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As a passionate computer audiophile, I am very clear about my audio objectives. It is to engage my love for music in the deepest and most satisfying way I can afford.


In real life, I am a consultant in the computer industry, having retired from a corporate career as a technologist and executive. I have "a special set of skills" that help me bring perspective to this hobby. No, they do not involve kicking criminal ass in exotic foreign locales! My area of expertise is the performance and scalability of distributed computing systems, so tuning and optimization is in my blood. I am a huge proponent of the scientific method and robust experimental design. That said, I trust my ears, and they are always the final arbiter in my decisions. I do not need every audio effect to be measurable, as long as it is consistently audible.


Finally, I believe in honesty, civility and community, and this is what I try to bring to my interactions on CA.



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