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  1. lxgreen

    Sonore opticalRendu

    This would be great news if you can upgrade my Signature Rendu SE to include this modification. I got the unit as a way to imorove sq but also simplify system. I figured I would not get the new optical modules since it adds more devices/ cables, etc. however, if it were part of an upgrade I wouldn’t hesitate to do it.
  2. lxgreen

    Sonore systemOptique

    So many products is getting me confused. I have Signature RenduSE. Does it make sense to modify this unit with optical unit? Would these be possible to upgrade in future? Would it make a Sonic difference? It sounds pretty awesome now.
  3. lxgreen

    Sonore Signature Rendu SE

    Great review. Thanks for posting link. Andrew made me a Signature Rendu SE last year and I completely agree with reviewer’s comments. The sound quality consistently amazes me. I started with the micro rendu and IFi. Upgraded to Uptone LPS-1which was nice step up. I never bought the ultra rendu since I couldn’t believe it could beat the micro streaming into my upgraded Schiit Yggy DAC. I ended up buying the Rendu SE on a whim and have never regretted. Absolutely stunning and seems to get better with time. I mainly listen to streaming from ROON/Tidal and don’t notice the difference between streaming and file play the reviewer seems to hear. Congrats to Sonore and Adrian for building a top of the line component.
  4. lxgreen

    Sonore Signature Rendu SE

    Nice review. My journey was not as long as yours but ended in same place with the signature RenduSE. I did spring for the SR fuses which I have never used so not sure what that adds to the SQ. agree though that I am very pleased with the purchase.
  5. lxgreen

    Sonore microRendu

    Enjoying all the opinions on the signature renduese. I had a microrendu feeding my Schiit Yggy with iFi power supply. Sounded really good. I added isoregen with lps-1 power supply. Sounded better. Added Schiit gen5 usb upgrade, then analog upgrade to Yggy. Sounded better. Sold the isoregen with Lps-1 after the Yggy upgrade since the isoregen didn’t improve over what the gen5 usb was doing. Then added a Sonore Signature power supply with all the trimmings ( synergistic fuses, magnetics transformer). Finally, mortgaged my home to buy the Sonore Signature RenduSE with synergistic fuses and added a YFS USB cable. A wonderful improvement. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my system very much along the upgrade journey . The final kit just provides me with the overall balance and sound I was looking for. I had some of the same questions being asked here. Would an ultra Rendu with the Lps or signature PS be as good etc. I can only say each step improved on the listening experience and can’t imagine getting anything much better. Well done engineering and sound. Congrats to the Sonore team on well executed design. PS Audio BHK PRE AMP ATC SCM50 actives Cullen Cable interconnects, all balanced sonic transporter with Roon core
  6. lxgreen

    which quality USB cable to consider?

    Thanks for the heads up on YFS USB cable. I emailed Kevin and told him what I needed. He made the cable in a day and shipped immediately. Just put in my system and immediate sonic improvement. My system is: Sonore Signature rendu SE to Yggy dac to PS Audio BHK Preamp to ATC SCM 50 active speakers. Also use Torus isolation transformers. Replaced a cheap but very good printer cable since I had sold my Curious cable last year, but from my memory, the printer cable sound pretty close to the Curious cable.
  7. lxgreen

    Sonore microRendu

    Hi, I am trying to select a USB cable for my new Signature Rendu SE. When I had a microrendu I used the short adapter. Prior to that I had tried the Curious cable but sold it when I got the Sonore short adapter since I thought it sounded as good if not better than the curious in my system.. I’m currently using an old printer cable and works pretty good with the Signature rendu se, I see you like the Nordost Tyr but when I looked it up I see it is over $1000!!! Any recommendations for me to use with the Signature rendu se in a more affordable range? I guess I shouldn’t be so cheap after shelling out $$$ for the Signature model but this seems a bit much to spend on a usb cable. Thanks for any recommendations.
  8. lxgreen

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Returned the tplink switch and bought a Cisco. Works perfectly. I can’t say enough bad things about TP-Link customer support. Totally useless anD slow
  9. lxgreen

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Actually not so sure. It is TP-Link TL SG108E
  10. lxgreen

    micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    I’ve been enjoying my microrendu connected to a Schiit Yggy. Roon cypress is on Sonic Transporter. I was using a modest monopri gigabit 8 port gigabit switch. Trying to always upgrade, I swapped the monoprice switch for a TP Link smart switch. Now I get a very brief dropout every few minutes. My library in Roon is about 12000 tracks mostly from Tidal with some from NAS which I thought was not too big to cause these issues. Plus, I didn’t have the problem with the monoprice switch. Any ideas for the easiest way to isolate where the issue could be? I use IPad as Roon remote, reinstalled Roon app, restarted a Roon Core on sonic oribiter
  11. I just removed my Lps-1 from my isoregen since my Schiit USB Gen5 board upgrade to my Schiit Yggy DAC seems to work just as well as the isoregen. I was thinking of selling but want to experiment using the LPS-1 to power my router since some have said this make a difference. The netgear router has an output of 12VDC and 2.5 amps. Is the LPS-1 compatible with this?
  12. Had my isoregen in my system a few weeks now. It is powered by LPS-1 and fed by microrendu powered by a second Lps-1. IR connected to microrendu with sonore USB adapter and same for IR to Schiit Yggy dac. When first installed the IR I noticed clear improvements. Nice addition. However, since then, I have installed a Schiit USB Gen5 USB board. I listened for about a week and then tested with and without IR. I thought maybe there was a slight improvement with the IR over no IR but ultimately dedcided if there was a difference it was very subtle or non existent. The USB Gen5 board really works. So I am taking out the IR and probably selling. Not sure yet if I would get an improvement upgrading to 1.4 or ultrarendu but Schiit seems to think not. here are some other observations. I had installed two FMCs with fiber optic connector and powered one closest to microrendu with Lps-1 split with microrendundu. Ran somewhat hot. With separa Lps-1 it runs cooler. Again after testing with and without FMCs I took them out of system since I really didn't make any difference in my system. If any interest I am selling the fmcs on Usaudiomart.
  13. Not sure if discussed yet but was wondering if the ISO regen would eliminate the need to upgrade the Schiit DACs with the new Schiit USB gen5 USB upgrade? It seems they do the same thing. I have a Schiit Yggy and ordered the ISO and LPS-1 to go with my microrendu. Now i wonder if if would get additional benefit with the Schiit USB gen 5 upgrade or is that overkill?
  14. lxgreen

    Sonicorbiter - "the operating system"

    Question on new 2.5 upgrade. Of course I didn't follow directions so now have to trouble shoot. I didn't power down microrendu as instructed but I did disconnect all cables. Installed new card, reinstalled cables but sonicorbitor doesn't see. I took out all cables, reinstalled the old card. This time I powered down, and followed all the steps. Same thing. So I reinstalled old card and everything works fine. I did notice when I place new card in slot and plug in power, the light I usually see on the microrendu didn't turn on. It does turn on with old card. Any suggestions to get new card working? Thanks