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Product Reviews posted by austinpop

  1. The STREAM Performance cables are a big step up from the entry level STONE in the lineup. While sharing all the positives of the STONE, the STREAM significantly opens up the soundstage further, and thereis a noticeable further "deblurring" of transients. This cable is well worth the extra price difference in resolving systems.

  2. I compared the STONE cables relative to the stock Chord BNC cables between the M-Scaler and DAVE. Compared to the stock cables, the STONE cables make a large improvement:

    • spacious soundstage
    • very clean, incisive transients
    • dark tonality (i.e. no harshness)
    • Muscular solidity, especially in the low bass.


    Compared to similarly priced Phasure Blaxius^2, the Stone has more solidity, while the Blaxius^2 has more air, and of course is highly customizable. Both are excellent cables at this price.

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