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  1. Chris, this is simply amazing. Those Wilsons are stunning. Love the decor too. This is one system I'd love to hear!
  2. Besides NAD, what manufacturers have commited to and/or expressed serious interest?
  3. Try to get off of USB altogether. If your CD player can act as a decent transport, then run spdif rca directly into your Lampizator DAC. Even with my Bryston BDP3 Playing hires files, the CDP sounds a hair better. Maybe from eliminating the USB conversion?
  4. My CIAUDIO monos use a custom UcD module, offered directly from Hypex. Dusty of CI goes to great lengths to insure he gets the max out of these modules. I am floored by the way these things sound. I can't even imagine the potential of these new units.
  5. Thanks Frank. I was just about to say that 1% is likely driven into clipping.
  6. Not to mention the people behind Purifi reads like an all star team.......
  7. I am sure builders will want to optimize it with a kick ass LPS. It does look pretty impressive on paper. Those specs compete with the Benchmark AHB2.
  8. Could this new class D module from Bruno be the one to finally silence all the naysayers? The specs looks crazy. Any thoughts from the higher ups here? https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/purifi/ https://www.purifi-audio.com/eigentakt/
  9. Sacrilege-Russian tubes in a Mclight! We can't mingle with the Russians.
  10. I get the Mc freaks of the world. Its more of a status symbol, but the price. Ggeezzz.
  11. I once loved this brand. Heck i even owned a car amplifier too. They can sell whatever they want, that's capitalism and i get it. Could they just sell the damn light for a couple hundred instead?
  12. The damn towel can't be any good. It only costs $45.
  13. Mrs' Mcintosh and Gow are rolling over.
  14. Hard to take them seriously at this point. They really have become the brand for rich people with more money than brains. Sorry, but its true. I see this as only hurting the brand's credibility.
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