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  1. anyone use the new shunyata research venom digital v14 with nr filters? Ive been told this in only for computer devices. Like a network server, not for dacs, ht processors? musicguy
  2. Im sure plenty of people here have big dollar power devices. But what about the new Ifi Powerstation. Anyone have one yet? musicguy
  3. What recall? For the ifi ac purifier or the new power station? What cable to you use to use the ground on a ac purifier? None of mine came with a grounding cable. music guy
  4. I tried the iso Regen with every cable i own. Cheap to the most expensive. No matter what cable i used. It was better with the isoregen but dont forget im using the lps 1.2 with it musicguy.
  5. So, from what i understand is gen 5 isnt true isolation? It uses a transformer type device. So that what makes isoregen special. They use an actual chipset. go to isoregen post. Im not here not to discredit anyones topology its just how they do it for perfomance and dollars. All I know is iso regen is the best ive heard. I own it and the lps1.2. And I know Uptone wont like this statement but Its my dollars. If I didnt here an improvement. I would have sent it back. And that why they offer 30 days. Its the norm nowaday? But, man, its works. I even bought the cheapest usb cable i could find if its works. Really? who does this? The isoregen is so revealing.!! Its that good. it give a listen view of all my usb cables. cheap to awesome!!!! So, I think we all need to look at your whole package. Until it enters the dac. its matters!! let me make this statement. until 2000 We didnt even matter. There was little computer audio. I have 3 2000 dallors plus cd players. they are still important. they still beat a pc, a basic mac mini. But my Uptone mac mini, isoregen. usb blackcat cable NO they dont, its been 15 years since a computer out did my cd players. enough said!! musicguy
  6. @AnotherSpin From what i understand, Uptone says the isoregen is a whole new beast. Maybe Alex can chime in. Ive never heard the original regen. I did an isoregen vs no isoregen. I used a eitr with coxial, which i know is a different signal path, but then i would swap everything, I would put the isoregen on the eitr and the usb direct to the gen 5 gumby. The isoregen always won no matter what it was put on. Even a Gustard U12. Gustard U12-isoregen vs usb straight Gen 5 = Winner was isoregen Gustard. Now I will say that the iso regen and the lps1.2 really let me hear differences in usb cable. I mean The signal going into the isoregen really mattered for the first time. Before I thought most of my usb cables were more similar than different. Now? I hear a much bigger difference in sound quality, fullness, imaging, depth, and such. Most of my closed sounding headphones now sound Like they are out of my head. Just my .02 cents musicguy
  7. 7 cables, gen 5 gumby. Uptone mac mini-blackcat coppertone usb- isoregen/lps1.2- 4 different headphone amps. 5 different headphones. (I work nights so its really hard on the weekends to listen to my big stereo, up at nights) By far, my new Blackcat coppertone usb cable beats all my other cables by a huge margin. Second would be Blackcats silverstar usb. I wont even give a third because they are so far below the blackcat cables i wont even use them now. But the Blackcat coppertone usb is such a huge step up. I would problably have to spend double if not more to beat it. The improvements im hearing in my music now is amazing! Plus the new uptone mac mini project was a major step up also. This is the first time in my life i have really enjoy computer audio. Before it was just for back ground music while reading on the pc. Now!! I have probably one of the best front ends i have ever heard. I plan on building a second system for my 2 channel. musicguy
  8. So For all who did recommend a cable thank you. I looked at many cable this last week. Lush, curios, more AQ stuff and listened to my current cables again. After being so impressed with Blackcat silverstar usb. I ordered Blackcat's Coppertone. I normally dont like to post what i think till a usb cable has at least 50 hours maybe more? But if anyone wants a 150-200 dollar budget range. This coppertone is amazing. I know I havn''t heard the other cables recommended but I cant afford to try out every cable suggested. So far this coppertone is musical, very musical, full bodied. NO harshness detected at all. Normally thats what i here with a new silver type digital cable. Then it smooths out. The instrument separation is very good. like the instruments are separate but they also have their own air and space around them. With that statement sound-stage is real sounding. Not artificial. I have some live recordings and before they sounded compressed. Now you can till where they are on the stage-"more" Left right, depth. Thats what i hear so far. I have 5 songs i have been using for 15 years to test out cables. Today I think i got something new from these songs. musicguy
  9. @kumakuma so you have no cables? nothing you thought sounded better or worst. trust me. Im not after cables. im after music. I want to hear harmonics, air , space. Thats what im after at! musicguy
  10. Its not about science. its about what something that connects to your soul your heart. Maybe i should re-post? cables that made your heart say go wow?? Im not in this for the science, Im in this for my heart and the Wow factor. I dont care if its unicorn dust!! I just want hear "WOW" musicguy
  11. @kumakuma Me too. Thats why i love mozart. Whats your usb cable. Does it make you say wow?
