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  1. I plan on getting the EtherRegen b side to optical module to optical rendu. Not sure if it will provide improvement in sq over my current setup with Cisco switch to optical module to optical rendu but worth a try. I wanted to use other a ports for other stuff so won’t run from optical port on EtherRegen. Maybe dumb question but is there any theoretical advantage of using one of the other A ports to connect to my AppleTV for home theater use, either improved video or audio?
  2. Saw the order announcement this am. Very nice. Congrats. So looking forward to getting one but still have a question. You have the one 100 Mbps port on the B side and the 4 gigabit ports plus optical on A side. You recommend using the lone B port to go to my streamer for best results but if the sides are mostly symmetrical I’m trying to figure out how to use in my system. I have an optical rendu so originally I was planning to use the optical port to feed this as you say can be done in your announcement. I was going to use the b port to go to router. Can I feed the b side from my router and get best results? This makes more sense to me bc then I would have 4 ports across the most to feed other things. Is it a 100 mbps vs gigabit issue? Or are you saying to get best results feed router to A side and use other A ports for other devices and use the b side as you recommended to feed optical Rendu. I have an optical module to use this way so not an issue. Thanks
  3. I’m in US. I just measured voltage and it does show 5 v. Anything else I can check?
  4. I’m in US. I just measured voltage and it does show 5 v. Anything else I can check?
  5. I’m just using the Sfp that was in the module when I received it.
  6. I received my optical module last week powered by SGC 5 v lps. It gets really hot. I can’t hold the unit more than a few seconds. I can’t imagine how the 7 or 9 volt power supplies could possibly get hotter than this. The led on the SGC PS reads 5 volts. Is it possible it’s actually running at 7 or 9? Or could something else be going on?
  7. I added a small green computer LPS to the i7 and it definitely improves sq. However, this was before I upgraded my signature renduSE to optical so can’t comment on additional improvements over the optical. When etherREGEN is available I plan on running an optical cable from its optical port directly to the optical RenduSE. I will then run regular Ethernet cable from i7 to another port on etherREGEN (I have old i7 so only one Ethernet port). Just so I understand your logic, the reason you want to move the i7 far from rest of system is because of the computer noise in the i7? So supplying Ethernet from etherREGEN is not enough to reduce/eliminate noise?
  8. I’m a bit confused by your response. I have optical signature Renault se. I thought I would run Ethernet cable from router to etherREGEN, use etherREGEN optical port direct to rendu across the moat. As well as every other input.
  9. I bought a 19v LPS from small green computer and is a very nice upgrade to the i7
  10. I was looking forward to the etherREGEN to use with all my Ethernet lines but particularly for my Sonore optical Signature Rendu SE. the intent would be to use the etherREGEN optical out directly to the optical input on the rendu. You have stated that you believe this output would be as clean as the copper output. I know many here keep talking about using your lps1.2 to power the switch but that adds expense that I don’t understand why I need. Doesn’t the switch clean up most everything coming into it? Won’t the (I’m assuming) the included SMPT power be similar or the same?
  11. Thanks. This makes sense although I was unaware of the technical differences. I’ll keep the direct usb connection . Fun To try different solutions though.
  12. I had a question regarding using my optical signature renduSE. I had been feeding the usb from rendu directly to my Schiit Yggy Dac. I recently bought a new home theater processor that does not have usb in (Tinniv Altitude16) so I bought a used Schiit EITR that converts the usb to SPDIF and cleans up noise. Unfortunately, even though the Trinnov has excellent electronics and DACs, it didn’t sound as good as when I play through Yggy. But I thought I would compare feeding the Yggy (upgrades to the usb and analog sections) directly with the usb to the EITR feeding the Yggy with a Kimber Kable D-60 spdif cable. Very similar aq but thought the EITR feed may be slightly smoother but loosing a little bass clarity. I ended up sticking with the direct usb feed. Is there any reason why there should be any differences at all?
  13. Since we are getting closer to delivery of etherREGEN, I had a couple of questions re configurations. I currently have the optical Signature RenduSE from Sonore. I use a generic FMC converter between my current Ethernet switch and the Rendu. My options, I think, will be to 1: get the etherREGEN, and use the etherREGEN optical out directly to the optical in on the Rendu, which seems the easiest way to go. The other alternatives would be to 2: upgrade the FMC converter to the new Sonore optical converter with the existing switch or 3: use the EtherREGEN with Ethernet port plus the Sonore optical converter. I guess the cheapest way is no.2, most direct way is no. 1, and the most expensive way is no.3. Unless I missed it, I haven’t seen any posts from Uptone indicating there is actually a SQ improvement from the etherREGEN, just technical improvements so not sure I even need to do anything until we hear if these new devices make a difference. I was wondering if someone can make some comments on which scenario makes the most sense, independent of cost. Is there an expectation that sq and noise reduction is similar between the etherREGEN optical port and the Ethernet port? Thanks
  14. I have recently noticed Roon has become slower. The Roon forum has a number of users complaining and they are trying to sort this out. The only change in my system is the upgrade to the optical Signature rendu SE. any chance this could affect how fast Roon works? Internet speed is fast and using sonictransporter i7 for Roon core.
  15. I just checked out the link for the optical module and it is already sold out. I currently have a Sonore Signature Rendu SE that I recently upgraded to the optical version. As I stated in an earlier post, I noticed a difference in sq but not sure if I would call it better. If it is better, certainly not a lot better and I do have a very nice system. I am using the Trendnet FMC now. So my decision point will be to replace the Trendnet FMC with the optical module or wait for the uptone etherregen and run an optical cable directly from the optical port to the rendu so no need for the FMC or optical module. When all you early adopters get the optical module, it will be nice to hear your thoughts on how/if it improves so over some std FMC.
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