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  1. No, StylusEP interacts with Roon Core by presenting itself as a Squeezebox endpoint. Roon supports Squeezeboxes (see https://kb.roonlabs.com/Squeezebox_Setup), which at a technical level means it supports the SlimProto protocol. This is different from RAAT.
  2. This is a good point, and a feature I have long wanted. @The Computer Audiophile Does the AS platform allow the option of suppressing not just posts by users on the ignore list, but also posts by any user that quotes the ignored user? I would see it as another checkbox on the Ignore User option. I would greatly appreciate such an option.
  3. I use it. I love it. It's a thing of beauty. Look at the joy a simple screen brings:
  4. Apacer Industrial non-ECC DIMM update I had acquired 2x 4GB Apacer D11.2318FS.04 DDR4 DIMMs from @Nenon's awesome group buy, but had not had a chance to test it out until today. Well - color me impressed. This replaced a HyperX Fury 8GB DIMM, and I had just listened to a test track before powering down the server and swapping DIMMs. Forget burn-in - the improvement is evident in the first note. There is a weight and richness to the music that just wasn't there before. Wow. I'm assuming this only gets better. The only bummer for me is I discovered my mobo has a bum DIMM 'B' slot, which Roy had discovered back when he built the server for himself. I will try a hail mary with a can of compressed air tomorrow, but chances are I will need to just buy an 8GB DIMM, and make do with a single channel. If I do, my 2x 4GB DIMMs will be available to anyone who wants to buy them. Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll let you know. Remember these are not SODIMMs for NUCs, but full-sized DDR4 DIMMs.
  5. Thanks for the pointer to Sylvia’s Carmina with Slatkin/St Louis. It’s lovely. But dammit I was peacefully working here, and this made me go and listen to a bunch of Carmina’s and now ... totus floreo, with no domicella around! 🤓 For the record, the Ozawa/BPO version, with Thomas Hampson and Edita Gruberova, is still my favorite Carmina Burana. http://open.qobuz.com/album/fm0kymmr3f05a
  6. Hi Darry, Thanks for your positive comments. When I first started writing reviews, I was a bit apprehensive about revealing my musical tastes and choices, which are so uniquely personal. I'm glad I overcame that, because the response here - to my identifying the music I used and my sharing of playlists - has been overwhelmingly positive. Enjoying the music that moves us is ultimately what this shared passion of ours is all about.
  7. Hi George, I see from my emails overnight you found me in your system and took care of this. Thanks very much for your prompt attention!
  8. Yes, I really love these eClassical sales. I bought the Brautigam yesterday, but be warned - I ran into a glitch where the order didn't get attached to my account. I am still awaiting a response from support (after 48 hours) and have not heard anything. Troubling if this becomes a pattern with them. Perhaps @bissie can help get this resolved?
  9. Hi Bob, At this price, it's a worthy addition. However, there are a lot of excellent Mahler 4th's, and many strong opinions. I can only give you my personal top 2: Chicago Symphony, Sir Georg Solti conductor, Kiri Te Kanawa (soprano). It's Redbook only, and is on Qobuz as part of this anthology: https://open.qobuz.com/album/0002894308042 San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson-Thomas - sadly not on streaming. I have the SACD ripped to DSF. Other good versions to check out on streaming: Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra: https://open.qobuz.com/album/0723385261094 Vladimir Jurowski, London Philharmonic: https://open.qobuz.com/album/bf3o4p67pf3fa
  10. Osmo's back! Great recording, but performance shares that emotionally reserved character of all of Osmo's Mahler recordings. Great intro price at eClassical: https://www.eclassical.com/conductors/vanska-osmo/mahler-symphony-no4.html
  11. It takes a lot for a recording of Mahler 8 to displace my favorite Solti/Chicago, but this all-Polish gem from Antoni Wit on Naxos may be the ONE. And an outstanding 24/96 recording to boot.
  12. ASR can blather to their hearts content, because what ultimately matters is this first sentence in Alex’s blog post: Over 750 units ordered since mid-October.
  13. @David Craff @dmackta Gents, is there any possibility of adding the Linn Records label to the Qobuz catalog?
  14. Thanks for reminding me. Yes, this is one of my favorites too. I really wish Qobuz could land the Linn label in its catalog.
  15. Even with 100% pre-buffering, the switch still has an effect - at least with the SOtM.
  16. I've asked about this and was told that Euphony are very mindful of preserving copyright and preventing piracy of streamed content. So while there is still RAM buffering of Tidal and Qobuz streams, you can't pre-buffer an entire queue of tracks as you can with local content. Still, in my experience, with the per-track buffering as implemented, the SQ of an identical track on Qobuz is about as close to local as I have ever achieved in my system.
  17. Haïm is my favorite Mesiah too, but I too love this new Savall for reasons similar to yours. Another one I like - because everything they do is always so good - is the version by William Christie and Les Arts Florissants.
  18. All credit goes to Željko - he came up with this one himself!
  19. Bingo. That’s what this new feature is solving. It’s extending the idea of “Buffer before play=100%” to a set of tracks. It’s a nice SQ lift.
  20. Indeed, this is what drove the idea. You’ll recall my earlier experiments where I’d prime a queue of tracks, hit play and then pause for the background buffering to happen. This only moved music from its original location to the E_CACHE directory in the /data partition, which is still on the Optane SSD even in RAMROOT. With this new feature, files are actually copied into RAMdisk (technically /tmp I believe), so once buffered this way, you can observe that there is almost no disk or network I/O. I hope people are using the disk and network monitors, by clicking on the word Registered and the build number respectively at the bottom right of the UI?
  21. Obviously, the algorithm only buffers what will fit in available RAM disk. There is a visual indicator - a blue fill in the info icon next to every track - that indicates if a track was buffered. Whether the buffering benefit of adding more RAM outweighs the potential loss of SQ due to more noise is something people need to play with.
  22. A couple of excellent features are coming to Euphony/Stylus. One that I have been beta testing is a UI option in the Queue view to buffer all tracks in the queue from the current track on. This makes a noticeable impact on SQ, as you can wait for all tracks to be in RAM before playing the list. The other feature that looks promising is the ability to direct Stylus output to a UPnP renderer. I wish I had had this when I had the dCS Bartók review unit. i gather the Euphony folk are busy working on the launch of a new product - their Essentia server, but no details are known yet.
  23. G’day @Bricki Exciting report! I received my non-ECC Apacer DIMMs from @Nenon’s group buy for my server a few days ago, but have not had the time to do the swap. Now I’m motivated!
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