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  1. I totally agree with @MikeyFresh. It is almost impossible to give the advices that @mikey8811 was looking for. No one have compared all these DC cables. Even if someone did it might not suit your specific system. It is rather a trial an error to find out yourself. Something that will change over time when your setup is more optimized as well. There are certain things to consider with metals though. In general higher silver content will give you a brighter sound. Higher copper or gold content a warmer sound. Personally I prefer silver plated copper as an all-rounder, which sort of gives a mix of both worlds. Optimal is to use pure silver on - and gold plated silver on + in my book. IME JSSG gives a more full and transparent sound, but IMO the optimal way is to use short length wires (<10cm) with pure silver for - and gold plated silver for +. JSSG only if the length needs to be longer than 5-10cm. My advice for best SQ is trying to find ways to shorten the distances of any external wire. This is just my 10 c. Others will probably disagree! 😁
  2. I’m normally not into rap music, but I really like this!
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