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  1. I guess the confusion must be from the use of the Jaeger connector. Since @Exocerbought these cables from me with Jaeger terminators well before the build was complete, it look like Stephen was able to accommodate the use of Jaeger output connectors on the back panel rather than the standard XLR that the non-DR standard units normally use. Am I right, Rob?
  2. I thought it was time to provide an update since my last post above. A big change recently occurred in my setup that allowed me to take an important step toward simplifying my admittedly baroque network chain. To recap, my current switch chain for the last few months, since my purchase of an Extreme, has been: router > Uptone eR (ref clocked) > SOtM dCBL-Cat7 cable > modded Buffalo 2016 > Planet Tech SFP > SOtM sNH-10G (ref clocked)> Sablon 2020 cable > Extreme All 3 switches powered by individual 12V rails from SR-7 DRXL PSU eR and sNH-10G reference c
  3. I suspect you might be surprised, but it’s your call. Good luck with your next steps!
  4. @ASRMichaeli have no association, or control over, this thread. Perhaps the OP or @The Computer Audiophileare the ones to ask.
  5. Yeah check for Naxos sales on Presto, Qobuz, and eClassical. The selection and price is usually better.
  6. This previous thread has a lot of good recommendations. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/58788-naxos-catalogue-at-half-price-on-qobuz/
  7. Hi Jorge, Wow, that is a convoluted chain, and this coming from a (reformed) spaghetti lover. 🙂 Why not replace this entire chain: oM <SFP> eR <RJ45> uR <USB> iR, plus 4 PSUs feeding these, with an Innuos Phoenix? So you'd have: Router< RJ45 >oM <SFP> Buffalo 2016 <RJ45> Zen MKIII <USB> Phoenix <USB> DAC. Use good LPS's on the Router, oM, and Buffalo 2016. When you compare the costs, don't forget to factor in the fewer power cables and fewer Ethernet cables.
  8. Hadn't listened to this in a while. Just wow!
  9. An elegant, rather than raucous, performance of the 9th. Excellent!
  10. An outstanding rendition of the Concierto de Aranjuez with a French sensibility.
  11. Peter, I can still edit the OP of the novel thread. Perhaps the difference is that I am also the Topic Moderator. I don’t know whether OP’s automatically become topic moderators. I thought they did, but perhaps Chris does this as a separate step?
  12. Chris, did we lose the ability to search for users in the latest update? I don’t mean a regular search filtered by user. Rather, a search for a specific username.
  13. Btw, on iPhone screens, your long user handle is obscuring your reputation score.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation @AnotherSpin! Truly wonderful.
  15. Yes, the min frequency setting really does not get used by the Euphony OS. This is by design. Željko can confirm. Euphony OS runs with the CPU governor set to "performance." See https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CPU_frequency_scaling This causes the CPU to run at the "max frequency" all the time. The reason this does not cause CPU temps to rise is because on native sample rate server/renderers on Euphony, the CPU is mostly idle. When a core goes idle, it enters into a halted state (C-state). This is an extremely low energy state.
  16. Just can’t get enough of this collection. There are so many Beethoven cycles out there, yet I love what Savall has brought to these performances.
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