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  1. Nice work!! I’ve made something very similar that I use as speaker stands for my Martin Logan Towers, with spikes under the speakers sitting on top. Recently, in an attempt to manage all these little pieces of gear I keep adding to my system (LPS 1.2’s, ER, ISORegen, etc), I installed a couple of wire management devices meant to manage your cables under a desk and it has worked out very well (with built in wire management as a bonus ). Only cost me $10 for each one too!!
  2. John: FYI, the Aurender is an always on device. It goes into a soft stand by when not being played, but the only way to do a hard shutdown is a few step process, Aurrender strongly encourages and is designed to be always on.
  3. I have same problem going on since I added the EtherRegen into my system also.
  4. I’m pretty sure the lower tier of Tidal is 16/44 only, no MQA. Qobuz (which I switched to from Tidal and never been happier!) let’s you select specific output rate per type of device and/ or connection type, so you could just make it fixed 16/44 regardless?
  5. I wonder if the cause of my dropouts / intermittent loss of IP address is same as yours (ER and Aurrender handshake)? Maybe it’s time to bring the issue to Aurrender’s tech support and see if they can investigate, seems like I’m now at least not the only one?
  6. Interesting, I always thought they were two different masters? I recently made the switch from Tidal to Qobuz with true Hires streaming, and I’m never going back:) Perhaps switching to the lower tier of Qobuz may be the solution? I also recall that Spotify and Apple Music are either now or very soon going to be offering a new tier which will be 16/44 only?
  7. Anything above 44 on Aurender must be MQA / “Tidal Masters”, so only play non MQA / Tidal Masters and you’re all set. Another easy work around, downgrade your Tidal membership so no Tidal Masters/ MQA, the lower tier subscription only plays 16/44
  8. I just looked at pfsense and also OPNsense and they both seem above and beyond my current tech ability, even the preconfigured HW Soluions (which all look really nice!). maybe there is a Lite version that can be loaded onto my Netgear to replace their own firmware?
  9. I will need to investigate pfsense! if it installs on a PC or stand alone device, is it software only vs hardware, or does it still use my router, but with the pfsense SW instead of Netgear (or other) firmware ?
  10. I am actually using an external HDPLEX LPSU set at 12V to power my Netgear. I can’t remember the Amps for the HDPLEX, but I thought it was more than 4A, however I’m also using it to power my Arris Modem, so maybe between the two it’s not enough Amps? I’ll try swamping LPSU’s around to see if giving it more power helps.
  11. Try and adjust the delay for switching sample rate within the settings in Conductor app. You can adjust the time, perhaps a long(eR) delay time will do the trick for you? I had to set mine to 3-4 seconds to avoid a similar issue and it works perfectly now. You can delay even longer than that too.
  12. John: Thanks as always for your endless and helpful knowledge and advice! I actually do own my own Arris DOCIS 3.0 modem and Netgear Nighthawk router. They are both about 3-4 years old now and I haven’t been able to update the Netgear router to the most recent firmware (keeps failing to auto update). Ive been suspecting they could be the cause and possibly even the firmware issue adding to it? Also, while I don’t have a long in-wall run of Ethernet cable, I do have a long run of in-wall coax leading from the cable in from my condo building to where it connects in my stereo rac
  13. I have recently added the Shunyata Delta Ethernet cable into my system (from EtherRegen to Aurender music server/streamer) with incredible results/ increase in sound quality. Perhaps give the Shunyata Delta USB cable a try? I have read that Grant (their head of sales) believes that the Delta line is the “sweetsop” within their lines between value vs. benefit. I auditioned a bunch of USB cables in my system a couple of years ago and the one I decided was the best and purchased was the Cardas Highspeed 3.0 USB cable. It is a split cable design (like several others) where the power and data
  14. Thanks for the insight. I am starting to think about getting new cable modem and router and all new Ethernet cables (prob try Cat 8 with Telegartner style plugs and put shrink wrap around cable under plugs so their not connected to shield). I suspect it’s possible I have issues with modem, router, or current cables (or all 3)? These intermittent dropouts are so annoying and I have to recycle the power on modem, router, and eR (in that order) each time they occur before my server gets IP address back. I did assign a static IP address to my server/streamer, and that did not solve the p
  15. I’ve been having intermittent dropouts of my eR from day one and I don’t feel my eR is too hot at all, I’ve not yet been able to figure out what is causing it? so perhaps it’s not the heat that was causing it? Initially I was using a Baaske isolator Pre side A, so I assumed that must be the issue, but I removed it and also bought a high end Ethernet cable (Shunyata Delta) and it is still happening to me. At least 2-3 times per day I’ll suddenly loose an IP address on my Aurender server and the music just stops. Last, if anyone is interested, the Shunyata Delta Ethernet cable definitel
  16. Thanks for the actual engineer explanation! I only have one Ethernet in on A side, and one Ethernet out on B side. Also, I use the EtherRegen with my Aurender streamer / server, which loads everything onto an internal SSD first, prior to playback, so perhaps this is why my never gets too hot like others have claimed ?
  17. The LPS 1.2 is about 1A at 12V, whereas I’m using 12V / 3A , not sure if that would effect heat or not, but if the LPS 1.2 is getting near its max Amp, it may ?
  18. I’m curious what voltage and amps the power supply is at that you’re using to power eR ? I keep reading from most how hot the eR gets, however, I’ve been powering mine from day one with a 12V / 3A power supply (Vinne Rossi DC4EVER super cap) and I’ve never turned off my eR and it has never gotten too hot. I have a suspicion that 7v or 9V is creating more heat (just a hunch, I’ve never experimented myself and I don’t know enough about electric from an engineers perspective)?
  19. From my own experience, using 2 different power supplies for anything directly connected via USB gave me much better sound quality.
  20. Alex did tell me that if I use the medical Ethernet isolators, to only use them before / upstream of the EtherRegen and never afterwards/ downstream.
  21. I recently bought two JS-2’s and I’m using one exclusively on my DAC, not using the second output at all (on purpose). I think gear like DAC’s sound much better on their own dedicated LPSU, even if they’re not using too many Watts, they have dynamic power draw at certain times and need the extra headroom. Also, I have found with JS-2 and with several other LPSU with multiple output that the two diff things being powered need to not be part of the same specific “chain” or it hurts the sound quality. My guess has always been something to do with the ground being shared? Last, I recently
  22. How do you think that DX system differs from the other Medical Ethernet Isolators like the Baaske, etc or are they essentially doing the same thing? I was initially using one of the Baaske medical Ethernet isolators before the EtherRegen, but recently removed it because I’m still confused about what they actually do?
  23. This could be the start to a complete change in direction for the recording industry and artists, particularly the ones that lean towards the Audiophile audience! For example, labels like ECM, Chesky, Naxos, 2L, Blue Coast Records, etc. With the popularity of streaming vs. physical media and the high cost of limited release SACD’s from these labels (Blue Coast charges like $40+ for an SACD as example), I see this being the start towards that direction, and hopefully us audiophiles will come out the winners with higher quality music production for streaming!
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