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  1. Has anyone tried the IFI micro or Nano 3.0 or the uptone regen between the Innous or other servers and there dacs? If so, is there any sound improvement ? I have been considering these devices but am concerned the Innous already has this technology built in and these devices would be overkill. My dac is the Mojo Audio Mystique V3. TIA
  2. I own the zenith mk2 and have been contemplating upgrading to the mk3. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the two? Any thoughts as to the sound differences? Are the differences substantial? TIA Baj55
  3. Thx to all for your input. Ive decided to run cat7 outdoor quality cable from my router which is in another room to my system. This will be a 50ft run of cable. Thx again Baj55
  4. Thx Octavairs for the information. Much appreciated. Baj55
  5. I am new to computer audio and just bought an Innuos mk2 server. I have lots to learn and my first obstacle is my router is in a different room away from my system. I will need to run a 40ft Ethernet cable. Can someone please tell me if this long of a cable will present a problem with weakening of the signal? If so, can I get recommendations of how to go about this problem (if it is a problem)? Also would cat 7 flat cable be ok to use? Also does anybody have experience with the Innuos Zenith MK2 ? TIA for any and all help. BAJ55
  6. Thanks for the info and help ecwl. I'll give that a shot. Baj55
  7. I just received a new metrum hex dac. It sounds ok to me on redbook but I have read on posts here that music upsampled in the computer will sound better. I have 400 or so cds ripped on hard drive using jriver. Can I somehow upsample those cds in the computer before playing or feeding that cd music to the dac? If so, where do I begin to do so? I am running windows 8.1 Azuz laptop, 8mg ram, 1 tb hd. TIA for your help Baj55
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