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  1. Rajiv, I want to thank you for your excellent review of the Phoenix USB Re-clocker. As a audio enthusiast that exclusively utilizes a digital front end, and owner of a Zenith SE, i appreciate all your efforts to research, evaluate and so professionally and eloquently describe the results of your findings.


    I am currently evaluating a Phoenix re-clocker as well. I thus far have reached similar conclusions to those you have expressed. I can not overstate the value of having a clean one-box solution that performs at this level. It's a game changer. 


    That said, I am curious about your experience with various USB and Ethernet cables. I noticed in your chain that you are using Sabalon USB and SoTM Ethernet cables. Have you found them to be the best that you have tested thus far? Have you tested the new INTONA USB cables (Reference etc). Also do Ethernet cables have a significant impact on SQ? I should describe my chain and ask where you think I would gain the greatest improvement in SQ by virtue of an upgrade. The chain is simple: FIOS 1100n router (I gb internet), Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable, UpTone Audio Etheregen, Cable Matters Ethernet cable to Innuos Zenith SE. The Zenith is connected to the Phoenix by a Lush2 USB cable and the last connection is a Curious USB to my DAC. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on improving any of the components in the chain. Thanks in advance for your expert advice. Stay safe. ALLDIGITAL

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