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  1. I'm finding the opposite at the moment. Switched from Euphony to Windows for a month now using the same NUC 8i7 hardware. I find that Windows have more harmonic content which makes the music more real and palpable. PRAT is better too. Euphony has fatter and maybe cleaner sound but i think something is missing in the music. My wife and musician sons agree with me.
  2. Hi Phil, I bought an AO 3.0 upgrade 3 days ago but I did not get the download link. I sent an email to [email protected] but I didn't receive any reply either. Can you help?
  3. Sorry for hijacking this thread. Hi Felipe, Care to share your network (windows) configs for dual PC please? You may drop me PM in order not to further hijack this thread. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I use Equalizer APO software to equalize Tidal streams. Does AO 3.0 supports the sofware? Or since the stream is no longer bit perfect due to equalisation will I benefit from using AO in the first place? I use Windows Server 2019 GUI.
  5. My power supply doesn't even break a sweat at 4.5Ghz 30mins stress test. 😁
  6. Yup, DSD sounds like Vinyl with darker background resulting in more microdynamics. Vinyl wins on PRAT
  7. I have trottled my Nuc8i7 to 800 MHz and disabled Hyperthreading. I dialed the CPU frequency so that my Digital setup sounds nearly as good as my Analog setup. YMMV
  8. Hi, May I know which Apacer model are you using and links where to puchase please? Looking for my NUC8i7BNH. Thanks.
  9. Hi @antonellocaroli, Would it be possible to have a system-wide EQ with Gentooplayer? I ask because I would like to EQ the output of Gentooplayer (MPD, Upnp, Tidal) when listening through my headphones.
  10. Thanks, that did the trick.
  11. I tried to issue the command, however it goes to the viewer. I'm confused. GentooPlayer-64 /home/gp # cpu-governor Available Governors for this CPU/kernel: performance powersave Press "Enter" to continue... Press the "q" key to exit this viewer). L i n u x C P U F r e q C P U F r e q G o v e r n o r s - information for users and developers - Dominik Brodowski <[email protected]> some additions and corrections by Nico Golde <[email protected]> Clock scaling allows you to change the clock speed of the CPUs on the fly. This is a nice method to save battery power, because the lower the clock speed, the less power the CPU consumes. Contents: --------- 1. What is a CPUFreq Governor? 2. Governors In the Linux Kernel 2.1 Performance 2.2 Powersave 2.3 Userspace 2.4 Ondemand 2.5 Conservative 2.6 Interactive 3. The Governor Interface in the CPUfreq Core 1. What Is A CPUFreq Governor? ============================== Most cpufreq drivers (in fact, all except one, longrun) or even most cpu frequency scaling algorithms only offer the CPU to be set to one frequency. In order to offer dynamic frequency scaling, the cpufreq core must be able to tell these drivers of a "target frequency". So these specific drivers will be transformed to offer a "->target" call instead of the existing "->setpolicy" call. For "longrun", all stays the same, though. How to decide what frequency within the CPUfreq policy should be used? That's done using "cpufreq governors". Two are already in this patch -- they're the already existing "powersave" and "performance" which set the frequency statically to the lowest or highest frequency, respectively. At least two more such governors will be ready for addition in the near future, but likely many more as there are various different theories and models about dynamic frequency scaling around. Using such a generic interface as cpufreq offers to scaling governors, these can be tested extensively, and the best one can be selected for each specific use. Basically, it's the following flow graph: CPU can be set to switch independently | CPU can only be set within specific "limits" | to specific frequencies "CPUfreq policy" consists of frequency limits (policy->{min,max}) and CPUfreq governor to be used / \ / \ / the cpufreq governor decides / (dynamically or statically) / what target_freq to set within / the limits of policy->{min,max} / \ / \ Using the ->setpolicy call, Using the ->target call, the limits and the the frequency closest "policy" is set. to target_freq is set. It is assured that it is within policy->{min,max} 2. Governors In the Linux Kernel ================================ 2.1 Performance --------------- The CPUfreq governor "performance" sets the CPU statically to the highest frequency within the borders of scaling_min_freq and scaling_max_freq. 2.2 Powersave ------------- The CPUfreq governor "powersave" sets the CPU statically to the /opt/.gentooplayer/script/governors.txt lines 2-71/237 25%
  12. Hi Antonello, The command has failed as the directory CPU0 was not found.
  13. Hi Antonelli, I'm enjoying the Gentooplayer on my NUC with its increased dynamic contrast as well as better PRAT as compared to Euphony. However I would like to adjust the CPU frequency as I found in Euphony that 2.4Ghz is the sweet spot. I can adjust the frequency on the fly with Euphony. Can this be done with Gentooplayer?
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