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Audio System

Source internet: Tidal, (B&W Society of Sound)

Library and player: Roon lifetime, 27500 tracks, HQPlayer. HAF room correction into Roon. 

Computer HW: SonicTransporter i5 (128GB) for Roon. Fanless W10 PC build using http://atechfabrication.com/ parts, where HQPlayer is installed, QNAP 453-P with SSD for music storage. 

Other storage: R2008 with Raid 6 spinning disks.  Jottacloud as backup. 

Endpoint : UltraRendu  with LPS-1.2    Roon Brigde on PC (for MQA) that feeds

Explorer2 DAC   Some Squeezebox's. ISO REGEN fed by LPS-1 (sometimes)

Controller: iPad Air2.

Audio switch: Cisco SG108D-08 powered by LPS-1.

Other switch Linksys, for the time powered by an iso trafo. (Totally overkill ? )

USB/SPDIF converters: Modified  Singxer SU-1, powered by LPS-1. To be upgraded with LT3045. 

DAC: Theta Generation VIII S3.              Explorer2 for MQA

DAC multichannel: Theta Casablanca 4a with D3 DAC. 

Amp: Theta Prometheus monoblocks. .   (Biamping)

Amp: Hopefully an ATI 8 channel soon for full Dolby Atmos. 

Speakers: Martin Logan Odyssey

Subs: 2 x B&W ASW 675. 

Nordost Valhalla2 cabling. 

Power conditioning: Isotek Syncro and Vision G2, and  One  Isol-8 

Wireworld power cords. Some Nordost also. 

Other : USPCB between Endpoint and SU-1, Blue Jeans Ethernet cabling / Ghent Audio Ethernet cable/. Ghent Audio DC cables with JSSG. Ghent Audio JSSG USB cables, Audioquest Jitterbug (not in use), Sbooster Vbus2 (not in use), Audioquest Coffee USB cable (not in use), Theta Complu Blue 3D, Pioneer Kuro 50"



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