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    Support for Fidelia ceased to exist probably a few years ago. They claim they are going to re-launch it but I doubt it will ever happen. I have since switched to Swinsian which is much better.
  2. I removed 12.9.5 but was not able to install 12.8.2 so I had to reinstall Mojave to get iTunes back. The good news is that the artwork screensaver is now working!
  3. I think I may try to remove iTunes 12.9.5 and roll back to 12.8.2
  4. Yes, it was a Catalina backup but the OS on the new machine stayed Mojave. I do see all my artwork in iTunes currently. I really enjoy having the artwork screensaver running when I am sitting for an extended music listening session.
  5. I am still running iTunes under Mojave. I did not upgrade the new machine to Catalina.
  6. I have been using the iTunes Artwork Screensaver for many years. Was working perfectly on my late 2015 21.5" iMac. I made the fatal error of upgrading this machine to Catalina. The computer became slower than slow after the upgrade and various programs would just stop responding. I decided to purchase a new 27" 5k Retina iMac and loaded it with 32gb of ram. I used the latest Time Machine backup to transfer everything from the 2015 iMac to the new 2019 one. Everything is working except the iTunes Artwork Screensaver. It is just a black screen with no artwork showing. The 2019 iMac is running the latest Mojave. Any ideas on how to get this working again? Thanks in advance!
  7. I gave Roon a try but ended up cancelling just before the trial was up. The sound quality was not even close to my iTunes using Amarra sQ+ as the sound engine.
  8. When I attempt to use Tonal, it does change my audio midi setup settings. After attempting to use Tonal and after closing it I have to go into audio midi setup to set the format to 16 bit 44.1k Tonal changes it to 32 bit 44.1k and no audio works until I change it back.
  9. Has anyone here been successful getting Tonal to work with a Schiit Bifrost 4490? I know one user has it working with the Bifrost Multibit. If you do have it working with the 4490, can you tell what settings you have in Audio Midi Setup? Thanks
  10. Tonal looks very promising and initial reports are that the audio sounds very good. Hopefully I will be able to experience it myself soon but it currently does not work with my Schiit Bifrost 4490.
  11. Check out Amarra's sQ+ Does all you are looking for and works very well.
  12. I see from your sig, you have a Bifrost Multibit, mine is the Bifrost 4490.
  13. Thank you Baoshan, It is a very popular DAC in the USA so will be worth the time to figure it out. I am in no rush. I am sure you have many things to work on. Regards, Marc
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