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  1. Thanks! I’m going to research some of these suggested products!
  2. Out of curiosity, what fuse and what isolation are you using that has brought about the improvement for you?
  3. I have an Aurender music server/ streamer / Player. I’m going into it with the eR, so as of now it’s: Router/Switch -> Baaske -> eR A side -> eR B side-> Aurender -> usb -> DAC I have a second one Router/Switch -> Baaske -> Apple TV Not using the third at the moment. Seems like you’re suggesting that I just remove it from going into A side of eR prior to my Aurender? I do also have a Synology NAS attached to the same Router /Switch in my stereo rack, would it be beneficial at all between switch and NAS ?
  4. Where do you have the Baaske isolator in your chain? I have 3 of them and can’t decide if I should keep them in or out of audio chain now that I have an eR?
  5. Can you give details or maybe even pictures on how to create the JSSG 360 when making these? I’ve been thinking about doing similar and seems to me like this is the basic configuration and parts that a lot of the expensive audiophile Ethernet cables are made with and seems like much cheaper way to come up with similar results? thanks!
  6. I’ll try this (again), I have tried a few time’s before and I keep getting errors, etc - not sure why? I’ve been tempted to maybe get a newer model or even something like a Ubiquitel, not sure if it will make a difference?
  7. I can try this! I actually have a fixed IP set for my Synology NAS, so should be easy enough to try for Aurender also. I have the Netgear Nighthawk R8500, it is a wifi router and it also has a 5 port switch built in and can be managed somewhat via the router login software. it’s about 4-5 years old now, it was top of line/ state of art when I got it, but I’m sure there’s better ones available now. I have also been wondering if it would benefit me to connect one or two switches to it and then have one switch with all non audio connections and the second switch which would go to EtherRe
  8. No, it’s one firmware behind. I actually tried several times to update to the most recent and I couldn’t get it to work.
  9. No clock (yet anyhow! Lol) Cable Modem -> Netgear Nighthawk Router & Switch -> eR -> Aurender
  10. Any thoughts on why I need to constantly turn off and turn back on (reboot) my eR? My Aurender which the eR is feeding tells me there is no IP and I need to reboot the eR almost every listening session to get my Aurender to register an IP address again? I leave my eR and Aurender powered on at all times. @Superdad
  11. @soares Love it!!! The back of my rack looks even worse!! mom finding it more and more challenging trying to find space for all my little gizmos and then the associated power supply for each one of the gizmos! Like your set up, I also have been making all sorts of homemade foam and rubber and wood blocks etc to hold or balance them all and the cables are all heavier and stronger than the little gizmos, so yet another issue :) I think it’s about time that Uptone comes out with a special rack to hold all these things 😉
  12. The supplied JS-2 DC cables (I have 4 now since I just purchased a second JS-2!!) are unfortunately way too long for me and my set up. I wish I had good soldering skills and the required equipment to be able to shorten them myself. I need like 0.3M (I also think there is a benefit to shorter DC cables too) and the ones that come with the JS-2 are 1.5 M I believe.
  13. Question about Audiophile Ethernet cables for EtherRegen and upstream. I’m also trying to decide what Ethernet cables to get for my new EtherRegen. 1. does it only make sense to get a high end one for the B side out of ER into my Aurender Server? 2. It seems the consensus is that from B side to Server, it should not have the shield tied to the RJ45 plugs, how about for all the other Ethernet cables upstream of ER? For example, should the Ethernet cables going from modem to router and router to A side of ER also not have the shield tied to RJ45 plug ? How about other equipment plugg
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