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  1. If you too find that downsampling sounds worse than native then we agree. In my use case, where I have multi-format music collection I find that switching my endpoint’s config every time the music format changes is not sane thus I found the compromise in Roon endpoint. DSD vs 16 bit is irrelevant to me as I only retain one copy of each album in my collection. Yes, I deleted a bunch of crap DSD albums too.
  2. Eagerly-awaiting for your testing. Any idea when the new version of Euphony comes out?
  3. I find the opposite, downsampling DSD tracks to Squeezelite 24/96 sounds dead/uninteresting as compared to playing them natively to Roon endpoint.
  4. I have the same config for my headphone rig, squeezelite is a little bit better/clearer for music up to 24/96. Roon endpoint is much better for higher res and DSD format. It looks like downsampling is more detrimental to SQ than buffering in memory?
  5. Has anyone compared the sound signatures of Stylus and Roon 1.7 in a single-box Euphony machine? I find that I like Stylus for Jazz and Classical music and prefer Roon for Rock. I noticed an improvement with Roon after upgrading to 1.7
  6. I changed my Crucial rams in my NUC 8i7beh into these HyperX HX424S14IB2K2/16 Impact... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0722Q3243?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I also turned off all BIOS devices that I don't use including all USB ports except the ones at the back. I am running my NUC fanless using Akasa case. I also removed all usb enhancers/cleaners/reclockers. No SATA/SSD disks installed nor USB-attached HDDs. These changes make quite a big difference in terms of less grunge (more smooth) sound. I also found that I like the back bottom USB port the most.
  7. I hope this feature will be extended to Tidal tracks.
  8. Thanks for working with the Euphony developers in getting these SQ improvements included in the next release.
  9. Yup, even with 100% buffer before play and Ramroot-Enabled, I still see quite a bit of Network and Disk activity around the time when the next track starts. The duration of activity varies on the size of the file being loaded and whether the file is fetched from the NAS or from the local temp drive. I use temp drive for faster loading of tracks.
  10. There is a software update for Roon. Do I need to disable Ramroot first before installing the update?
  11. And inject more noise. I'm using a more than adequate PSU.
  12. The NUC does not support ECC RAM however reducing from 16GB to 8GB (removed 1 8GB-stick) resulted in more smooth presentation. I'm using Kingston HyperX CL14 RAM, RAMROOT-enabled.
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