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  1. I use a Dragonfly dac or Resonessence Herus Dac for headphones and earbuds for iPhone and iPad music streaming. I believe it is necessary. So I assume that wireless ear phones must have a really small dac? I wonder how they could compete for sound quality with a good external dac? Could they be any good?
  2. That is what I am talking about. You may find one used if you go that way. Having one, I feel it is worth the new price.
  3. The PS Audio NewWave DSD is my favorite of the bunch I have. I got it used under $1K on the recommendation of Karman Family. I think that he is correct in rating it so well. I think I will keep it for ever. It is built like a tank. I use it with Tidal hard wired from iPad or iPhone, or with a Audiolab 2000cdt transport, and Belles Aria integrated. I have also used it with my Sonneteer Orton, a step up from the Belles. I have no idea of DSD, MQA or any of it. I just play it. For comparison I have a more expensive DAC, the Border Patrol, and a less expensive, the Chord Mojo, and the
  4. How does Chromecast connect to a home hifi amp with no tv or hdmi?
  5. Thank you for the information. I will look into it. I had heard of the small green but didn't know how it was used. Cheers.
  6. Thanks: Thanks. I just got my Auralic Altair to work playing Tidal with an iPad. It seems much more stable on my weak wifi than Bluesound which was constantly dropping out and driving me crazy for 2 years.. Now just Roon or other software and a NAS would be next. Sometimes in another room system I do plug the iPad directly into the dac and into the amp. This is not my favorite method because the iPad runs down too fast. I have an adaptor that allows you to connect the usb and charger at the same time but simply streaming from wifi is preferable to hard wiring th
  7. Thanks but that looks way too complicated for me. I searched Audiolinux and found articles like this: http://www.modelpromo.nl/AudioLinux.htm I just want to turn on the iPad and play music. I don't understand 1/4 th of this. I got an Altier and spent a few days and failed to get it working with Tidal, and that is not even adding storage.
  8. I got the Altair because I use an iPad to connect to Tidal. I am planning to add a NAS, Roon. That is if I can get the Altair to work. I spent the whole day setting it up and failed to hear any music. I contacted Auralic support. Hopefully they have better service than Bluesound. I don’t understand why all this is so difficult.
  9. I connected the Node 2 to a PS Nuwave dsd dac by coax. It sounded better.
  10. To be fair to Bluesound, I must say that I am really enjoying streaming on the Vault 2 since I got Qobuz. It sounds good and works with no problem. Too bad it won't play Tidal. I prefer Tidal and plan to keep it. I think it has more selection in the jazz area and I like the interface better. Today is day 10, btw, of Bluesound support trying via email to help me log into Tidal. I did bitch about preferring phone support to get it out of the way one way or the other, but they are sticking with email advice. Because I want to use Tidal I am working on setting
  11. Update to the Bluesound Vault 2 and Node 2; I found a wireless modem that has an ethernet outlet. Hooray, the Vault took off and worked great. That is, until I connected the Node 2 which also worked well. Then when I went back to the Vault, it would no longer log into Tidal, nor will the Node. Everything else works, that is, my stored library of burned cds. I can also burn cds now. Attempts to get back into Tidal have been futile. I joined Qobuz and tried and failed to load that on Bluesound. I have waited 3 business days for a response from Bluesound supp
  12. Thanks. So far I am just streaming Tidal to my home hifi on an iPad hard wired through a dac and to the amp. I considered switching to an iMac so I don't have to constantly be charging the iPad. My home computer is too far from the music and is shared with other people so i need a stand alone system.
  13. Thanks, I think I get it, attatched to your computer vs attatched to the web (NAS).
  14. I am confused. I am looking at getting the Roon Nucleus and I am told that the Nucleus storage is not a NAS and that I need a NAS? this is my first attempt at storing music. the more I read, the more confused i am.
  15. I am interested in this dac. I once bought a small streamer from you. Kevin Corr [email protected]
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