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  1. Thank You for the info!!! It is most timely (for me) and helpful!!!
  2. Mytek Brooklyn directly into Amplifier (Emotiva XPR 5) vs Brooklyn into Pre/ Pro (Home Theater / Integra - Not a Stereo Pre) ?? Michal told me today that he thinks I will have much better sound quality using Brooklyn DAC going directly into my amp vs through my home theater pre/pro. I have recently been told by many that I will have much better sound if I purchase a stereo pre-amp with a home theater bypass. I think I will go this route sooner than later, but Michal told me that Brooklyn directly into amp would sound much better than that option also, any thoughts?? Who is going Brookky direct to Amp vs. using with a pre-amp?? Thanks
  3. I was going from toss-link 16/44 to mytek from OPPO '95 (CD) to USB from Aurender N100H, probably DSD 64 or 24/96. I did speak to Michal about it today and he suggested trying newest firmware. I will try it.
  4. When switching from Optical to USB , there is a loud static sound only (no music). You have to power down and restart, etc. I wonder if the new update fixes that also?
  5. Thanks for reporting, Does this happen with other interfaces ( switching to/ from optical and USB 24 bit to 16 bit, etc?)
  6. Firedog: Thanks for the info (yet again)! I did feel like Teradak via ebay/ Hong Kong could be a little risky vs. Teddy Pardo, yet it is cheaper and higher amps (4.5A is the most Teddy sells for 12V). I have been emailing directly with him. I am going to look into the HDPlex. I plan on using the Mytek Brooklyn "as is" at first anyhow, but I do suspect that an external LPSU will deliver increased performance and SQ.
  7. Price quote for 12V with maximum Amps (10A to 15A range ) for new Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Please quote reg edition and Silver edition. I am in USA and connector is 2.5 mm Either reply here or email me at [email protected]
  8. This is what I have been considering: Teradak DC12V 13A for NAS Audiophile HiFi DC 200W Linear Power Supply | eBay a Teradak 12V 13A listed as "for NAS or Computer" it is $330 USA including shipping on ebay ( Ships from Hong Kong) Also, another thing I've been looking at is. 12V 4.5A by Teddy Pardo which is $414 US plus shipping.
  9. Thanks Firedog! I will wait a while before a do anything ( at least until I actually get the Brooklyn DAC, lol, I am still awaiting shipment of my 12/4/2014 pre-order!) Most likely if others are reporting increased sound quality and performance via an external LPSU, then I would prob take my changes on "made in China" LPSU like a Teradek or similar as opposed to the 12 V AMG /Charger combo.
  10. Firedog: Thanks for the 12V AMG / CTEK recommendation. Have you tried this combination before? I looked at the AMG batteries and the CTEK charges and it seems a little confusing to me ( What type of cable I would need to go from battery to the Brooklyn, would I also need a battery case, cables from charger to battery, etc). Do you think it is just easier/ better to buy an audio quality external LPSU? If you could point me in the direction of a cable from battery to the Brooklyn that would also be helpful ( I think I read on this thread it is 2.5MM plug)? Also, if anyone else is using this solution, pics would be helpful. Thanks again for everyone's help and input!!
  11. External PSU Info: FYI, I just spoke with Michal and I had a chance to ask him about PSU recommendations. He said that internal PSU is 3A and that if you were to buy an external PSU, it would only benefit performance if it provided much more power than internal. He said 12V would be okay, so long as it was at least 10Amp, and that even more than 10Amp would be better (12V , 14Amp was one suggestion he had). He also recommended that I first by a car battery if I could figure out how to mod it, since it is cheap ($50) and has about 1,000 Amps. Michal said that could possibly be an alternative to an expensive external PSU, but if not, at least a cheap way to test how an external PSU would sound vs the internal before spending the money on an external.
  12. Chris: Please let us know your impressions of the Mytek Brooklyn once you have had a enough time to evaluate! Thanks for your comments in regards to trying to get a loaner from Mytek and Audio Advisor. I have been awaiting shipment information from Michal and I did place a pre-order in early December. Audio Advisor does have a 30 day return policy (must pay for return shipping), so that is an idea I had not thought about, yet a very good suggestion. I suspect that the Mytek Brooklyn I have on pre-order also has a 30 day return policy, (I will have to check). Most of the higher end dealers have gone out of business locally, so it has become difficult to hear and compare things in-person than it used to be. Also thanks for the info on the external power supply, if I ever get and then decide to keep the Mytek Brooklyn, I would definitely look to upgrade to an external power supply. Assuming Michal is still monitoring this forum, could you help recommend specifications for an external PSU that would give the Brooklyn enough power? Thanks again everyone for all the help and information!!
  13. Ted-b: Thanks for your input and information, as only you know, I have the Aurender N100H sitting here (useless at the moment) and plenty of DSD and 24/96 rips, and no way to listen to any of it, so this is obviously frustrating!! I am down to either the Brooklyn DAC or the Vega DAC, so good to know either choice will be compatible with the Aurender (that fact I just learned via your post). My suspicion is that either choice is a good one, but having never heard either personally is what makes this decision so hard ( solely basing the purchase on pro reviews and current CA forum members opinions). Also, the dealer trying to sell me the Vega states firmly that the Vega is in an entirely different league vs. the Brooklyn ( they have heard the Brooklyn at CES) in regards to sound quality/ musicality, but obviously they have a vested interest in that opinion:)
  14. Thanks for your input, I am glad to hear you are enjoying the Brooklyn now! My options are to either wait for Brooklyn or the Vega Deno I can get for $2,400. I also think the new Bryston BDA-3 looks interesting with 6 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out, that would be nice for SACD and Blu-Ray playback via OPPO as transport. I'm sure MQA sounds great, and I also agree what others think does not matter as much as personal experience and preference! For me, the most frustrating is just having this beautiful new Aurender Music Player just sitting here that I have not yet been able to use since I have no DAC:)
  15. I have done nothing yet, I'm still waiting on the waiting list for Brooklyn and still nervous re: continued firmware updates and continued issues being discovered ( which I know comes with the territory if you are an early adopter of any new tech product). Im also concerned about sound quality compared to other DAC's on market in same general price range ( 2,000 up to 3,500) since no pro reviews yet and I've never heard myself. My two friends did hear the Mytek Brooklyn in Las Vegas, CES. Their comments were that the X Mytek 192 ( one of them has one) sounded more warm and musical (they thought the Vega and Chord Hugo and 2Qute sounded more warm and musical too), but that the Brooklyn sounded more " Pro / Studio" than musical ( described as trying to be "too neutral" which ends up being less "musical" / "less warm " , perhaps even too "sterile" if not even on the "bright side". FYI, this is my two friends observations and at busy CES not at home w/ their own systems and only via headphones I think. They also noted to me that neither of them felt like MQA sounded too great and that they thought DSD and / or 24/192 FLAC sounded better to them. Thus they think MQA as a feature may not even be too important. Once again, I have never heard an MQA file, so I have no way to give my own opinion nor make comparisons myself. I know that Michael Lovergna at Audiostream.com said he thought MQA sounded amazing vs. the 16/44 files of same song in the MQA room. Finally, I have a brand new Aurender N100H sitting in my rack collecting dust for 3 weeks as I sit patiently awaiting the Brooklyn which I was told in December by Mytek "all pre-orders would be shipped by the second week of January" ( I do understand, if you pre-order something new, you take the risk of getting it after promised date and with bugs and a lot of firmware updates to come, etc.).
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