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  1. This is a much better solution, how much did you pay for the Wellfloat platform? Where did you buy it? Thank you!
  2. Is there any difference in sound quality in the 3 scenarios below, in which case can I have the best sound quality? -plug a 2.5 hard drive with music to Rpi3 + Digione -plug USB memory stick with music to Rpi3 + Digione -connect NAS with music to Rpi3 + Digione by Wifi Thank you
  3. Please check the pic. Has anyone try this way? I put the Digione and Rpi on the ground, then place 3 x 3.5 hard drives on it. It seems that the sound is cleaner and music instruments are more separated. Maybe you can use any heavy thing (about 3kg) in place of 3 x 3.5 hard drives. Also, maybe I will buy some isolating feet for it in a near future. Please try and share your experience.
  4. What is the use of this USB Bridge Signature? I checked on Allo.com, read the description but do not really understand what it is for.
  5. Is this this power regulator for Katana or Allo Signature? I couldn't find the 'clean power' and 'dirty power' input as in my Allo Signature. What power do you use for the dirty side? Is it also from battery? Thank you!
  6. Hi RX8R3ROD, I will try to copy your breadboard this week. If I have any questions, I will for sure bother you here. By the way, I just check your speakers. Their designs and reviews are very impressive. I would like to ask if they produce good amount of bass? Do you have to use sub? How are they compared to other brands that you have experience? Thank you.
  7. Thank you, take your time, no rush at all!
  8. After reading your answer about timing best achieved with battery pack. I forced myself to read the instructables link and think that I can do it However, I need more help from you. In the link the tutorial is for 5 V and 750mA. Is this what the clean side of Signature needs? Also, could you take a picture of your regulator so I can have 1 more to use as reference. I'm worried that I might connect the jumps wrong Thank you.
  9. I really appreciate your explanation. It's very helpful too me. Personally I prefer the timing over smoothness and punch. It helps me to tap my toes. Just like in my Yggy Analog 1, it's exceptionally good in timing. However, after I upgraded it to Analog 2, the sound is richer, more transparent, smoother but less timing. Overall, I still like the upgrade but I much missed the timing of Analog 1. I guess I will try to read the link you sent me a gain, re-evaluate if I can do it. Timing with me is now so tempting. Thank you again!
  10. Thank you . I looked at the link on instructables.com. Because I have know electrical background so it may look simple but I don't think I can do it. So the only option for me is Shanti. Could you share your experience between Shanti and the battery pack (without the regulator)?
  11. Currently, I am using Allo baterry pack for the Signature. The battery pack lasts for more than 1 month. However, I still wonder if there is any other cleaner power source for it and would it be worth the upgrade? Thank you!
  12. Since the side woofer of a speaker points to the Digione, I'm worried that low vibration would vibrate it and affect the sound.
  13. Hello, The case of Digione Signature is by acrylic , which is not vibration isolated. It's very light, not heavy so using isolation feet is not effective. I am wondering if there is any way we can improve it's vibration isolation. Could you share some ideas? Thank you.
  14. I am trying Moode this weekend. Everything works fine except that I can't see my external hard drive in Moode via http://moode.local I searched on website for solutions and managed to SSH to RPI, I can see the external hard drive in Terminal via SSH but can't see it in Moode. Please check the attached for the output of the commands, please note the name of the drive is Mira. Any help appreciated!
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