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  1. Tidal MQA Classical Gems
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems
    17 hours ago, Daverz said:


    You must be pretty young, because my sentimental favorites would be Fleisher and Gilels.


    Young at heart, at least!


    Here's another excellent gem. I checked out the Sinfonia Concertante. My go to is still the Perlman/Zuckerman, but this is a fresh performance with excellent SQ.



  2. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems



    https://tidal.com/album/77695697 in the USA.


    Another wonderful Dvorak. While perhaps not at the performance level of the du Pré or the Rostropovich, this is an outstanding recording with lovely SQ.

  3. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    My Classical MQA of the Evening:




    A high octane  performance  of possibly the most OTT of all romantic symphonies.  Love it.

  4. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems


  5. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    I haven't found any Sony MQA releases.  I notice a lot of the recent Bernstein remasters have duplicates, but no [M] over here.


    So I searched on Decca Hi-Res downloads at Presto:






    Freire plays Brahms: https://tidal.com/album/79118250



    Salome: https://tidal.com/album/77735491

    Elektra: https://tidal.com/album/79118104


    No Ma Vlast yet, but we have


    Dvorak: Stabat Mater: https://tidal.com/album/77600975

                  Symphonies & Concertos: https://tidal.com/album/77552639


    The latest Kertesz Dvorak hi-rez remaster is there, too. 


    I'll stop here because this is a fabulous recording of the Shostakovich Trios (Ashkenazy and friends):



  6. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    Karajan's Bruckner 7 on EMI is marked [M] (I'm in the U.S.)




    A great recording of the Bruckner 7.  His EMI recordings in Berlin were always warmer than the DG recordings.


    Is it consistently the first entry in an album listing that gets the [M] (if it gets an M at all)?


    Anderzewski plays Mozart PC 25 & 27.  Beautiful playing.




    Ah, sometimes it's the second entry that gets the M:  


    Kyung-Wha Chung plays Bach Sonatas & Partitas: 




    So my search strategy is to go to Presto and look for new Warner releases:



  7. Tidal MQA Classical
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems


    The best Ma Vlast I've heard so far (Tidal 83066082 in UK).  Superb SQ and a conductor and orchestra who clearly own this piece.




    I own very many recordings of Elgar 1 and 2, but these standout to me  both for  superb SQ and performances:








  8. Tidal Classical MQA
    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    All of these recommendations are from Tidal in the US.




    Reason for recommendation: everything! Excellent recording, SQ, and a sparkling, spirited performance that is quintessentially Gustavo!




    Another one that has it all. The circa 1977 recording quality is astonishing.




    Excellent everything. Listen to the track Elephants on a system with good bass, and you'll find yourself giggling.




    Not the greatest recording or SQ, but what a performance!




    Glorious SQ, and beautiful performance of the Sibelius. The Walton is new to me, and I like it too.




    I'm picky about Mahler conductors, but Dudamel and his Simón Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela really won me over with this performance. Excellent sonics, and the orchestra's playing is inspired and exquisite.




    Mozart piano concertos and Uchida are synonymous, and these new recordings of her also conducting the Cleveland Orchestra sound fabulous. As for the playing - it's Uchida. 'Nuff said.

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