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  1. Oh, un revenant :-) (someone coming back from the past, don't know how to call this in English). Welcome back !
  2. Yeah, that's what I guessed looking at your user guide. That's why I felt appropriate to underline it :-)
  3. Hi Yuri, I just gave a trial to a function I had never tried before which is CD ripping with simultaneous upsampling on a Mac. The result in terms of quality of the resulting files is just outstanding. Thanks for this very nice tool :-)
  4. You must be right, we are weird enough to buy their stuff and believe they improve our sources :-)
  5. OK but why does a clever supplier like Mutec not offer at least a plug for an external LPSU, thus obliging to some acrobatic DIY stuff ?
  6. Thank you. BTW, have you reached a final position regarding the Intona in connection with MC-3+ USB ?
  7. Apart from Sligolad, who reported to have transformed his MC-3+ USB late last year, but has since dropped it in favour of an Intona (http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/which-one-buy-uptone-universal-serial-bus-industry-standard-cables-connectors-and-communications-protocols-between-computers-and-electronic-devices-regen-or-intona-universal-serial-bus-industry-standard-cables-connectors-and-communications-protocols-between-computers-and-electronic-devices-isolator-26815/index14.html#post520554), has anybody achieved the transformation of the SPSU to LPSU and reac
  8. Hi Sligolad, Have you completely dropped your Mutec MC-3+ USB with the LPSU you had advised on TírNaHiFi.org | Hi-End HiFi in Ireland forum ? Why did you drop it ?
  9. My Mac is absolutely off the shelves.
  10. My understanding is that the best one as far as USB isolation is concerned is the AFIS, and the best one as far as clock precision is concerned is the Mutec. This is why I decided to put the AFIS first and the Mutec cascade last. BTW I tried the other way around and this was not better. But what I understand from the AFIS is that it does not exactly behave like a reclocker, which is essentially a filter for jitter (clock phase noise) ; I assume it acts, at least in my configuration which is based on an async DAC, in just isolating the HF interference on the USB port, cleaning the USB d
  11. AFI-USB (one input/one output) is around 1'000 EUR excl VAT. Price inside EU is 1'170 EUR incl VAT. AFIS-USB (four inputs/two outputs) is around 1'650 EUR excl VAT. Price inside EU is 1'980 EUR incl VAT. Need to add at least one output cable for 50 EUR. Pretty much independent of the OS.
  12. Well, as a matter of fact I tried :-). I used the AFIS first to benefit from the high-end isolation, and sent the AES/EBU output to the Mutec cascade. In fact this does not help a lot. On the opposite I would say that the benefits of the clearer voices separation when listening to 'La Traviata' disappeared. So I left the test here for the time being.
  13. I am the happy owner of two Mutec MC-3+ USB, connected in cascade (via AES/EBU). Having read with interest the report of *progear, I approached Acousence with the intent to listen to one of their products. After giving financial guarantee to Acousence, Ralf Koschnicke, its founder, kindly sent me a test equipment that I intend to review here in comparison with the Mutec MC-3+ USB cascade. Test configuration : Music is streamed from Qobuz through Audirvana 2.3.3 on a Mac Mini (2.8 GHz dual-core i5, 2TB Fusion Drive). Music flow is upsampled to 24/192 on the Mac via iZotope. Mac is connecte
  14. Hi Yuri, Just to confirm that I tried the new version with interface improvements and that it now works very well as far as interface sluggishness is concerned. Congratulations !
  15. If you open Audirvana Preference Pane, and the Library tag, you will see the location of Audirvana database. It should look like /Users/xxxx/Library/Application Support/Audirvana If this is the case, all you have to do then is to close Audirvana, open a Terminal window (Applications->Utilities->Terminal.app). When opening, you will probably sit into your own directory. Then type 'cd Library/Application\ Support/Audirvana'. This will bring you to the Audirvana database directory. Typing 'ls' will let you see the files of this directory. Should print : AudirvanaPlusLibrary.sqlite
  16. Hi Yuri, Congratulations on this development. I will check that early next week. Thanks.
  17. Looking at the signatures of people interested in the microRendu, there seems to be quite a number of Mac users, of which many are using Audirvana. I might have missed something, but I have not seen any reference to the compatibility of Sonore microRendu with Audirvana. Is there a way to keep using Audirvana when choosing the microRendu ?
  18. Hi Yuri, Thank you for sending the new beta. I noticed some improvements, notably the modified progress bar. As far as reactivity of the interface is concerned while processing large batch of files, I noticed some minor improvement, but on my system, nothing drastic. But again, I have adapted my workflow to the current situation, so there is no pb AFAIC.
  19. Hi westy, Using same configuration (Oppo 103D). Did not notice any drop outs with 16/44.1. Which format are you trying to play on the Oppo ? Are you aware of the fact that, due to some bandwidth and/or copyright limitations, Oppo will not play some high-res audio files to the S-P/DIF (coax or optical). These files are either converted to PCM or should be played through HDMI.
  20. Hi One and a half, My experience is in accordance with your views on this. I tried RCA with good cables to my DAC, which unfortunately does not have BNC, and was disappointed, especially because of a reduction of the benefits of the Mutecs in terms of spatiality. So I came back to AES/EBU.
  21. Hi Ryelands, How are you powering an Intona with a good PSU ? Where are you plugging it in ?
  22. Hi gldgate, Last price info I received from my reseller about this product was slightly north of 3'000 EUR.
  23. Hi iago, With pleasure :-) Which clock are you using as an external reference ? Did you notice any improvement compared to internal clock reclocking ?
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