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  1. Hello Pierre

    I have had my Mac mini M1 for about a week and I am very happy with it. My configuration:

    Synology NAS DS 918+ mit RoonServer als Musikverwalter --> Mac Mini M1 mit HQPlayer als Streamer --> Signalyst NAA --> USB --> RME Adi-2 DAC Fs --> Lavardin ISx Reference --> CME M29 Spezial or Spendor BC1

    I upsampling all my music to DSD256.

    "...now DSD 256 with ASDM7EC is easy, even from 96k or DSD 128 files.

    The only remaining problem for me is 192k files upsampled to DSD 256 with EC modulators."

    For me 192k files to DSD256 are no problem when I use 48k and 48k DSD256 with ASDM7EC and poly-sinc-ext2.

    You ask for building a new windows or linux server. I think wait some weeks until the new intel rocket lake available.

    I will also build a new server with an i9-11900k.

    see my hardware wish list.

    But I don't know if the new intel cpu can do so much more than the M1 CPU.


    Best regards


    Preisliste (1).pdf

    1. SwissBear


      Hi Wolfgang,


      Thanks for the update,. I will try your idea of playing 48k DSD instead of 44.1k ones.

      Thanks also for the headsup on the new processor. What do you expect from this new line ?


      Best regards,



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