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Audio System

Source internet: Tidal, Qobuz

Library and player: Roon lifetime, 27500 tracks, HAF room correction into Roon. 

Computer HW: SonicTransporter i5 (128GB) for Roon with HQPlayer embedded . (Fanless W10 PC build using http://atechfabrication.com/ parts, where HQPlayer is installed. Not in use),
QNAP 453-P with SSD for music storage. 

Other storage: R2008 with Raid 6 spinning disks.  Jottacloud as backup.


Endpoint : OpticalRendu  powered  Paul Hynes SR4T 

Controller: iPad Pro.

Audio switch: EtherRegen powered by LPS-1.2

USB/SPDIF converters: Modified  Singxer SU-1, powered by LPS-1. 

DAC: Theta Generation VIII S3.

DAC multichannel: Theta Casablanca 4a with 2 x D3 DAC’s 

Amp: Theta Prometheus monoblocks. 

Amp: ATI 8 channel for full Dolby Atmos. 

Speakers: Martin Logan Odyssey

Subs: 2 x B&W ASW 675. 

Nordost Valhalla2 cabling. 

Power conditioning: Isotek Syncro and Vision G2, and  One  Isol-8 

Wireworld power cords. Some Nordost also. 

Other : USPCB between Endpoint and SU-1, Blue Jeans Ethernet cabling / Ghent Audio Ethernet cable/. Ghent Audio DC cables with JSSG. Sbooster Vbus2 (not in use), Audioquest Coffee USB cable (not in use), Theta Complu Blue 3D, Pioneer Kuro 50"



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