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  1. Definitely not Raspberry version 😅
  2. Which version Of Gentoo are compatible with Mac Mini? Thank you.
  3. Anybody interested in U192ETL with DA96ETF plus cable? I'm based in UK. Cheers
  4. I'm happy owner of DA96ETF with U192ETL. 1. ECdesigns are niche products nearly not resalable on second hand market. 2. I have no any chance for listening DAC before buy. 3. No any professional and objective reviews about new DAC. Sorry @hopkins but for me you are lover not objective listener. 4. Price: all together DAC with IRC and UT96 nearly 1.500EUR plus delivery and TAX. All the best.
  5. I'm glad that you are happy and satisfied. I'm out at this moment.
  6. I have a problem with Snakeoil OS and ECdesigns. Anybody help, please.
  7. Everything what is needed to be done is switch to USB drivers 1.1.
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