode but it only this gaming laptop (when on battery) produces a lower noise (than when plugged in).
  14. May I know which transport you use? Right now I connect laptop directly to Allo Digione by Baaske Medical Ethenet isolater and Ethernet without using any Switch between. Do you think I can benefit from replacing Baaske with EtherREGen ?
  15. Interesting idea! Is there anyway old battery pack ruin the bass? Do you think buying 4 new batteries will make a difference?
  16. Thank you for the link. I am currently not using a PC. I use laptop (Audio Nirvana software - Tidal)-->Ethernet cable->Allo Digione Signature --> DAC. I don't know if I can benefit from Gary's method.
  17. I just have power cord that goes with Shanti and battery pack. Where did you buy your PC may I know?
  18. After almost a year of using Shanti with Digione Signature. I now try the battery pack for Clean Power and Shanti for Dirty Power on Digione Signature. The result is mind-blowing, the dynamics and the speed of the sound have improved dramatically, the background is darker. However, the bass and mid bass are leaner and lose impact compared to when using powers from Shanti for both Clean and Dirty Power on Digione Signature. Could someone explain and help me to get the best of 2 worlds?
  19. Thank you everyone for your very informative input. I will change the DAC later. But for now I will try to reduce the noise in my system as some suggested here.
  20. Hello, I currently have a DAC and streamer setup which cost about $3000. Recently, I bought a turntable with phono preamp, which cost $600. I compared the sound by some familiar songs and found that the turntable combo sound 90% detailed as the DAC combo but it is more emotional, involving and better soundstage. The only problem with this turntable option is that I don't have LPs and I don't want to spend $$$$ to build an LP library that can make me happy as I am now with Tidal. I have a friend, he is a fan of turntables and recently switched to Reel to reel. He
  21. I'm in Garden Grove, South California. Local demo and pickup are welcome.
  22. Hello, I have LFD NCSE Mk2 integrated amp and LFD Silver Reference Cable for sale. Lots of rave reviews online for this amp. The LFD NCSE Mk2 amplifiers are each hand-built by Dr. Richard Bews in England. The rear panel has the power plug, 4 speaker binding posts, 5 rca inputs and, in addition, tape in and tape out connections. There is a small scratch on the top panel (as pictured). Other than that, the condition is in 8.5 out of 10. I'm not the original owner but I still have the original box, foam cushion and LFD amp isolation feet and a generic power cable. This amp is
  23. I would install Volumio and try it to see, it would take about only 60 mins.
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