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  1. We started out with many posts for great tweaks that were not necessarily expensive and nearly always remarkably useful. It was Spring Time! The thread has definitely moved in a new direction. I would liken it to our space program. It can be argued that the program has produced many discoveries that have trickled down to help tax payers in everyday life but it is very, very expensive. Perhaps that will eventually happen again here... You may need to look at either earlier posts in the thread or at some of Chris's seminal posts for dedicated audio PC's. Those servers wer
  2. Assuming that you own an ER. Have you had any problems related to heat with your own unit?
  3. Thanks for the link. Blue Jean Cables got back to me and confirmed true 75 ohm Canare BNC plugs.
  4. Thanks. I have an email in to BJ Cables asking about the connectors that they use...
  5. Hi. I use a Mutec REF10. Would you mind saying where you bought your clock cable for your ER and what it cost? Blue Jeans has a Canare LV-77S built cable at a very good price($18) but other "Pro" shops sell them for well over $100. Very marked up! Do your cables have true 75 ohm BNC connectors? Thanks!
  6. Supra, Wire World Ultraviolet, AudioQuest Cinnamon, Blue Jeans USB. Mostly "bang-for-the-buck" cables. All that I can really say is that I like it in my system and that it sounds better to me than those that preceded it. It is easily possible that other wire used in their configuration might sound better. To be honest I have stepped off of the treadmill for a while and am mostly just doing listening.
  7. I tried the Ghent ethernet cable last year to use between my endpoint and ER. To be honest I probably did not leave it in long enough to break in. I pulled it out rather quickly and used it upstream to put some hours on it. I have not retried it yet. More to the point. I found it to be remarkably stiff and thick especially in a short length, so much so that I could only use it by turning my ER upside down with a very heavy weight on it. It was a bit like the tail wagging the dog. I recommend either not buying a very short length or else specifying connector types and orientation th
  8. It has been a while but I believe that I ran AO first and then ran it once more to enable the shell replacement.
  9. Good to hear. It could be that my 10 year old Pioneer Elite Plasma TV and older streaming devices(Apple TV and Roku) are not current enough to benefit. And that my audio system is pretty revealing. The nice thing about this thread is that we honor subjective appraisals! Thanks for the report!
  10. When I listen to music I do not have my TV or streaming boxes powered on. I think that the issue probably comes from grounding pollution. My audio system is basically all using one unfiltered power strip connected to AC through an isolation transformer. When I plug other devices from my "dirty" side into the ER "A" side along with my audio server it probably still adds noise or introduces additional ground currents. This is just a theory or guess. All I know is that in my system and with my own ears when I plug in these other devices to the ER it degrades the sound. Giv
  11. I tried it both ways and decided that having other equipment connected through the "A" side other than just the direct connection to my music server degraded the sound noticeably, probably due to polluting the server. For a while I would unplug the other devices from the ER when listening to music but that was a pain. Since I did not really note an improvement in my video and video sound anyway I plugged those connections back into the small upstream 8 port Cisco switch which was common to all. A fiber LAN connection to the ER with only my music server on the "A" side would probably be best bu
  12. I am pretty sure that I used a part number that someone had posted here that seemed likely to work with my 3 year old system board that uses older DDR3 non-ECC memory. It does work without any issues however I cannot say that it improved sound quality in a noticeable way.
  13. I was able to find Apacer memory on eBay that worked for one of my endpoints and also my music server, both of which use the same system board. These were pulls but have run perfectly for months and were MUCH cheaper than any of the sources for new stock.
  14. Sorry. I guess that I was projecting. I thought that you were defending against my idea that there was not much innovation on AS these days. I sincerely apologize. I have too much time at home with my keyboard.
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