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  1. Hi Guys, I think that I figured out the issue. When I have Fidelia in hog mode (audio device exclusive to Fidelia) the Play/Pause and Next/Previous buttons work properly with Fidelia. However, the volume doesn't work; even if I change the audio/midi settings to use my DAC. I think this is part of the solution anyway. - hiFidelityMan
  2. I really appreciate the suggestions guys. Unfortunately, none of them work. Oh, well. I'll just have to have Fidelia in focus and use the space bar etc... - hiFidelityMan
  3. Actually, at this moment the keys are controlling Fidelia. But that is a RANDOM occurrence. - hiFidelityMan
  4. CR250, Thanks for your reply. I have tried using the keys with Fidelity in focus, but to no avail. Like I said, it works at random times wether or not Fidelity is in focus. Also, I cannot find anything in preferences, and the application won't let you program the Play/Pause button as a command. I am not sure about the volume control on Fidelity. - hiFidelityMan
  5. Tom, Thanks for chiming in. I consulted with Bob Katz on the matter, and he helped me understand the process. - hiFidelityMan
  6. In my mind, Toast is the best as far as burning goes. However, I use Max for ripping. If you are on a Mac then you should check it out. - hiFidelityMan
  7. sandyk, I understand what you're saying. However, whether I use AIFF or WAV files, doesn't Toast convert the files to CDDA to create the audio disc? hiFidelityMan
  8. Jud, Thank you for replying. I understand the difference between word-length and file length. However, is adding silence not a form of processing? - hiFidelityMan
  9. sandyk, Can you PM me and tell me more about this? - hiFidelityMan
  10. DMM, Thank you for your reply. Toast DOES automatically provide 2 seconds of silence between tracks (but this can be disabled, and the user can also specify custom lengths of silence). However, I think most of the tracks that I am burning already have the correct amount of silence. I have never heard of those applications, but I will look into them. Thanks for sharing! - hiFidelityMan
  11. Hi, My preferred audio player of choice is Fidelity. I would like to be able to use the Play/Pause Forward/Backward buttons on my Apple keyboard to control it. The odd thing, is that sometimes they work with Fidelity and sometimes they don't. Usually, pressing the Play/Pause button just opens iTunes. But sometimes they co-operate correctly with Fidelity. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or know how to get the aforementioned buttons to work ALL the time with Fidelity? All help is very much appreciated! - hiFidelityMan
  12. mansr, What I meant was that adding silence to the tracks would increase the word-length of the file. Therefore, truncating the data, which defeats the purpose of the dithering. Please correct me if I am wrong. - hiFidelityMan
  13. I know that this is a very old post. However, I thought that I would share what I did to overcome the ratings issue (I would like to be able to rate my music as well, as in iTunes). The closest thing that I could come up with was to create a "Favorites Playlist" using Fidelity's playlist system. Add your favorite songs to that playlist. P.S.: I turned off iTunes integration. So now I just use Fidelity to create playlists. - hiFidelityMan
  14. I guess that I should also remove the default 2 second gap that Toast places between tracks (since the files have already been dithered)? - hiFidelityMan
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