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  1. Do you know if LMS+StylusEP interact with cache?
  2. Great now I understand thanks for the detailed explanation.
  3. So how can I benefit from the ramroot option if I already run Euphony on an internal Optane drive? Sorry if my question is a bit dumb!
  4. Is Cloudplay available on Android devices?
  5. Thanks for the review. I suggest that you give your self more time to make a conclusion and then write your review. Second, When you mention that "it holds up very well" you should clarify what your benchmark is.
  6. Do you do that on all of your chain components?
  7. I once replaced the brass binding posts on my speakers with copper WBT ones. The difference was not subtle, more open and transparent sound. The build quality is a touch of class as well.
  8. Since there has been some recent interest in PSU discussion, and more specifically, Farad PSU I will share my experience as this is what this thread is all about. My end point is based on a 12V Jetway NF596 motherboard that is modded with the sCLK-EX board. I used to power it with sPS-500 using a 50cm 16AWG Neotech UP-OCC silver with JSSG360 treatment. A few months back, I acquired a 12V Farad Super3 PSU with the Pink Faun PCX DC cable. I replaced the sPS-500 with the Farad Super3 and kept the same power cable and I was immediately rewarded with a significant improvement. The main benefits are: 1-An enhanced 3D sound stage 2-More density to the notes and specially vocals (this is what I am more sensitive to) 3-Smoother sound. This requires patience. In the first week, the sound was still a bit harsh, but after 4-5 days of 24 hr continuous playback, the PSU settled in quite nicely. Again, I highlight that it was only Farad vs. sPS-500 comparison as I don't and not planning to own any PH PSUs. I am eagerly waiting to read what @austinpop reports in his PSU shootout. I tried to keep my post focused on the SQ of my endpoint and not about the PSU itself, I hope this is not off topic.
  9. No Rajiv, we value your posts and your passion for sharing your experience with us. I have benefited tremendously from your advice and many others on AS as well.
  10. I agree and there is a feeling that the sound is bolder overall.
  11. I installed LMS version 7.9 which supports DSD format by default. I also checked the file format like Alex did. I will check your post.
  12. This is exactly what happened with LMS running on Win 10 as well. No matter what I tried , DSD remained silent.
  13. For those who are using LMS server with Audiolinux, does it support DSD?
  14. Hi Geoff Basically both are low powered machines. I have Nimitra running LMS and a custom sCLK-EX PC based on a Jetway NF596 motherboard with Celeron N3160 CPU running StylusEP.
  15. Actually it applies to both, local and Tidal
  16. I reached the same conclusion on my system even with the tX-USBexp. I settled on LMS-->StylusEP. This takes away the harsh edges on the highs.
  17. You may find that LMS+StylusEP is on par with Stylus standalone
  18. True, I happen to have Roon phobia as well
  19. I have been switching between Stylus standalone and LMS-->StylusEP for the last hour and till now I don't have any conclusive takeaways. What is clear to me is that both configurations sound almost identical and I am not sure which one is superior. For now, if anyone has a single PC, my advice is don't bother with a server+end point with Euphony. I am assuming that your pursuit is the best SQ. Just invest in the highest quality PC and configure it as a standalone Stylus player. The simplicity of this solution makes it a winner. I will be doing more listening tomorrow and see if I can have more concrete thoughts about this comparison.
  20. I will copy some files to my Euphony drive and compare Stylus standalone to LMS-->StylusEP
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