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  1. I thought SGC made their own LPS. Are you saying these are imported and not made in US by SGC? I had tried to minimize by purchase of Chinese imports so this is a bit of a surprise if true.
  2. Currently have version 2.8. I had unit playing for several hours on a hot day here in SoCal yesterday but unit did not short out. I checked version earlier and it indicated 2.8 but I went ahead and tried to update through Sonicorbiter. At first it started update but then had an error and stopped.I retried and successfully updated again. So far, unit hasn’t shorted since the update but I will monitor again today.
  3. Yes, this looks just like the unit I have. Except there is no sticker on bottom with model or serial number. It has been hot here in Southern California so that could be the issue but the unit doesn’t seem overly hot. I’ll play around with it again today and if it shuts down, I’ll measure temperature. What do you consider “too hot” where the unit would shut down? I just stream Qobuz amp through unit at a variety of sample rates. Using Schiit modi Multibit Dac with Schiit EITR for a secondary system feeding outside patio and family room.
  4. Actually, I’m not sure. I bought it used. What does a chinese supply look like?
  5. Ok, just reinstalled 2.8 and I’ll see what happens
  6. Yes, it does have 2.8 but maybe I should try to update again. The PS is the Sonore 7v, not the SGC.
  7. By shorting out, I mean that the power to the OR just turns off (led goes from green to nothing) I use netgear ORBI mesh router and should be fine. I’ll try changing SFP module since I have an extra. But it is not dropping out, just completely shutting down. The only other time I experienced something like this was when I tried using an iFi power supply to power an uptone EtherRegen and was told the iFi wasn’t powerful enough. When I switched to an LPS 1.2, no problems. But I thought the 7v Sonore LPS was fine for the OR.
  8. I am having some shorting out issues with my optical rendu in a second system. My system is: wireless router satellite > wired Ethernet > optical module, powered by SGC 5v LPS > fiber > OR Powered by Sonore 7v LPS > usb out to Schiit EITR > digital out > Schiit modi Multibit > integrated amp. it seems the OR shorts out after playing for a few hours. OR and OM do not seem overly hot. It resets if I remove power to OR and Ethernet from OM, then reconnect after waiting a few min. the only other variable is I use a russound speaker selector to run either Inside speakers or my outside patio speakers, but not at same time. not sure why this is happening but frustrating.
  9. The i9 requires 19 Volts. Can the JS-2 provide that much?
  10. I use a splitter for the incoming cable coax. One end goes to the phone modem and the other goes to my personal modem which connects to my personal router.
  11. I also use a sonictransporter and it is powered by the small green computer LPS. I also noticed a very noticeable increase in SQ. I was wondering what you used prior to installing theJS-2? Curious to see is the JS-2 improvements are better than the small green computer.
  12. I’m currently using an EtherRegen powered by an uptone 1.2. I added an unused trendnet FMC prior to the EtherRegen but was unable to detect any improvements in SQ. I am using another 1.2 in another system so will see if that is any better. Interesting to hear improvements in different configurations. BTW @BigAlMc, I have a similar router with phone inputs. However, I was able to use a third party modem and router and keep the provided modem/router/ phone for just the phone use. This way you can choose your own modem and router and still have you phone line separate.
  13. I just bought a used microrendu which has the 2.7 OS. I notice my optical rendu has 2.8. The sonicorbitor has 2.7. Do I need to upgrade to2.8? It seems to work fine with 2.7. What does 2.8 add? thanks
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