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  1. Yes - I have one sample MQA file and it played seamlessly. It sounded great but really have nothing to compare it to...
  2. I have my DMS-500 for 11 months now. It went back again for a new screen which was covered under warranty including shipping. Latest software upgrade added MQA which was a nice plus even though I do not have any MQA music. Sound quality is great at least compared to a PC running Jriver. I found some goofy to me quirks which I sent to Cary buy no major interface code changes so far. iOS control works well. I have mixed feelings to recommend given the price point.
  3. I have a ds216j purchased from Amazon with a wd red pro 6tb internal drive and two external USB for backup. It wasn't too expensive, easy to set up and works well as a shared drive among 4 computers one of which is a mac. I have over 4tb of dsd, flac, MP4, video rips etc. I use various programs and they all pull the files across my local network fine.
  4. I had a few issues with the unit. It had annoying clicks between tracks. It took a lot to convince them that it was annoying as they wanted to blame the source files. They eventually did a unit swap stating the first unit was defective. The next unit did the same thing but when I changed it out of pre-amp mode the clicks went away. Not sure why they didn't know that or even ask me to try that on the first unit. Also, a couple of code issues that they fixed with firmware updates (to be expected on a computer based device). I haven't moved it to my big system yet for comparison with the Lamp
  5. Will you be able to connect to a media server like Jriver on your local network and stream music ?
  6. Have you experienced issues with peer file sharing (LAN - computer to computer). I had no issues with mapping drives in Win 7 but Win 10 has been a pain...
  7. Will do. Not much coverage on the Cary offering. Perhaps due to them just shipping. I plan to start with it acting as streamer, dac, and preamp both with local Dsf files and wireless to my SAN.
  8. Hi - I just got word my Cary DMS-500 Network Audio Server ships on Monday. I'm moving from a USB DAC connected Windows 10 Desktop to a Music Server. I have bunch of DSF files and interested to see (hear) any improvements versus current PC running JRiver. I didn't see another thread on this device so perhaps this is a start of one... My current other DAC's are the Lampizator Amber and Gungnir... Thanks
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