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  1. I'm in Garden Grove, South California. Local demo and pickup are welcome.
  2. Hello, I have LFD NCSE Mk2 integrated amp and LFD Silver Reference Cable for sale. Lots of rave reviews online for this amp. The LFD NCSE Mk2 amplifiers are each hand-built by Dr. Richard Bews in England. The rear panel has the power plug, 4 speaker binding posts, 5 rca inputs and, in addition, tape in and tape out connections. There is a small scratch on the top panel (as pictured). Other than that, the condition is in 8.5 out of 10. I'm not the original owner but I still have the original box, foam cushion and LFD amp isolation feet and a generic power cable. This amp is unmodded and unrepaired. Everything is original and fully-functional. This amp has been kept in a clean, non-smoking, no pet, household. Together with this amp is LFD Silver Reference Cable (retailed at $2400). I know it's hard to believe but the improvement the sound quality these cables have brought about is bigger than the amp itself. These cables are made from pure silver so the sound is very detailed and subtle yet relaxing, you will hear a lot of nuances in the recordings that you never heard before. The problem with these cables is since they are pure silver, they are very susceptible to bending and breaking in the 8 leadings where they are not protected by thick cover. Probably the LFD designer expected this so he doubled the wire, in case 1 is broken, there is still another one to run. If you look at the pictures attached here, you will see 1 of the 8 leading has a gap. However, there is no effect on the sound quality. I listen to music almost everyday and did not notice any changes in sound quality until last month when I removed them to take pictures. The next user can just leave the gap alone and enjoy the cables like I have been doing or can fix it with some soldering skills. The reason I sell this amp because it has no remote and I recently moved to bigger room so I can't walk to the amp to adjust the volume for each recordings. Also, I just upgraded my speakers to a higher sensitivity one so I am looking for a tube amp and Duelund cables . The price for both NCSE Mk2 amp and LFD Silver Reference Cable is $3500. I'm open to reasonable offer. I will pay Paypal fee. Buyer pays shipping fee. The amp will be doubled boxed when shipped. Thanks for reading.
  3. I would install Volumio and try it to see, it would take about only 60 mins.
  4. Have you tried Volumio? I had had Volumio then I tried Dietpie but I got hiccups so I switched back to Volumio. If you try Volumio and the problem goes away then you know which is the cause. Hope this could help..
  5. So it is ok to keep the Allo Sig connected to Shanti until the its power drains out, is it right? Thank you. I use Allo Digione Signature, it has an acrylic case. Should I connect the ground om Shanti to the unused Coxial port on Allo Digione Signature?
  6. Thank you guys, I will leave Shanti and Allo Sig on all the time.
  7. You mean we can keep the Shanti and allo sign all the time? I have some other questions: -Does Shanti need to be plugged to a power conditioner or a wall outlet only? -Does Shanti need some time to warm up to its best? Thank you.
  8. So it is ok to keep the Allo Sig connected to Shanti until the its power drains out, is it right? Thank you.
  9. I just got Shanti PS. I see that it has a ground outlet. How should I use this? Also, when I connected it to Allo Signature and when I unplug Shanti, I notice the Allo Signature still running. Is it normal? Should I leave the Allo Signature running like this until the power in Shanti drains out? Thank you.
  10. I got the Shanti today, I plugged in and love the way it improves the SQ. However, there are some questions, any help is welcome! - When I move the Shanti around, I can feel that there is something sliding inside the box. Is it normal? Do you have the same issue with your Shanti? - I see it has Ground Terminal, what this is for? How can it be used? - Should I plug Shanti directly into the wall outlet or it can benefit from and outlet from a power conditioner? Thank you!
  11. Audirvana can see Volumio on point-to-point network (no switch involved). However, when I hit 'play', nothing happens. It looks like the music can't be streamed to Volumio. I'm stuck here for 2 days. Any help is welcomed Here are the settings on network: On Volumio: Wired network: -IP: -Subnet: -Default gateway: On laptop: Wired network: -IP: -Subnet: -Default gateway: Note: Laptop can ping and access Volumio through web browsers.
  12. Thank you for the inputs! I am using a regular ethernet cable. I can control Volumio by laptop. However, I still cant play music from Audirvana. I am still trying. I will update. P.s: no switch is used. Laptop is connected directly to baaske and then to Digione.
  13. Is there anyway we can connect Audirnava on laptop straight to Digione Signature (not through a switch)? In this way hopefully we can reduce noise from the switch.
  14. I confirm that the Baaske filter works perfectly on my system and my friend's system. This is unbelievable, I have just used only 1 Baaske filter and get the immediate improvement. I and my friend recognized only after 10 seconds since the song started playing. How much do you find it is improved when you plugged in the 2nd and the 3rd Baaske filters? Is the improvement as much as the first one between the switch and Digione? Thank you again for sharing the Baaske with us.
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