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  1. Not all in Norway has IT. But that is most common still. I have a large earthing wire directly under the floor in my basement listening room. This ends directly in my AC outlet. Rugged distributor with Furutech NCF outlets. AC powercords with induvidual HF filters for all units. Approx 20mm2 earthing area in every powercord for hf draining. Capacitor decoupling on both phases and inbetween phases before distributor and to an other earthreference than the soundsystem.
  2. I know GeirT and he bought them after reading about LPS-1 on the internet. Maybe in an other thread? Not important I think. He have also used your powers on other units like the Microrendu.
  3. Thak you for your good thoughts Peter. This is time consuming and as you say ruin the thread, so I will only comment what i ment with " they would never find me". Of course everyone could find the products I commented and buy. But it would not be my name that popped up when they googled the product, and I cant see why they should put an effort in finding my name to buy. Cheers Terje
  4. Yes I know Superdad. I have done this in many years but not much here. I can tak my lumps and live with that. Thank you for your advice regarding listening comparisons. But this is the most interesting part though😊 I am sorry that I put your product in disfavour of an other, this was not the goal. The goal is to share my listening experiences in an honest way. As you wrote me there are many different opinions regarding these, so I guess you will manage. But this fact makes it even more interesting to me. Cheers
  5. Thank you for a well written post Austinpop (as usual) I perfectly agree with everything you write! As said repetedly, I should have informed that I was in the trade when i first wrote the post. Readers should know that. I have experienced and accepted a long time ago that my opinions will be viewed as biased, and that is understandable and ok with me. This is a question about thrust and getting to know eachother. I dont think I will be a frequent poster in this forum, so there will not be many that get to know me here. I have no expertise in th
  6. Thank you for your comments Alan. I understand that you see the findings as a problem regarding the powersupplys. But my findings is the reasons for why I wrote the post in the beginning. In my system there is no doubt which power is the best. And this is something potential buyers deserves to know so they can test this themselves. The owner of the LPS power I tested is dissapointed with the result since he bought the power based on this thread. This could relate to the effort I have put into filtering and grounding on the AC supply, to the other electronics used, th
  7. Yesterday I wrote about three listeningtests performed with products frequently discussed in this thread. The post was accused for beeing commercial and I was accused for having other motives then I have. I tried to explain and emphasize why I wrote the post today. If this is not acceptable please feel free to delete my user and posts.
  8. Before writing my post yesterday a read Austin Pops excellent intro to orientate me in this enormous thread. Readers are told to focus on direct listening test, and that is what i did. As agreed, after this was commented, it is a good thing to identify that you are in the trade, but did not think of it when I wrote the post and agree that this is something the readers should know when they read my listening comparisons. I do think someone in the trade also should be allowed to write their listening impressions in this forum. If not this forum will become poorer. My
  9. I apologize for breaking the rules and not have my industri affiliation in the signature. This is a good rule. Embarrassing but I just tried to make a signature but could not find where to do it. Please advice.
  10. As you see in my tips regarding feet I encourage to use other selfmade feet of aluminium or other hard materials that are of no cost if you can find something suitable in your home. My goal with the tips regarding feet is to share my experiences and help improving the sound.
  11. Thank you Superdad, I was not aware that there was a rule for telling that I was a member of the trade, but this seems like a good rule. There have been other comparisons with opposite results regarding Sotm and LPS powersupplyes, and that is the reason for me writing this. I have tested the LPS-1 one time and the LPS-1.2 two times. And the SPS-500 has been the better power without doubt in my tests. My friend who own the LPS power I tested also agree in what i wrote. I think it would be wrong of me to not enlighten auphile that there are different experiences, and in this way enco
  12. I spent som spare time today reading this thread, and found that I shold post some comments reagarding my listening experiences with some of the products mentioned. I have earlier tested the Sotm SPS-500 vs Ultracap LPS-1. I found the SPS-500 clearly superior in overall soundquality. When using the the SPS-500 to power the LPS-1 instead of the supplyed power that came with the LPS-1 the difference was smaller but still in favour of the SPS-500. I recently tested SPS-500 vs Ultracap LPS-1.2. I also this time found the SPS-500 superior of the LPS-1.2. And I do n
  13. I use triple screened powercables with noise blocks and 20mm2 earthing that I make myself.
  14. As the Norwegian Mola Mola distributor I do not whish to comment on the Mola Mola sound compared to other brands as a see this as not accountable. But since I received the first Tambaqui`s ten days ago I have compared it to the Mola Mola Makua with dac option which have been my reference the last year. I compared the Makua/dac and the Tambaqui both connected directly to the Mola Mola Kaluga amps and a pair of the fantastic Swedish speakers Respons Magna Musicum. I find the Tambaqui delivering a blacker background, better resolution, more threedimensional soundstage, better low l
  15. Hi Pepsican The card is connected with a flat cabel to PCI. Motherboard is Asus B85M-G Intel 1150. There are no virus scanning running. The driver for the Nec based card is the one called Renesas... I have tested with old and new drivers. The latest bios is installed. The strange thing is that the card works with other things like usb stick, usb hdd and so on. And the Dac with its installed drivers works fine when connected to the motherboard usb.
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