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  1. Well April is here. I realize that April is still 30 days long but I am pretty much done with KEF for encouraging buyers with the Roon Ready "Coming Soon" marketing. I contacted the vendor that I purchased from and they have agreed to take my speakers back with a 10% restock and just $12 for shipping the two heavy speakers and the KEF stands. I am way past the company standard return policy and I would have lost a LOT more money if I tried to sell them. Two reasons prompted my decision. First, the vaporware marketing by KEF. It has been over 6 months since their Roon "C
  2. KEF's UK and HK web pages now say that Roon Ready is coming in April, instead of just saying "Coming Soon". The US page still says "Coming Soon." Family first?
  3. I went to the update menu and chose Roon. When I initiated the update there was an immediate reply that my "audio applications had been updated" but there was no installation that happened. In Roon the version on my NUC shows 1.7 build 571. Is that correct and the most current?
  4. Yesterday I updated all of my devices to Roon 1.8. My Audiolinux endpoint still shows in Roon as being version 1.7 and “Up to Date”. Does anyone know if there a Linux update to 1.8 and if so, should I just go into the Audiolinux menu on the endpoint and manually run the update? Thanks! Paul
  5. Weird. I had to do the opposite of what Roon's last email suggested. I let the updates run on my Core and PC. I then got a prompt to update my IOS app through a link other than the App Store icon on my phone. Seems to work now. My Audiolinux endpoint still shows 1.7 and says that it is current. Is that correct or do I need to go into the endpoint and update manually via the menu?
  6. I am on the East Coast but the IOS app update does not show on my iPhone 11. I went into my desktop Roon app to look at the version and the download started automatically. They did not finish, giving an error. Luckily the 1.7 version still works. I tried going to the Roon Community Forum but I am getting a 503 error. They must be having a bad day?
  7. I have been following the impending 1.8 version update progress. It was announced that today was release day. In an email announcement Roon suggested updating your IOS devices first. In the Roon Community forum one of the mods said that they would not release the desktop/server software before Apple released their IOS app update. I have not seen the IOS update but I just logged in to Roon and it started to download an update. It failed but Roon appears to still work still bringing up the old version. The Roon Community Forum seems to be down, giving a "502 Bad Gateway e
  8. Encouraging(somewhat) news from the Roon KEF Community forum regarding Roon Ready status of the LS50W Mk2's. Posted by a KEF employee in response to a long, testy, and anxiety ridden thread of Mk2 owners and fellow audiophiliacs warily considering a purchase. "Firstly - just want to confirm that there is no need for any hardware updates - we chose the internals in part for Roon Ready implementation. So there is no need to worry there - seems like a dealer misspoke and meant to say firmware. In regards to how far down the path we are - we’re getting close. Seems like we’re in t
  9. I thought that I would give an update on my KEF LS50 Mk2's. The good news is that they do sound very good. They have different qualities than the previous system that they replaced (Yggdrasil/Linear Tube Audio/ Omega Audio). They are very clear with good detail but not as "spooky" clear as the previous system. They are a bit more dynamic and have a broader sound stage. Since they replaced a lot of expensive separates and yards of cable they are a great value. I do still have a pair of SVS subs connected to them. I am using the coax input from my original front end which
  10. Did you ever get your problem resolved?
  11. I would like to update progress with my new LS50W Mk2's. I will not go down the Roon Ready rabbit hole except to say that Roon and Kef have really dropped the ball here. KEF should remove their marketing wording until the end is in sight. I love these speakers. I replaced a DAC, pre and amp, and a pair of crossoverless Alnico towers. I kept my front end and two SVS SB2000 subs. My front end is an Intel NUC running Audiolinux with USB out to a Mutec +3 USB with coax out to the speakers. A Mutec REF10 clocks the Mutec USB and an EtherRegen. Most pieces powered by HDPlex linear suppli
  12. Actually I was referring to the cable that connects your primary and secondary speakers. Also you might try doing a factory reset.
  13. Perhaps it is losing it's connection to the primary. Is it connected wirelessly or wired? If wired then perhaps try a new cable?
  14. Sounds like a power supply or protection circuitry issue, especially if it literally reboots with all lights going off as opposed to just dropping signal for a moment. I would definitely give KEF a call. Good luck!
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