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  1. Very good in my opinion. If you read through the thread, you will notice many positive reports about using the MC-3+ USB, without oversampling.
  2. Sure, the pb is to find a better clock than the one included in the Mutec MC-3+ USB...
  3. Interesting suggestion ; results are mitigated. Some tests have been made by a German blogger, who has compared a cascade of two Mutec MC-3+ USB and an MC-3+ USB with his own DYI clock (see here (paragraph 5, 10-MHz clock) a Google Translate of his report https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aktives-hoeren.de%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ff%3D23%26t%3D5902%26start%3D120%23p109172&edit-text=&act=url). He has found that the external clock was not bringing additional value. Another blogger has found addition
  4. Hi Yuri, What is the procedure to download the latest version ? Thanks
  5. Hi Jud, The option to use the relative directory is not practical when you have large numbers of albums to process, because you would have to move considerable numbers of files manually. The problem with the output directory is a small bug IMHO. If : - you select the middle icon - you choose an output directory (/Volumes/Users/xxx/Resampled) for instance, - your original files are in a directory named (/Volumes/Users/xxx/Music/Artists/Albums/) then your resampled files will be located in a directory which has a duplicate tree name (/Volumes/Users/xxx/Resampled/Volumes/Us
  6. Hi Yuri, Here lies the problem for the sluggish interface during heavy duty processing. If the first processing task is achieved within the interface thread, then the interface naturally freezes. One should create one thread for each process, and leave the interface live within its own thread (just my 2c). Already done ; I am dedicating only 16 cores to the application, among 24 available (6 processors x 4 cores per processor). Old machine but still powerful. Will try. Will update. Thanks.
  7. Hi Yuri, Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. This essentially means that the design of the interface is far from complying with the guidelines of the Macintosh interface, which makes it look outdated. But this is just cosmetic, so no that important. But as far as the interface lack of reactivity is concerned, it looks like the upsampling process is launched from the interface process, which is strange as you are handling multiple processes in parallel. I essentially upsample to 24/192 a directory of files which is the results of my CD library ripping with XLD. Most of fil
  8. Hi everyone, I bought a licence of Aul ConverteR to upsample to 24/192 my music library which is sitting on a Mac. I have found the software less polished than expected in the following fields : - the interface is a little bit rough and the translation into English not refined at all - even if you do not dedicate all the processors you have on the Mac (I am using an old hexa-processors, which gives me 24 cores, of which I am using only 16 dedicated to the upsampling), the interface is not responsive while working, which prevents from easily interrupting the process for instance... - t
  9. Hi One and a half, Before upsampling, the actual sampling rate switching latency, through the 2 Mutec MC-3+ USB and into the DAC, was between 3 and 4 seconds. I had adjusted this parameter in Audirvana to be able to enjoy the beginning of each track when listening to a playlist, where tracks were of different sampling rates. After upsampling the sampling rate switching latency has completely disappeared, by definition I would say, which is an additional advantage of this solution.
  10. I'm kind of intellectually reticent to stacking those filters, use more curious cables, aso... I'm using two MC-3+ USB stacked in the way Fujak documented. I'm very happy with that for the moment :-)
  11. I tried to converse on the German forum, which was not that easy for me given my lack of mastering the German language ; Google Translate is your friend to a certain but limited extent :-). I am anyhow happy to share a few information I gathered there, especially from Fujak, the person who tested Mutec MC-3+ cascades. - on the possibility to use an external 10 MHz clock ; Fujak has built his own external clock and stated that he was not able to witness any improvement with this DIY clock fed into the MC-3+ USB, compared to a cascade of 2 x MC-3+ USB devices. Fujak did not report being able
  12. Hello One and a half, Thank you for this thrilling report :-). So you have witnessed that the Intona was bringing additional quality (360mV vs 260mV) to the signal on the input of the Mutec is it correct ? Is the improvement audible in your opinion ?
  13. Hi gldgate, Congratulations. Hope you enjoy. Best regards.
  14. Our German friends from aktives-hoeren.de • Foren-Übersicht look excited about the idea of plugging a 10 MHz clock into the MC-3+/MC-3+ USB. Does one have to be able to send a clock signal to the DAC to fully benefit from this improvement ? Has anyone an idea about the price tag of this device ? Julian surely has, but will he share this information ? Thanks.
  15. Hi accwai, Very interesting development indeed. Thank you for pointing that out :-) Best
  16. Hi Barry, I was wondering how you felt with the 2.3.3 of Audirvana ? I have not noticed any issue on my side with this one. Best.
  17. Hi Julian, A small suggestion if you allow me : if you aim at the audiophile market, a remote control to switch sources would not be useless. Julian again, Do you have any view on this ? Is there a technical justification for upsampling before reclocking or does it not matter at all ? Thank you.
  18. I guess you won't regret it. Let us know your impressions when you get it.
  19. If you refer to this review made by a German medium (MUTEC - Professional A/V and High-End Equipment - Up-To-Date), "As the measurement diagrams below show, these efforts have certainly paid of: the MUTEC MC-3+USB not only significantly improves the jitter performance of D/A converters with the re-clocking mode, it also does so even more thoroughly (figure 3) than its already excellent sibling (figure 2).", the MC-3+ USB does much better than the MC-3+.
  20. Hi all, A short question related to upsampling. I observed that, on my system, the added value of the Mutec MC-3+ USB in the chain could be maximized by having the digital flow upsampled to the maximum, 192kHz, on the Mac, through Audirvana and its iZotope 64bits-SRC filter. My DAC is a Devialet with an identical maximum sampling frequency of 192kHz. Is there a technical justification to this observation ? I guess yes and the answer might lie in the following article : SoundStage! Getting Technical Back-Issue Article (11/2003). My understanding is that upsampling on the Mac, and removing (a
  21. Hi earflappin, Still stuck in what seems to be a lack of compatibility between Intona and Mutec. When I try to chain them, my Mac Mini is not recognising the Mutec. May be a problem of cables. But most of people who succeeded to chain did that with a Regen and its own power supply in between. Daniel from Intona recently mentioned that he was trying to solve this issue. For the time being, I am comparing the two options, with a clear preference on my side for the Mutec, which offers, at a higher price though, the clarity of sound of Intona, and an additional very impressive sound stage (deep,
  22. Yes that's absolutely possible. toslink, coax and USB have inputs on the MC-3+ USB. To switch between the sources, you need to use the menu and the select buttons. Once you have set-up the device, if you want to just switch between sources, you just have to press on the menu button once, and then as many times as necessary on select to choose the appropriate source (scroll). On the USB source (I am using Audirvana on Mac), changing source does not affect the behaviour of the program. When you change the destination on the Mac (I am using USB->Intona->DAC (via USB) or USB->Mutec->
  23. I very much support Chris' views : Mutec MC-3+ USB is well worth trying. It made for a huge positive impact on the SQ of my system.
  24. Damien, the author of Audirvana, has recently reported (http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f11-software/audirvana-2-3-qobuz-integration-27026/index6.html) being in the process of developing a significant update to A+ Remote. I guess we need to give him a few days/weeks to complete this. In the meantime, what I'm doing is forcing A+ Remote to quit. When lauching again, the problems are solved in my case.
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