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  1. The interview was really helpful Chris, and got me to go back a re-run a full frequency DIRAC sweep on my NAD M-10 system. As you discussed, I had previously stuck with audiophile lore, and only corrected from 500hz down. I also widened the measurement field from 9 to 13 locations. Everything got better - imaging, tone, and overall balance, and my new SVS Micro 3000 sub is fully integrated with my main speakers. The software is still crashy on my Mac, and I do wish DIRAC Bass Live was available on more hardware (it's only been 2+ years since it was announced). Thanks for all you do.
  2. Thanks for the write up. I’ve had one for a year now as the heart of a bedroom system and find it almost perfect in that role. Almost because NAD’s implementation of Roon is incomplete and the BluOS iPhone app is balky. My M10 replaced a Nuprime IDA-8 and a Sonore MicroRendu. Fewer boxes and wires and far better sound. With a pair of Silverline Minuet Supremes, resolution and sound staging are both strong. I encourage you try DIRAC again. It’s the most natural sounding room correction I’ve heard in my far from optimized bedroom, and to your concerns, really opens up the sound s
  3. Help please. I may have bricked my MicroRendu. I just moved and was hooking things back up. I did a SW update and the power cord fell of the unit during the update. Now, I can see the Rendu on mysonicbiter, and it has an assigned IP address, but tapping manage fails to load anything, and Roon is not seeing the unit. I have tried popping the SD card in and out, and that does nothing. Same for unplugging all cords and restarting. I have ordered a new 2.5 OS card, but is there anything I can try in the mean time? Thanks.
  4. Mint unit. 2.5 OS. IPower PSU and Sonore hard adaptor, along with original box and 90 day Roon trial. $450 + shipping from Washington DC. Thanks for looking.
  5. Mint Micro Rendu unit with latest v2.5 OS card. Package also includes: Wireworld Starlight 7 USB Cable. 1m iFi iPower 9v Low Noise PSU 2 month Roon trial coupon USB hard adapter Original packing $475 and I'll split shipping in the US. Check 'ismarket' on Audiogon for feedback. No paypal please. Thanks for looking. I pack carefully and ship quickly.
  6. That's the point of my post. We had no instructions beyond, "power down and disconnect all the wires." It would have been helpful if Sonore gave us more nuanced instructions. Where and how would I find out how to save/restore DSP settings in Roon?
  7. A small heads up to Roon users updating to 2.5. The update requires a bit more than swapping cards, especially if you are using DSP in Roon. In my set-up, The Rendu using DSP was deleted from my Roon server when I swapped cards, along with all of my DSP settings. I had to re-measure speaker distances and balance settings to get things back the way they were. Took about :30 minute to get right. Not a disaster, but not the plug and play that's been suggested either. Others likely had different/better experiences. FWIW - I hear no audible benefit to 2.5 run
  8. Hi, Does is have the powerports and multi-wave II? Thanks
  9. So ok to post how the Rendu sounds better than an Aries mini is cool, but posts saying you liked the Aries, SOTM, Lumin etc better will be taken down? Not much of a robust discussion if that's the case. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  10. This seems inconsistent with how this forum works. Lots of people - me included - have posted about how much better the Rendu is than what it replaced. There are endless posts about the Regen, tweaks like it and the LPS1. Why the sudden change with the SOTM? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  11. Hi Alex, are the orders slated for mid-November shipment on track? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Keith. I use an ifi now with the Rendu. Based on what I've read here, I'm having a hard time grasping if the jump to a JS-2 is a order of magnitude change like the Rendu itself was, or a more subtle bump up. I drive a Devialet 120 with the Rendu.
  13. Very close to ordering one for use with a micro Rendu and a TiVo. Can anyone share their experiences with gear like TiVo? I've found the Roamio responds well to improved power. I'd also appreciate hearing experiences with the Rendu. Details on improvements above the ifi have been scarce beyond "it's better." Thanks
  14. Hi Jesus, Any eta on the Squeezelite update and improved compatibility with Devialet? Their latest firmware sounds great but doesn't resolve the issue with the micro Rendu. Thanks.
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