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  1. @kropka235, what power supply did you use? also, could you provide more details on the capacitors (values, type and where they go) also a wiring diagram would be great. thanks mdr
  2. I “run” Roon core on an old Synology 1813+ with just spinner hard drives. It works, albeit slow; move from one song to another, dsp changes, etc. but for just playing music it works. What other hardware do you have?
  3. Roon needs a computer of some sort. But you can use Volumio to find the music attached to your network. But that would depend on your routers abilities.
  4. I guess I have to wait for the “Audiofile Pi” before I make an enclosure for the Shanti, digione sig. Gives me more time to enjoy the current setup.
  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles, I just received the Shanti from a company in Canada http://buyapi.ca/. it only took a couple of days to get to Brooklyn. So far plugged it in and it's working great. Good luck. mdr
  6. What were the differences that you heard between the stock shanti and your mods?
  7. Could you share your regulated filtered setup? thanks.
  8. Bilboalaska, I'll take them if your gonna dump them.
  9. El Capitan. problems started out of the blue.
  10. Happens in native Tidal App. Unless A+ put a problematic audio ktext or other such file in the system, it seems to be a problem with Tidal. In the Tidal app (mac ) when I start in Exclusive mode ,force volume, it plays CD quality well, however when I select a Masters file it distorts. No other app is running. Machine was shut down and restarted. The only time it doesn’t sound distorted is when I have Exclusive mode turned off. However the DAC doesn’t change bitrates. In AudioMidi setup I’ve set it to 192/32, 44/16 etc nothing helps All local files play properly and switch bitrate.
  11. Well, Tidal is pointing fingers at A+ " TIDAL Support [DanielON] (TIDAL) May 31, 8:30 AM EDT Hello Michael Thank you for the additional information. After further research, there currently seems to be a problem with the way Audirvana processes MQA files. Please reach out to Audirvana for further directions how to correct the issue. Best Regards, Daniel - Technical Support Specialist TIDAL Member Support" I'll have to recheck, but I think I was having the same problem in native Tidal app. But playing songs through Tidal app sounded "fuller" regardless.
  12. Thanks, Did all of that. Ended up wiping the hard drive, reinstalling os, Tidal, A+. Nadda no difference. The problem must be with Tidal, they must have changed the way they are tagging the bitrate. It just happened a week or so ago. Like I said earlier all local files play perfectly and change bitrate properly. Also sometimes the end of the song will stop short and there will be a loud buzzing. I've been in touch with Tidal, but nothing has been resolved. Upside, I'm listening to my record,collection again
  13. Well, local files play properly. The issue seems to be with tidal and A+
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