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  1. Hi rickca, if I understand your question correctly, the optional sCLK-EX installation for sNH-10G means the sCLK-EX board will be installed into the sNH-10G. Thank you. Best regards, May
  2. hmmm difficult for me to explain in writing, but I can say Neo has deeper sound stage than the original one.
  3. Hi Tuning, If the Kernel checking is kept going on, it means somthing is not completed, how long it's going on? over 30mins? The better way what you can do is reburning Eunhasu to the micro sd card or to the new micro sd card again...can you try it?? Thank you~ Best regards, May
  4. Sorry that my answer got delayed, have you got the unit working back? About the settings, should check it according to DAC's specifications.. and it could be complicated.. Best regards, May
  5. You can power the unit to 12V, but 9V is our recommendation. Thank you~ Best regards, May
  6. The mixer type should be also changed to none or null.. Thank you~ Best regards, May
  7. Hi Tuning, "died" means you can't access to Eunhasu web gui or you can't see the light on the front panel or back panel of the LAN port? Thank you. Best regards, May
  8. Okay Tuning, now you will need to ask what DOP marker Yamaha is using, there are 0x05 / 0xFA markers and dcs marker. Please check it and let me know. Thank you. Best regards, May
  9. The DOP requires the max software volume. To do this, you can set the replay gain to none and mixer type to none or null. Pleaset try it with the setting let me know the result. Thank you. Best regards, May
  10. Just got this message, thank you Johnseys for your understanding. Best regards, May
  11. Sorry for the situaion being happend, but there seems extra explanation required for better understanding each other and it is not blaming to anyone, please don't argue about it. The test was done successffully, and we took video and pictures to make sure evertying works perfectly, and shared with Johnsesy, and indeed it worked perfectly fine but while assembling the board to the case, this connector got damaged, https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/hirose-electric-co-ltd/U.FL-R-SMT-1(01)/H122041-ND/3978494 so the connection can't be made flawlessly, and it is the reason the board would b
  12. Hello Tuning, Please adjust some settings in MPD config page on Eunhasu, http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en/mpd Thank you. Best regars, May
  13. you figured out the connector got damaged somehow.. so it would take extra time and money indeed. Thank you. Best regards, May
  14. Oh!! I will check and correct the information thank you~
  15. No, I don't know where you've heard the price information but the price hasn't been finally confirmed( but assmed there would be no price differences??) will post later once the final test will be made. Thank you Best regars, May
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