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  1. Hello, Fairly new to this and would like your recommendations please. I have the KEF LS50 Wireless and would like to build a streaming system around them. I am using Roon on a MacBook Pro with quality USB cable direct. The computer will need to go away. (It's my wife's). So....I would like a computerless solution to running ROON. Thinking NUC to Sonore MicroR. Raspberry Pi? Would a one box solution suit me? ELAC Discovery? Aurilic, OPPO Sonica (would require a streamer yes?). NAS with Roon core? I do not have too much stored music but plan to change that. My budget is under $2K. I thought about Chord MOJO w/Poly but not liking the idea of going analog out from the MOJO back to digital for the KEF's. I guess that's a concern of mine--not going to ananlog needlessly. Help Would be very appreciated... Much Thanks and Respect in advance. Tony
  2. I heard from the gentleman from KEF. Anthony H. With his own iPhone 6 and a borrowed 6 plus, he had no problem successfully connecting the two. The only difference then must be the cable from the CCK to the X300's. I am using nothing to speak of in that dept. Either that is the culprit or and this might be curious, I purchased these monitors from the U.K. and necessarily needed to use a transformer for each one to bump 'em up to 220. (I'm guessing my cheap cable needs to go)
  3. Contacted KEF. Nice guy responded very quickly saying that he uses a CCK to his own X300A's all the time with no prob. For me however, it sends me a message saying the KEF's require too much power. Hmmmm.
  4. Hello, Newbie wondering if this is possible. Thanks in advance.
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