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  1. For us LPS-1 and LPS1.2 users. Why not add a Vbus Power interface in next model 😀 ?
  2. Yes, purchase another PS. 😀 However I’m expecting that @JohnSwenson didn’t design the opticalRedu in a way that lack of power would destroy the OR. Tanks for moving power discussion to another thread. (Putting the LPS vertical seems to help a lot on temperature).
  3. Update. This time the opticalRendu failed without the LPS went into a fail state. Also it wasn’t so hot after vertical placement.
  4. @Superdad or John S. I think we need some clarifications from you or John. I’m pretty sure I’m in the area well above 60 degrees C. Which is well above your ever highest measured temperature. I don’t trust my cheap IR meter when it shows 71 degrees. Also it shows 89 degrees with boiling water. But I’m quite confident we’re in the area above 60 degrees. Anyway no need to discuss temperature, as I think it’s pretty clear I’m at the very edge of either the LPS or OR, or both. However the combination opticalRendu, LPS-1.2 and a 100mA vbus seems to work very well for several hours. So I’m asking myself why does it take so long before the opticalRendu goes into a fail state ? Maybe the high temperature, makes the LPS unstable, even if that’s not showing on the LED ? The OR doesn’t seems to recover itself even is the LPS-1.2 has green light. When switching off the 5V (in my case the SU1), The OR do I think 3 times the following sequence: red, amber, off, and then finally green. Then I can turn on music again. I have said before the LPS had green light even if the OR fails. The last occasion, the LPS had a blinking red light. I will have to monitor these things closely next days. Now I have just turned the LPS vertically hoping that better heat dissipation may help. Further I can switch the two LPS-1.2 I have, as we know there are minors differences between them. And if this doesn’t help, I do have two high current LPS-1 available tested at 1.2 A 😀 @vortecjr If you think I pollute your tread with combination that your website clearly states isn’t supported, please feel free to move this discussion to a new topic.
  5. @Em2016 If you read John S answer to my similar question, you should get a understanding that this will probably work. I will confirm later later today if the FMC I’m testing is working, then it’s highly likely the TP link will work as well.
  6. Yes. You get the SFP only. (Unless you add something more from the menu of cause). So that means you can plug the fiber cable into the OR.
  7. @Superdad I think you use same modified SU1 as I have. Have you tested the opticalRendu feeding it powered by a LPS-1.2 ? Or are you using your JS2 ? As an update to the above, my opticalRendu has now been stable for an hour. Last temperature measurement is 67 C. And can’t hold hands on the LPS-1.2.
  8. @Em2016 Just be aware that the interface/ connection is different between those FMC’s and products using SFT. I expect the correct cable solve that. I just realized myself this evening 😀 (So I will try this one. Will get a used one instead of a new cable).
  9. To those that use Singxer SU1 and power the opticalRendu with LPS-1 or LPS1.2: (I also have separate 5V PS on the SU1 with LPS-1.2) I couldn’t get this work at first try. And I got red light on the opticalRendu. (It shall be green) I disconnect the USB connection, and was then able to see the opticalRendu. ( I knew it’s IP address, as my firewall was able to discover something named “orendu-01EDF6”, so at least I was able to understand that networking probably was ok. Even though http://www.sonicorbiter.com/ didn’t work) I then connected both devices together (both with power on), and it worked. I suppose I’m at the limit of what the LPS-1 or 1.2 can manage. Though I’m not sure if the SU1 draw power from USB, but I suppose it does since this behavior. (Sonore only recommends Uptone LPS-1 and 1.2 if the connected USB device doesn’t use USB power). There is a huge temperature difference (maybe as much as 25 degrees C) between my two LPS-1.2 now. The 5V one isn’t hot at all. The 7V I can only touch for 2 or 3 seconds. Still well within operation range. My cheap DX.com ir meeter says 34,5 C and 54,6 C. The OP is 39.5 C measured underneath in vertical position. OPS. Was just going to post and music stopped and the OR got the red light. Update. Back online again. I forgot to verify the LPS-1.2 light status light. Will report back next time the problem occurs. I assume if power problems, it should been seen there. If not, could I blame the OR ? ....😟
  10. @vortecjr or @JohnSwenson What’s you best guess about this one. I expect it to work, since fiber side is 1000 Mbps, but it has also been said 10/100/1000 types won’t work. https://planetechusa.com/gt-805a-10-100-1000base-t-to-minigbic-sfp-converter/
  11. Mine has arrived here in Oslo 😀
  12. Don’t forget to add this one as well in an updated version 😀
  13. How do I know what’s hot or neutral on the apparatus that gets the 220 VAC ? Is there a rule here that al manufacturers should follow, and if yes, how to verify? I expect what you’re talking about is similar to what is written about here: https://senorc.no/?p=226 (https://translate.google.no/translate?hl=no&sl=no&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fsenorc.no%2F%3Fp%3D226)
  14. There is an extension for Roon that probably does.
  15. @Norton Does it accept wav and aif ? Also that player only support Redbook and not hires. I think the product is a bit out of date.
  16. Great thread. Here is some inspiration about CD: https://darko.audio/2019/04/a-short-film-about-cd-playback-w-hegel-ps-audio-pro-ject/ I just bought myself an old Theta Data Basci ll CD transport. When my Sonore OpticalRendu arrives, I will compare. I suspect streaming will sound best. And a surprise here: https://darko.audio/2019/04/global-feedback-do-you-still-listen-to-cds/
  17. Maybe https://www.bluesound.com/products/node-2i/ ? Or this https://stackaudio.co.uk/link/ A Rendu + a wireless access point, unless you can route a ethernet cable to the Rendu will work. Do you put headphones into the Ifi or the Mac ? Maybe just go active speakers 😀 ?
  18. Sonore products is Roon Ready. And more. They also serve as Roon server. What did you have in mind ?
  19. The Gotham JSSG360 is probably the best.
  20. You can get those as free SW for your laptop 😀
  21. dB Volume fra DSP Mobile https://itunes.apple.com/no/app/db-volume/id457245262?l=nb&mt=8 Probably more useful for most Audiophiles than a multimeter 😀 Also, if you happen to have a clamp on ammeter; put it on your speaker wires. Turn up volume, and have som fun.
  22. Can we have a “do you have a oscilloscope” poll also ? 😂
  23. Not easy this one. It’s the OS, (so must be SW related), and it can be the Rendu’s or only the SonicTransporter’s, or both. Correct Jesus ? I think we have to guess in the direction what what would be nice to have from a well known service, player etc. I think it’s not Netflix support or anything that is multichannel, unless the SonicTransporter has a HMDI interface. (I don’t think mine have, but newer once have) So maybe something like support for: Airplay Chromecast (substitute) AES67 etc....(need hardware?] I hope to see some good suggestions from what people would like to have. What’s missing, or what do similar products have, that Sonore and SMG hasn’t implemented yet.
  24. That’s the way to do it. The possible other option would cost you around $600 😀 But, what haven’t been much talked about yet, is if in order to achieve what you expect, you may need a good power supply.
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