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  1. Damien, the author of Audirvana, has recently reported (http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f11-software/audirvana-2-3-qobuz-integration-27026/index6.html) being in the process of developing a significant update to A+ Remote. I guess we need to give him a few days/weeks to complete this. In the meantime, what I'm doing is forcing A+ Remote to quit. When lauching again, the problems are solved in my case.
  2. Hi Julian, Thank you for your time and for your answer. This was certainly useful. I found another interesting synthesis after posting on another (german speaking) blog which is referenced above. Here is a Google Translate link to it : https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aktives-hoeren.de%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ff%3D23%26t%3D5902%26start%3D120%23p109172&edit-text=&act=url Fujak, the guy behind the first tests in Mutec MC-3+ cascading, essentially reviews the MC-3+ USB and comes to the conclusion
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for this complement of information. I read a lot about Regen and Intona in this forum. I gave Intona a trial, but I was actually disappointed as the SQ with Intona alone is far inferior than with Mutec MC-3+ USB alone. And unfortunately, I am affected by the syndrome where Intona+Mutec is not recognized well by my Mac (cannot see the connection, whatever the USB cables I chose). People at Intona have been of little help in this matter :-(. As far as Regen is concerned, I read in depth a thread where the developers of Regen are explaining that they are engaged in the
  4. Thanks Chris for answering. Interesting to have your thoughts. Andy, this link is very interesting indeed. Full of material to dig into. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Julian, I am quite new on this forum. I am interested in the MC-3+ USB. I have actually ordered and received one unit and find it incredibly useful and pleasant to use. I will not restate all what has been said/written about the benefits of your reclocker on the listening experience, but I certainly agree with that. I have read that other users use Regen resp. Intona USB filters to respectively enhance the USB signal or galvanically isolate the DAC from the computer. If I am not mistaken, the Intona also performs a kind of reclocking right ? I have also read under your name in another
  6. Thank you AudioBear. Looking forward to this test. :-)
  7. Andy, Thanks for your answer. Funny simultaneous reference to the Mutec's cascading :-)
  8. I have read on Mutec's web site an interesting but already dated report about cascading multiple Cascading multiple MUTEC MC-3+ (MUTEC - Professional A/V and High-End Equipment - Up-To-Date). This report was stating that to a certain extent, you could improve the final SQ achieved by using multiple digital reclockers, the ones after the others. Have some users been tempted by cascading the newer MUTEC MC-3+ USB in order to further increase SQ ?
  9. Hi Andy, Your signature suggests that you have kept UpTone Audio Regen as well as Intona USB Isolator before the Mutec MC-3. Have you tried to remove the Regen ? Is best SQ achieved with the three items ?
  10. Thank you very much accwai for your interesting contributions. You reclocking set-up certainly makes for a reasonably priced and efficient solution. And thank you for your detailed description of the Entreq grounding solution.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your input. Can you please detail how you are using Mutec reclocker in connection with Totaldac d-tube-Mk2 ? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for answering. Nice to hear that the products are appreciated. I will let you know my impressions when I have received mine. And let's se what Vincent's plans are for his development in the US market.
  13. Hi Everyone, Excited to join your community. I might have missed threads, but I was surprised not to see major activity in this DAC section around the products of French manufacturer Totaldac http://www.totaldac.com. It's range of products is gaining a very high level of appreciation from Home | AudioStream, having three of its products ranked among the 'Greatest Bits' Greatest Bits Digital to Analog Converters | AudioStream and still very few comments here. Has anybody tried any of its products ? Any comments ? I have ordered a trial for a d1-six/server. I would be happy to read your t
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