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About Me

Martin Logan Sumit X - (2 channel & Front R/L)

Martin Logan Vantage tower - (Side Surrounds)

Martin Logan Vista tower - (Rear Surrounds)

Martin Logan Stage X - (Center)

2 Martin Logan Descent i Subwoofers 

Aurender N100 H - Media Server

Mytek Manhatten - DAC 

Oppo BDP- 105 Disc Player

Emotiva XPR -1 Monoblocks (Front Summit X's)

Emotiva XPR - 5 Amp (Center and Surrounds)

Integra Pre/Pro

Wyred 4 Sound RUR (HD Plex 100 LPSU)

Cardas HD split USB Cables (in and out W4S RUR)

Hospital Ethernet Isolators 

Shunyata Helix Digital Power cable (Aurender)

Shunyata Viper power cables everything else 

Shunyata Defenders on all dedicated 20AMP lines 

Audioquest King Cobra XLR Interconnects 



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