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  1. Audirvana stopped playing from tidal after few seconds ;) Any help please.
  2. I need 24 bit limit under upsampling settings. Is any way to do that? Thanks.
  3. Audirvana stoped indexing my music library - 4 TB. Any help? Pls.
  4. So simple Bluetooth connection MUST be properly configured. This is all.
  5. Could you explain me for what (of quality sound) reason you build so powerful PC? I'm running Roon successfully on modified Thin Client HP t610 with Linux Server and I'm happy with money in my pocket
  6. The same problem with A+ Remote on iPhone and iPad. Look like Remote can't find connection with Mac. Frustrating - special I using MiniMac without monitor. Time for return to Roon? Or maybe Owner Of Audirvana could give us any support? Disappointed.
  7. Hi Franz, Well done Man! Thanks. Everything working perfectly well.
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