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  1. Thanks Barrows. I followed your directions and green light never came on. When I switched back to 2.7 green light does go on. Bad card?
  2. I received a 2.8 card from SGC. didn’t realize Adrian was going to send SE owners one for free but haven’t received that one yet, I can’t enable in Roon because Roon doesn’t see it in settings/audio. With 2.7 Roon does see it.
  3. Just received 2.8 card for my Signature Rendu SE optical. 2.7 worked flawlessly. Turned off power to rendu, unplugged, removed 2.7 and replaced with 2.8 card. Powered back up. Went to Roon settings, audio, no rendu found. Going to sonicorbitor website, try to manage, but no connection to the server. Replaced 2.7 card, everything works fine. Card doesn’t look cracked or broken. Next steps?
  4. I have an M12 on order. Currently, I am now using the Sonore Signature optical streamer with the EtherRegen then to Yggy USB port. Sounds really nice. I was curious if you think the the EtherRegen improved the sq with your M12. Thanks
  5. Thanks, that is very helpful info. I’m actually having a Bricasti rep bring his M12 to my house to audition. I’m interested in comparing the rendu to the bricasti internal streamer when it’s here plus using with and without my PS Audio BHK preamp. The bricasti m12 only has one balanced analog input and one RCA. I have a turntable and run my home theater bypass through the preamp and everything is connected with balanced interconnects so I dont think I can use the m12 so may end up eith the m21 but will have to use it with my preamp. I want to see if I can hear any difference between the M21 with and without my preamp. I will be replacing my upgraded Schiit Yggy. I thought if I bought the bricasti I could sell my preamp and rendu streamer but not so sure and may have to keep them and just sell the Yggy.
  6. I currently use the upgraded Signature rendu SE with optical. I’m considering the bricasti m21 Dac but was wondering if you compared your set up above to the m21 using its own internal streamer rather than the rendu?
  7. What is the difference between the JS-2 and the power supply in the Signature RenduSE?
  8. Thanks to both of you. I’ll try both ways to see if I can hear any difference. It already sounds very nice.
  9. I know that this guidance has been mentioned in previous posts but then more recent posting say it’s ok to use other A ports. That’s why I’m still not sure.
  10. I just completed firmware update and everything seems to work fine. FYI, I didn’t realize I had an issue with EtherRegen but now I realize I did. I use a sonictransporter for Roon Core. When I plugged sonictransporter Ethernet cable into sonictransporter, Roon could not find Core. So I got it to work by plugging sonictransporter into Ethernet port on router. Now, after firmware update, I can plug sonictransporter Ethernet directly into EtherRegen. However, now I have copper Ethernet from router going to EtherRegen B port so I can use optical from A side to my optical renduSE. So I have two inputs into A side ( optical to rendu and copper to sonictransporter. I’m still a bit confused on how to use A ports in this configuration. Would I be better off plugging sonictransporter back into router so I leave A ports empty except for optical?
  11. I thought the OM was definite improvement to my Sonore optical Signature Rendu over the generic module I used previously. When I switched to the ER I honestly not so sure if any difference from the OM. Since I can not use the OM with the ER the way I had planned, I moved OM to use with my Apple TV (with second FMC) and convinces myself the video and sound were slightly improved.
  12. Correct. Current set up is router ->copper Ethernet> B side EtherRegen copper input> then output from A side EtherRegen optical > optical Signature RenduSE. I’m going to try and use OM with my Apple TV.
  13. I have a optical RenduSE that I was using with optical module and happy with sq. I bought the etherREGEN with the understanding that it would add additional benefits over the om. However, as mentioned here, you can’t use the om with the etherREGEN. After hours of trying to troubleshoot, this incompatibility was finally brought to my attention. So I removed om and ran the optical rendu to the sfp cage on the A side of the etherREGEN and now it works, I haven’t listened that long but so far I do hear a difference but not sure if better or different than just using the om setup i originally had. There is supposedly break in time so I will wait a while til making final judgement. There is a lot of conflicting information on these forums including telling us not to use the other A inputs if using the etherREGEN in this configuration to its ok to use the other A inputs. Seems kind of a waste of money to buy the etherREGEN instead of the om if you shouldnt use the other A ports.
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