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Audio System

Main setup


LightningDS with Tidal1462388401714on iPad Mini 4 or iPhone SE »wifi» 150cm Ghent Audio ET02> Technicolor TG389ac fiber router> Voltcraft FPS-1134 floating LPSU> with SD-HPULN bridged in series (1.5A/13V>1.5A/12V)> Naim Music Line powerdistributor> Peaktech 2240 isolation transformer> ATL Hi-Fi DC Blocker Trap Filter


»wifi» TP-Link RE650 (wireless adapter/bridge)> 50cm Ghent Audio ET02> AQVOX switch-8> Gophert cps-3205II> MS-HPULN> Uptone Audio LPS-1.2


(from Aqvox switch) 15cm Ghent Audio ET02> Auralic Aries Mini> Gophert cps-3205II > LT3045> LS-HPULN i> ATL Hi-Fi 8 conductor starquad USB cable with JSSG


Balanced and floating 230-15VAC ps> Sigma 11 (S12 discrete voltage regulator) with>MS-HPULN> LT3045> Uptone Audio ISO Regen> Uptone Audio USPCB> Luckit BluWave USB to Spdif converter> Gophert csp-3205II (9v/5.1A max)> MS-HPULN (12v/3A)> LT3045 >1 cm Gotham Audio GAC-1 Pro> Mytek Brooklyn DAC1462388401714> Balanced and isolated 230-12VAC ps with ATL starquad AC mains cable and silver plated OCC wires w/Kemet A750 at each end with LS-HPULN (5A) in series (12VDC out)


AC mains power chain:

In-line ATL Hi-Fi DC blocker trap filter with DH-Labs Silver Sonic Power Power Plus & Furutech FI-E38 + FI-28> ATL Hi-Fi 200VA balanced  isolation transformer> ATL Hi-Fi starquad & star-earth wired power distributor



1. DC negative outputs of Gophert feeding LPS-1.2 (powering Aqvox switch) & Aqvox switch GND screw connected to a Entreq Minimus grounding box. 

2. DC negative output of Voltcraft FPS-1134 connected to Aucharm grounding box.



Fostex TH900 with Forza Audioworks Noir Hybrid HPC MK2 with dual Furutech 6.3mm plugs (balanced) and real sheepskin earpads.


Speaker chain:

Transparent MusicLink XLR speaker cables> Gibson Les Paul 8 reference monitorsAtacama SL 400i speakers stands on IKEA bamboo butcher boards



Ariston RD40 with Ariston Enigma tonearm (Jelco SA-57WH), Denon DL-103 cartridge with ISOkinetik 8g cartridge stabilizer, ISOkinetik 144g ISOweight, Vibro-Stopper platter mat, Zenn Audio Record Mat, Akiko Audio turntable tuning chips, Audioplan Sicomin Damp Clamp, Linn LP12 rubber feets, sorbothane discs, QED Performance Audio 40 tonearm RCA cables and Dyson Audio silver/teflon ground wire.


Not specified accessories & tweaks:

- 1pc AHP DII-E27 20A & 1 pcs AHP DII-E27 diazed gold fuses (main braker panel)

- Lourens Fisher Hifistep III equipment stand

- Audioplan Sicomin base (main router isolation)

- 18 pcs Entreq Cat Foot´s

- 2 pcs Entreq AC Wraps (Gibson Le Paul 8 power cords)

- 2 pcs Entreq Mini Wraps (wrapped around LT3045 in series)

- AHP gold tuning fuses 5x20mm

- EMI foam

- 2 pcs lab-lifting platforms for IEC and Schuko plug vibration support under the Entreq AC wraps.

- 1 pcs LT3045 12v/1A board

- Hosa GLT-255 XLR ground lifters

- Supra starquad XLR cable 

- QED Reference Audio Evolution XLR cable

- 10 pcs KEMET A750MS567M1EAAE015 aluminium polymer caps (25VDC/560uF/ESR 15 mOhm)

- 10 pcs PANASONIC FC series Type A aluminium electrolytic caps (25VDC/560uF)

- Various DC cables: Dual Supra DAC (started to shift toward these), Ghent starquad JSSG, Canare 4S6 & 1mm Vanguard silver plated wires.

- Various AC cables: Mainly ATL starquad cables but also Intelligent Sound Master Reference Studio 880 with Furutech FI-E35 + FI-25 (2x4 conductor starquad) & DH-Labs Silver Sonic Power Power Plus


Coming upgrades:

- 1 pc 150cm Ghent Audio ET02 (between fiber ethernet wall outlet to main router)

- Battery-powered 2A LT3045 board


Portable setups


On the go: iPhone SE 32GB with Tidal or Bandcamp> Audioquest Dragonfly v1.51462388401714> Sony XBA-N3AP in-ears or Bang & Olufsen H8

In the car: iPhone SE 32GB with Tidal or Bandcamp>Apple lightning camera adapter> Audioquest Dragonfly v1.51462388401714

In the bathroom: Audio Pro Addon T3> ChromeCast Audio (powered by Addon T3)

In the kitchen (& on the go): Marshall Stockwell with flip-cover> ChromeCast Audio (powered by Stockwell)


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