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  1. Maybe this one is better: https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-gac4.html Or at least equal. You find the other here: https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/list-dc.html
  2. If this shall be a fair comparison, you need to use the same power supply on both streamers. Also power settings (7 or 9V) could matter.
  3. Actually hotter is better 😀 Some electronics perform better under what you may consider as hot. People shouldn’t worry about John’s design isn’t well within almost any operating condition. Just think about how hot actually your processor inside a computer can get.
  4. There was an update for oR. Something to do with network. Can you explain what the update does.
  5. The exact size as the Ultracaps 😀 (same box). Any drawings or picture available Alex ?
  6. ....and if the first 250 is gone that Tuesday, the next batch is ordered and about another 4 week delivery time, and so it will be going on until a few is finally left is in stock. 😀 Edit. I think calculated wrong. I think I better leave it up to you Alex.
  7. You forgot the option of another LPS-1.2 as a pure vbus power for the 220 mA the Yggi requires. 😀
  8. So in theory we should expect equal SQ as the Signature SE ? 😀
  9. @barrows So what’s the noise floor of this new PS ?
  10. After I got some challenges powering the OpticalRendu with the LPS-1.2, I was thinking to maybe try a good LPS. I read this tread, and I’m getting quite convinced that instead of using $529 on a newly developed LPS, I should aim for the JS-2. It seems to me I could use the JS-2 to power the following items. 12V SonicTransporter 12V EtherRegen (optional a LPS-1 upfront) 12V LPS-1.2 feeding 5V to SU-1 7 or 9 V OpticalRendu Or as an option add another LPS-1.2 to power the OpticalRendu. Using LPS-1.2 (As I happen to have two of them), will isolate devices. The EtherRegen as I understand is more or less immune to everything, and I could even add a LPS-1 or LPS-1.2 to power it. (I also have two LPS-1 available) Will adding the SonicTransporter cause a possible unwanted effect ? If feeding the EtherRegen from the JS-2, with or without a LPS-1, will extra grounding be needed, or is that only when a SMPS is feeding a LPS-1 or LPS1.2, and they are used for powering the EtherRegen ? My Meanwell’s is being feed by power conditioners. Can that (Isotek or Isol) conditioner make the LPS-1.2 not feeding enough juice into my already heavy power draw of 1.1 A ? Very interesting seeing the YouTube video where the Meanwell killing AC noise. Makes me wonder if a Blue Horizon would show up with same results. Or what would happen if you added a conditioner and used the same instrument as in the video. If you have time, I don’t mind a good explanation of what that instrument you are using actually is tells us. Can an oscilloscope be used as an instrument showing the same AC noice ? The reason I’m a bit skeptical to that BH-analyzer is it’s been developed by the same guy creating the Isotek products. And he, Keith, was not able to explain me the difference between the numbers reading in display vs noise level from the internal loudspeaker of that analyzer. The instrument you use Alex is maybe more trustworthy ? There was a guy earlier in this tread asking if anyone have compared powering the Rendu’s with UltraCap PS vs the JS-2. I don’t think he got an answer, so I’m trying again. What I can’t understand is why a Sonore Signature SE (optical or UltraRendu inside), should sound better than the Rendu’s powered by the UltrCap PS. So maybe powering the Rendu’s with JS-2 should on paper equals the Signature version. In any case it’s against my belief to power nice items like the Rendu’s with a ZeroZone power supply or similar when I have the UltraCaps available. (And hopefully a JS-2 later this year). Have there ever been posted measurements of the JS-2 ? Possible to have ? Can that sense output be used to anything else that what it’s meant for ? I also own Isotek Syncro. It claims to “Uniquely removes harmful DC by rebalancing the mains sine wave”. Would I gain anything putting that device upfront the JS-2, or even an isolating transformer I also have.
  11. @barrows Do I have to specify 110 or 230 VAC when ordering ? Or can the power supply be used on both 110 and 230 ?
  12. Sorry, I thought it was the same ZeroZone look a like they are selling now. Didn’t understand this was a new product.
  13. Y-cable powering both oM and UltraRendu. You can test (power draw) by a cheap Y-cable found on dx.com or similar, before you order from Ghentaudio.
  14. How many ? Will you ever sell them ? I understand the current draw from the SFP can vary quite a lot depending on manufacturer chosen. Why ? How much does the quality of the SFP varying or matter ? I think prices of SFP can vary a lot. Does it justifies to make your own SFP ? How much does the network activity affect the current draw, and in general should one expect any benefit having a separate network for audio ? (Can be obtained by firewall SW like ipfire) If I can afford, should I use 10Gb switch upfront in my network, as I should expect these to have better clocks, and hence less “bad” footprint transferred to the EtherRegen ? And, will we see any new produkt this year ? Or maybe I should ask, where in the chain do you see best potential for an improvement these days ? (DAC, Converters, or...?)
  15. Normally you want the best power for the last device, the MicroRendu. Maybe you need a better DC cable and even a new ethernet cable ? it’s a relatively cheap investment.
  16. Would be very interesting to know if you hear any difference if between switching the powers. (If your Vbus isn’t drawing to much).
  17. You forgot option 4, which is both the EtherRegen and the opticalRendu 😀 I guess between a dual OM or one EtherRegen, you’re quite capable to figure out what’s suppose to be best.
  18. Go to HQPlayer thread. It’s a known issue.
  19. Can you remove usb interface and tell us what happen with the OR ? Is this the PS you are using? https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/accessories/products/5v-15v-linear-power-supply-15w?variant=12730870792226 What is attached to USB ? Or is the OR working also now, after your ethernet issues is fixed ?
  20. You do not have to follow Sonore recommendations. (It’s not an approval). Given that the USB specifications states up the 500mA Vbus draw, you could in theory get into problem with any supply where capability is below 1,5 A. Any power supply on the market will state maximum power draw and Voltage out. It’s as easy as that. BUT as probably a majority of USB DAC’s and USB to SPDIF converters draw something from the USB power, you’re highly likely to get into trouble, and for sure Sonore can’t deal with these issues. Also, since manufacturers only following USB specifications, you normally don’t find any information about if or how much Vbus power is used. (I expect the opticalRendu can feed 500mA) This is also why it’s a good idea to follow Sonore recommendations.
  21. Why not use Superdad’s $15 Meanwell as a start before people start experimenting with more expensive power supplies ? Then you also get the ground shunt included as a bonus,
  22. If you’re planning to use the LPS-1 with the opticalRendu, be absolutely sure that Moon 780D isn’t require any Vbus power. You can probably test this out upfront, by blocking usb power between the two devices, unless the DAC user manual is very clear about this. It maybe work with Vbus as well, but you should expect to push the LPS-1 into and over its limits. Anything above 100mA you can forget. Also remember that all previous reports from users before, stats that the LPS-1 and the LPS-1.2 added SQ to any Rendu.
  23. Yes you can, but you need the 90 degree option USPCB 😀
  24. If your DAC doesn’t need Vbus power, your LPS-1.2 will work. Just because it’s not recommended by Sonore, doesn’t mean it won’t work. If this was a huge problem, this tread would be full of people with issues. And it’s not. Remember people is using the LPS-1.2 because it gives better SQ above probably almost any other PS. (Unless you pay a lot more for a very good linear PS).
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