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  1. Some glorious cello works in wonderful recorded sound may be found here: Search results for: 'Wispelwey' - Channel Classics Records The cello is a sublime instrument, yes.
  2. Evry Time I Feel the Spirit - Derek Lee Ragin - Channel Classics Records RAGIN, DEREK LEE - countertenor MOSES HOGAN - piano THE NEW WORLD ENSEMBLE CHAMBER CHOIR Channel Classics Just glorious!
  3. Most Resolving: (In descending order) Stax F83, Stax F81, Quad ESL 63, Quad ESL 57, B&W 801, Magneplanar 2.5R - interestingly these systems also proved to be the most satisfying in the long term and with the widest variety of musical styles and recording quality. Most Enthralling: Linn Sara, Linn Kan (for short periods of time and with Jazz or Rock - these just pounded it out. For extended periods of listening, accuracy or for classical music, neither of these satisfied)
  4. No matter the mode of delivery; live, desktop audio, high end audio, PA system etc, music embraces and envelopes me to the exclusion of all else.
  5. Buy it on CD and just enjoy it ;-) Beat me to it - sorry - ignore
  6. Agnes Obel brings us more glorious music with her Aventine release. A unique talent if ever there was. Beautiful recorded sound.
  7. I am planning to use a fully maxed out 11" Air for my music collection. I view the Air as such as a beefed up iPod; large enough to hold my entire music collection (AAC 256kbs - 320kbps), small enough to fit in my shoulder bag.
  8. I am a music lover first and foremost. Music is probably fundamental to surviving (thriving) as a human, is a universal language and speaks where words may/can not. Yes, I also enjoy precision engineering, faithful (as possible) reproduced sound; but it will always be The Music.
  9. + 1 Every time I have subsequently upgraded, I was dissappointed to hear either no significant difference or found that the higher res master was inferior to the one used in my iTunes purchase.
  10. I agree with Bob Stern - judicious "tone control" can make a horrid album listenable. Also, listen to the offending album in isolation to other recordings (ie not directly after a stunningly lovely recording). The ear-brain interface can do marvelous compensation tricks.
  11. "Awesome Droning Deliciousness" indeed. May here be more. .
  12. That means that at least 25 billion pieces of music have been listened to at least once and that has to be a good thing because music is very good for us.
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