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  1. Pulled the trigger on the HP Envy 750-247c along with a 27" monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse from Costco. Thanks for all the guidance and advice. At the end of the day, I just decided to go low-risk and convenient. It'll still probably be this weekend before I get around to setting it up and transferring all the crap off my all-in-one. Looking at the monitor I'm wondering what I've done--it's freakin' huge! Didn't look so big in the store
  2. I would prefer that, but to get a decent computer (>i3) I'll have to go custom or DIY, which I'd rather not do. The big names don't offer a fanless computer (that I've found).
  3. Peter, I'm trying to buy something, so I'm good with it! I sent you an email. Not sure if it will make sense given my location (US), but we can explore. Thanks, AC
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place, so mods feel free to put it in the right area. My listening room is also my home office in the mornings and evenings (I don't work from home much). I'm looking at replacing my current desktop computer and am looking for suggestions. I'm just looking for a personal computer--I already have a HAL MS-3 and Aurender for music. The desktop PC is my primary PC used for email, web surfing, word processing, picture editing, acoustical analysis, and some personal spreadsheet analysis. It will not be used as a music server, but it's how I move files around my network. It is replacing a ~5 year old Sony Vaio all-in-one with an i3, 500 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM. The Sony AIO is plenty fast for my purposes, but the video card is getting flaky, so that and the fan noise is making me consider getting a quiet box with monitor. I have an external 4 TB drive for local back ups. I've looked at fanless gaming computers, but am not sure that's the way to go? Thanks, AC
  5. Agalstone, I like the idea of buying a modem. Have I mentioned lately I HATE Comcast? Of course, I also dislike IT stuff, and the one thing that Comcast seems to do pretty well is reliable internet. Would I still need to hardwire the Aurender or move the modem? Thanks! AC
  6. r_w, What you say makes sense (at least the parts that I understand). Thanks. I definitely think you're on the right track. I'll post updates as I progress. AC
  7. I'll download Fing and give it a shot. I know enough about IT stuff to be dangerous, so I proceed cautiously on these things.
  8. Me three!!!! Well, the Aurender is fine. When I rebooted the Comcast router, followed by the Aurender (connected via Cat6a to the Comcast router) everything works--iPad, desktop, and MS-3 can all see and interact with the Aurender. However if I try going back to how it was--Aurender plugged into WiFi extension router, I can no longer connect AND I get an IP conflict message on my laptop. Soooo... I created a bunch more playlists and left the Aurender in random mode so at least I can listen to a variety of music without hard connection to the Comcast router. Kinda defeats the purpose of the fancy UI of the Aurender, though, so I need to figure out if I go back to the MS-3 as with JRiver or Foobar, which require me to figure out a remote option (or run without one, which isn't very attractive), move the Comcast router into my electronics closet, or permanently install Ethernet between the electronics closet and the kitchen. I'm leaning toward the last option, but it's gonna be a pain (and/or expensive) as I have about 65' of finished space between my electronics closet and the kitchen cabinet with the router. Any suggestions on how I can go back to the good old days of having everything work would be GREATLY appreciated!
  9. Picked up a 100' Cat6A cable, but no success (yet). My laptop and desktop both said they had an IP conflict. Now we're gettin' somewhere! Next thing for me to try is powering down all my devices, and powering them back on one by one starting with the Comcast router and Aurender (plugged in with Eternet).
  10. Finally got a chance to try out a few different things and I'm gaining on it. The problem has something to do with my wireless extension router. I pulled the wireless extension router out of my electronics closet and hooked it up to the Comcast router. Confirmed that it functioned properly (could connect to internet wirelessly through the extension router via iPad). I pulled the Aurender out of my rack and took it into the kitchen (where my Comcast router is). Confirmed everything functions correctly regardless of whether I was plugged into the wireless extension or the Comcast router directly. I could access the Aurender via iPad on either wireless network. I also confirmed I could access the Aurender's files from my desktop wirelessly connected to either router. I then reinstalled everything, and while I now get an IP address on my Aurender (and can play USB again!), I can't connect to the Aurender on my iPad or see the Aurender on my Music Server or desktop through either wireless router. So, the problem must be that when the wireless extension router is not physically connected to the Comcast router. Of course, having a 75' Ethernet cable running through the hallway is not a long term solution, but I'm going to pick up a long cable and see if I can get everything stable with it hardwired. Hopefully it will stay that way once I unplug the long Ethernet cable, since it worked ok for several months. Pretty weird! (especially the USB output bug!)
  11. r_w, I may search out a local dealer if I'm unable to resolve it myself this weekend (I bought it used on another forum, so it was originally from another part of the country). Aurender's tech support guy, Eric, was helpful when I emailed him a few weeks ago, so that will likely be my next step if I'm unable to solve it myself with guidance from the CA community. AC
  12. RW, i bought it used, so I'm not counting on any dealer support. And I don't have any friends that can help. I'll run an Ethernet cable from my Comcast modem, then powercycle it if a direct connection doesn't fix it. I can also reinstall my old DAC to make sure the USB issue is not a DAC problem. thanks, AC
  13. Hard boot done, including unplugging for 30 sec. Still no USB. Getting concerned.
  14. Well I came home to a new symptom--the USB output from the Aurender doesn't seem to be working, but AES does. Looks like an extended hard boot is in order for the Aurender, and I'll go from there.
  15. RW, I'm not sure I follow what you mean by a "wireless node" (did I mention I'm pretty clueless about this stuff?). I've rebooted the wireless extension router that the music server and Aurender are plugged into (both soft and hard reboots) with no effect so far. Are you talking about rebooting my main Comcast router?
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