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  1. You know this DAC measure really high,I've been an Audiophile since the 5th grade,but lets be honest this dac is better than anything your sponsors have to offer.
  2. just need someone to answer why the uptick and insane prices on audio gear,like i said i read,write and play music and i can get a brand new top of the line orange head for that price,but that was my original question
  3. craighartley ain't too much of a difference between dsd and pcm if you got dsd files and native equip to play em on yippie,but what the difference between a $5 and a $10 1/4 pound burger,I seen it all in my 52 years ,they selling the audiophile equipment that cost more then the equipment it was recorded on
  4. got a cheap micca box and some software and can do the same thing,I mean i know people ain't buying rack systems and all like a few years ago ,but this is pure robbery,2 or 3 company own all the speaker,receiver,etc,then you got the other group acting like they making specialized stuff,when 99% of the parts come from china anyway,why not get together and try to sell to the masses instead of trying to fleece em
  5. Out of all the professional music equipment that I own midi,audio interfaces,guitars,amps,speakers,why and how is this thing worth 2 grand,can somebody please justify
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