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  1. If you set only EXTERNAL are you able to get a signal lock ? Does it lock only to 10M?
  2. According manufacturer's reply regarding my issue... "Please identify setting as follows: 1.Push menu switch and move to the MODE area. -->Push select switch set to EXTERNAL 2.Push menu switch and move to the REFERNCE area. -->Push select switch set to 10.0M
  3. Yes, i am using the top connector(10) and a 50 Ohm cable which was supplied by Cybershaft...I read in manual about a jumper which is inside mutec and turns off the termination of 10M input...Do you know anything about this?
  4. The problem remains...I can't understand why...
  5. Hello and sorry for interrupting the row of the thread. I have been trying for an hour to connect the cypershaft clock 10M with the mutec but the result is zero. The settings are : EXTERNAL /10M / 44.1 but it doesn't lock and the blue light indicator doesn't light... Could anyone help me? I attach a photo...
  6. I would like to ask your opinion...does it make sense if i use an Audiobyte hydra z (which I have already owned ) in tandem with Mutec? I mean that if i have 2 clocks in a sequence the final jitter may be extremely low in order to benefit a better sound quality... Just my thoughts...
  7. Thank you for your hint. Don't worry i don't feel offended. I did't understand that my inquiry wasn't appropriate for this thread. It's a good idea to start a new one.
  8. I have realised from your writings that RUR is an excellent product and i am one step before i order one. But first i would like to ask if you can predict that could be a benefit in SQ if i use it between my Aurender x100l and Audiobyte Hydra Z. I am wondering on this issue because both devices( X100 and Hydra) have precise clocks and Aurender has also a very low noise USB output...
  9. Hi, it's my first post here and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and my audio experiences with the CA members. I have been reading this thread from the beginning so i would like to ask if someone has tested this isolator that it seems to be like Intona but in lower price. It's a high speed usb isolator with interesting features and it provides an input for external power. So it solves the issues that coming from power hungry usb inputs...
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