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    Like new Lumin U1 Network Streamer in silver with original boxes and manual. Shipping and insurance in the US $70. PayPal 3% cover by the buyer.

    4,600.00 USD

  2. Lumin U1 Network Streamer in silver View Classified Like new Lumin U1 Network Streamer in silver with original boxes and manual. Shipping and insurance in the US $70. PayPal 3% cover by the buyer. Seller ysound Date 07/24/20 Price 5,000.00 USD Category Digital to Analog Converters  
  3. Do you know if there is an internal voltage switch that will allow the DAC to operates in 120V? Thanks
  4. For sale in mint condition DAC-S that was custom/upgraded to 16 DAC per channel as opposed to the standard version which only have 12 DAC per channel. Benefits is absolutely dead background and increased transparency. Sounds is really close to my reference DAC, the Metronome C8 which cost 4x more. All-solid-state stand-alone Digital to Analog Converter, Asynchronous Hiface USB interface by M2TECH2 built-in with192kHz/24bit resolution , Asynchronous upsampling working steady at 195kHz/32bit.The AKM DACs see this sample rate at all times, regardless of the input sample rate , 32bit AK4399 DACs by AKM of Japan , 16 per channel , working in special Mono mode (APL) , Lundahl Amorphous Core audio transformers and high-current output buffers , No capacitors on the signal path , No Op Amps , Infrared remote control , DAC – USB 32 bit / 195 kHz DAC chip : 32x Asahi Kasei AK4399, that's 16 DAC per channel upsampling frequencies : 24/192 kHz 4 digital inputs USB audio class 2 (24 bit / 192 kHz) – asynchronous OEM version of M2Tech hiFace 2 Coaxial – RCA (24 bit / 192 kHz) Coaxial – RCA (24 bit / 192 kHz) AES/EBU – XLR (24 bit / 96 kHz) 4 analog outputs left & right RCA (unbalanced) left & right XLR (balanced) PSU built in power supply Specials remote control display output level control High 2.0V or Low 1.0V 435 x 293 x 90 mm 7 Kg
  5. Hi. If it's still available, I'd like to buy it. Thanks
  6. Wonderful DAC in excellent shape, 120V USA version. Asking $3200 plus shipping and PayPal. Posting pictures later. Please check out my other ads and see my feedbacks on Audiogon.
  7. The CR-95C fit perfectly, I mean perfectly with maybe a ml. to spare. Going totally passive and the CPU at full load is only 5 or so degree above ambient.
  8. I have just one 300W, powering 2 SSD, the JCAT USB card and the motherboard. I still have some headroom on it, the CPU is only 80W.
  9. The CAPs v4v is up and running, windows remote desktop working beautifully. First impression regarding the sounds, very forward soundings. Imaging is not well define and soundstage is not there either. Also noticing sibilance in hf. only had 8 hours of playtime with it.
  10. Thanks everyone for their inputs. I was debating which drive to use or both, but since there's some suggestions regarding noises with the 950 Pro I'll likely stick with the 850 Pro but will do A/B with the 2 drives as well. Will play around with RAM Drive too since I have 32GB DDR4 installed. I'm also looking to power the 850 Pro with BPS-02 Connecting this PC with a WireWorld Platinum Starlight 6 USB cable from the JCAT to the Hydra Z and then with a WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 AES/EBU to the Metronome C8. Any improvement I should be aware of in the chain? Merry Christmas
  11. Hello everyone, I'm building my CAPS v4 Pipeline this weekend. Want to know it would be better to run Samsung 950 Pro or 850 Pro. The 950 Pro as you know is running of the PCI-E bus and getting it power from the motherboard where as the 850 Pro is running off the SATA and getting it power directly from the LPSU. My server consist of: HDFlex 300W LPSU Streacom F12C Supermicro X11SSH-F Intel XEON E3-1230 V5 NoFan CR-95C COU cooler 32GB Crucial ECC DDR4 Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD PCI-E Samsung 850 Pro JCAT USB card
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