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  1. Found that gstp is the player part of Stylus. I have now isolated core 6&7 for it. The result is the a notch in transparency and the presentation became more immediate.
  2. Thanks I see bunch of tasks including 3 Roons, Stylus, nfm and gstp? I plan to isolate only stylus, what is gstp and nfm for?
  3. Sorry, I'm running Roon/Stylus not Roon/Euphony.
  4. I've been playing around different combinations of cpu freq, turbo and hyperthreading for the past 2 days. I found that for my system a fixed frequency of 1.2 Ghz, turbo on is the best (I can't set it lover than 2.1Ghz if it's off). My server is running Roon/Euphony, Intel NUC8I7 in Akasa Turing case, root in RAM. Roon is processing minimal PEQ taps to correct for room modes and 1.2ghz is responsive enough for my ~100K tracks library and Tidal integration. I found that the higher I set the frequency the bigger it sounds but more accurate timber of instruments and voices are more natural at the lower frequencies. I found that if the room modes are uncorrected, the music are slow, boring or dragging with lower cpu frequencies. I would like to experiment on the effect of CPU isolation but I don't know the name of the applications/processes when running Roon/Euphony.
  5. Lukasluis

    HQ Player

    Is the upgrade discount still applicable to existing version 3 licensee? I could not seem to figure out how to apply the discount code at the checkout. I'm looking at purchasing a license for HQPe.
  6. Thanks for the pointing it out. I shall open a support ticket.
  7. Is this feature available on the Trial license. I can't seem to find the option for Ramroot in the Expert settings.
  8. I tried to scan the thread but I can’t seem to find how to load convolution filters to HQPlayerD. Can you point me to the guide please? Is this even possible with Euphony?
  9. I find that the in my system the combination of AL and Euphony gives the best synergy. AL 5.2 BFQ running Roon Server on NUC 8i7BNH Ramroot Enabled, Boot mode-Standard, Priority-Extreme, Scaling Driver-ACPI, Max Frequency, Turbo Off, Hyperthreading Off, RoonDB on Optane memory, LAN Bridged to NUC 7I3BNH, Akasa case, running Euphony-Stylus EP. I find that AL in both machines sounds lean. I have to adjust my DSP and subwoofer settings to have higher bass than my usual room curve to give me the much needed bloom and meat. With Euphony on both machines, I set to my normal room curve but I miss the. Transparency and PRAT of AL. It sounds quite boring. Both OS's have equal stage width and image height with Euphony better on image density. Combining AL and Euphony gives me Bloom, PRAT, transparency, Image Density, better defined Soundstaging and imaging. Both machines are powered by ZEROZONE 19volts Ultra Low Noise LPS and with low latency RAM
  10. I accidentally applied a 12-volt supply to the Sparky -side of the USBridge. I had been using dual power (jumper removed). Do I need to order just the Sparky board or the Bridge may have been also fried 😞 Thanks @ALLOsupport for the quick response on this.
  11. My Sparky is burnt when I accidentally applied 12volts instead of 5volts. The jumper to the Bridge is removed as I was powering them independently. Do I need to order just the Sparky board? 

  12. Thanks for the prompt reply. If I select usb-dac-1.1 will I still be able to use the USBRIDGE with my other DAC which supports up to DSD 256 without switching back to usb-dac-2?
  13. @Allo @ALLOsupportThe Usbridge could not somehow pass the data stream to my Musical Fidelity MS6si on-board DAC. It shows up in Roon it plays in Roon's interface but no sound is produced. I could hear a click in the Dac/amp when the usbridge is booted but could not get it working. I tried different startup combinations - DAC before bridge, Bridge before DAC, but to no avail. I tried connecting an IPad and a Laptop to the same DAC and they played without issues. What could be the issue?
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