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  1. Hi iago, If you read this article Tik Tik Tik: Four audio engineers hash out the merits of Mutec's new MC-3+ Master Clock | Tape Op Magazine | Longform candid interviews with music producers and audio engineers covering mixing, mastering, recording and music production., which was kindly pointed out by Andy Nicholson above, you will notice that the MC-3+ USB has basically two applications : - act as a clock distributor (based on its internal clock or an external reference) to distribute clock signals to synchronize multilple devices inside a studio environment ; this application is detail
  2. Hi Yuri, Thanks very much for the update and the corrections. Hope to be able to test later this week.
  3. Hi pipis2010,Not sure the Intona/etc is absolutely necessary if you already own a Mutec/Acousence. Intona by itself is a very good and well renowned product. But Mutec and Acousence already offer high level galvanic isolation of their USB input. I have not been able to judge whether the Intona was further improving SQ in front of my Mutec as it was not compatible with it, but if I remember well, One and a Half mentioned that he had removed his Intona from his chain in front of his own Mutec. You might need to check this before deciding to spend a couple hundred more bucks on this.
  4. Hi Yuri, A short question about sampling rates. My DAC is accepting a max of 24bit/192kHz. Do you recommend that I systematically upsample to 24/192 with your software or should I make tests to check if 24/96 is better ? Thanks,
  5. Hi Yuri, Thanks for the update. I have adapted my workflow to the existing application. No worry.
  6. It's also what Totaldac (TOTALDAC DAC and digital crossover) is doing with it's independent d1-server, which includes a reclocker, before the DAC itself.
  7. Correction : there is no independent PSU for the USB module.
  8. Hi accwai, There is a very interesting thread here : aktives-hoeren.de • Thema anzeigen - Acousence afis (artistic fidelity isolator switch), where the owner of Acousence makes a certain number of interesting statements related to galvanic isolation, reclocking, aso. An especially interesting topic is the description he is making of the USB module, which is in fact a sort of satellite of his reclocking devices, completely isolated, with its own PSU aso... The connection between the USB module and the AFIS is made through a 3 way optical connection, one for the 44.1KHz/48kHz switch, one fo
  9. Hi progear, Thank you for your heads-up and your answer. I will be interested to listen to it, if/when Acousence starts exporting its device. I am already so amazed with my Mutec MC-3+ USB x2, that I fear I will not be able to appreciate further improvement. But will see. Thanks again.
  10. Interesting development. Did you have the opportunity to listen to it yourself ?
  11. Yes, but there is just one USB port. So if you input via toslink or S-P/DIF, you can output in USB.
  12. I started with Mogami AES/EBU. I then upgraded to Oyaide DR/DB 510. Slight improvement. But very good cables for AES/EBU are much more expensive than good cables for BNC/Cinch.
  13. Hi sdolezalec, I'm willing to help, even though I'm not an English native speaker/writer.
  14. My TV set is connected on the optical S-P/DIF input of the first Mutec. So I use it whenever I am watching TV or a video. I have hardly been able to notice the delay. But the sound of the video is very much improved by the Mutec, and voices are much clearer.
  15. On my side, there is absolutely nothing negative in this set-up. To paraphrase two Audiophile 'friends' I have, I would say : - quoting the owner of a French DAC manufacturer, re-clocking is like interposing a door on the way of noise ; when you have a double door, you tend to hear less outside noise :-). - quoting Fujak, a German blogger : re-clocking is a highly addictive hobby ; once you have been used to it, you can never get rid of it, and you want more. 2 stages cascade is considered very good with the technology of the MC-3+ USB... I have sent back my Intona, and the only additonal d
  16. Here is a 'dark' picture of my Mutec x 2 operating at 24/192. The first is configured with an USB input. The second is getting its input on the coax.
  17. Well that's exactly how I use it. Audirvana is set up on my Mac to upsample whatever is not in 24/192. And the MC-3+ USB is behaving perfectly like this.
  18. Hi Yuri, Absolutely no hurry as far as I am concerned. As I wrote, the product is now working according to my expectations. Bugs can be looked after when appropriate.
  19. A short update from my side. With the help of Yuri, and especially the indication of appropriate parameters to keep the album artwork and to transfer .pdf and .jpg files into the new directories, I have been able to achieve what I wanted. The files produced were very good. The problems raised in terms of user interface, responsiveness and directories remain, but are not a limitation when trying to convert a reasonable number of albums. It was more of a problem as I tried to convert my whole library (300 albums) which in hindsight was not the best thing to do.
  20. Hi Yuri, What would be the best way to help ? I started to review the 1. and edit it in plain text, but this might not help you very much. I tried to go through the html source, which is quite uncomfortable. Which html editor are you using ?
  21. In fact, I was misled by the normalized phase-noise of -225dbc/Hz. At 10 Hz the phase noise is -120dc, compared to -140db for Mutec's Ref10. So we probably need to wait for the Ref10 of Mutec.
  22. Thank you. The first step would be to have a device on trial, just to make sure that the MC-3+ USB is benefiting from this clock signal. Will see depending on Mutec's announcement. Thank you anyway.
  23. Well, the normalized phase-noise lower than -225dbc/Hz is impressive to say the least. Any idea of the price of this clock ?
  24. Seems the guy you talked to was knowing what he was talking about :-).
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