  12. So I have a question, to all who thinks it just science?? Have any of you ever? Ever just found a cable that made your say WOW? That's What im getting here!! musicguy.
  13. So, Its been 2 days!! I know this is an older model of blackcat cables. Silverstar usb. But everyday i come home and listen. HOLY Schi--t!! I put my AQ back in and cant handle it. So today. Its like i dont even have a cable hooked up. I know people say a veil is lifted. I get it now. I play guitar. So if you play against a metronome. You know what rhythm is and pace is. This cable is fast. Every other cable i have doesnt have pace. Its timing, it feel, its what you feel when your a musician. This cable has it. nothing seems like its bland, falling behind. I know this is just my opinion. But any of you who want to tell me science is all that matters. What does your heart tell you for what you enjoy , Maybe you should measure feelings, your groove. This blackcat, has transform my passion for computer audio. Up till 1 year ago, i hated usb audio. Today, I love having 5000 songs at my finger tips!! musicguy
  14. So I have a week on my isoregen?lps1.2. Holy cow!! Even with headphones the soundstage opened up a lot. Im building another mac mini?uptone for my 2 channel. I cant wait. musicguy
  15. So Im the OP of this post. I know this post has turned into a super hi jacked post. So, I got my blackcat silverstar usb. This was what i was looking for. This cable sounds better than my AQ cinnamon. The bass is way more fuller stronger. The air and treble seem balanced. The rhythm and pace of the music has that groove that makes you tap your foot. I know there are people here who think im crazy. But Not all cables make me get into the groove. This cable does. way more than my other cables. This is only day two of this cable. I hope with none stop playing it gets better. musicguy.
  16. Thank you for everyone helps. Look like a normal wired usb cable then. music guy
  17. @jcn3 I get what your saying. But if im powering it by the lps 1.2 does it need the usb 5 volt signal. NO one has answered this. Thats 2 pwer supplies. so is the 5 volts a signal input now?? musicguy
  18. @kumakuma I dont belive in dollars. Look at blackcat silverstar, coppertone, AQ cinnamon, belkin. These are cables that get rave reviews for the dollars. Even pangea cables offer a great amount of improvement for low dollars. I want to know what peoples ears are saying. musicguy
  19. @Summit could you discribe what you heard with each cable? I know everybody has different levels of systems. But? Love to hear what you have to say!! musicguy
  20. So You guys have been blowing up my gmail all day. So If usb cables dont make a difference , Then why do s/pidf cables do? its sill digital. I really dont care about the technology of a cable or source material.. I dont care if it made out of unicorn dust. I m just looking for a cable that just made your say "WOW" musicguy
  21. When i listen to hd tracks, they seem more balanced than my ripped cds. just saying musicguy
  22. I would like to buy a data only cable for my isoregen. Made by j maxwell. musicguy
  23. OOPS, So sorry, Im powering the isoregen by the fantastic lps 1.2. Musicguy
  24. So I have a question about cd drives? I ripped alot of my music on a hp. With its own cd drive. Could a stock hp drive ripped my music with the left channel louder than the right? I feel some of my music is biased toward the left. musicguy
  25. Question about the 5 volts input on isoregen. If i tape over the output on my mac mini to isoregen. Does this shut the 5 volts off on the isoregen output? My eitr needs 5volts input, but can i shut down the 5v out of mac mini and the isoregen make it on its own, and I leave the a/b connector on? I would love to get rid of the 5 volts in my usb cable. mac mini 5volts off - isoregen makes 5volts output to eitr- a/b connector on- eitr - dac still works? musicguy
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